Buckwheat with chicken in a slow cooker – the best waycook a delicious lunch. A selection of recipes for buckwheat with chicken inmulticooker

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With the help of multicooker, you can quickly cook tasty and satisfying.
lunch or dinner What could be better than crumbly porridge with dietary

Гречка в multicooker получается особенно вкусной и

Гречка с курицей в multicooker — основные принципы

Buckwheat with chicken can be braised, baked or steamed.
Buckwheat is sorted and washed in several waters. Chicken cut
in portions. Vegetables are peeled and ground. First in the tank
appliance spread chicken and stir fry until golden brown. Then
add vegetables and continue cooking, stirring. To meat with vegetables
add the washed cereal and pour boiled water so that
the liquid completely covered her. The cover of the device is lowered and prepared in
mode “porridge” or “rice.”

Chicken can be steamed. To do this in the bowl device
spread the prepared grits and fill it with filtered water.
Chicken cut порционно, приправляют специями и солью. Leave
for a while so the meat is marinated. Then его
spread in a capacity-double boiler and set it in a bowl. Dish
cook in steaming mode.

Рецепт 1. Гречка с курицей в multicooker


  • buckwheat – glass;

  • kitchen salt;

  • chicken breast – 300 g;

  • spice;

  • bulb;

  • filtered water – 2.5 cups;

  • carrot.

Способ preparations

1. My chicken breast, cut off the skin and cut the meat into small
slices. Pour some oil into the container of the device and put it in
him chicken We select the frying mode on the panel and cook the meat, not
Cover with a lid, about 10 minutes. Constantly mix the chicken until it
Do not redden.

2. Carrot clean, wash and large three. Remove from the bulb
peel and shred it with thin feathers. Add vegetables to the chicken,
Stir and continue frying, stirring, for another ten minutes.
Add oil if necessary.

3. When the roasting time is over, put a glass in the bowl
recruited and washed buckwheat. Fill all filtered
water and mix. Omit the lid. Steam valve is left in
open mode. Select the mode “buckwheat” and do not open the lid until
sound signal. Shift buckwheat with chicken on a plate and
served with vegetables and fresh herbs.

Рецепт 2. Гречка с курицей и овощами в multicooker


  • two glasses of buckwheat;

  • 80 ml of sunflower oil;

  • two onions;

  • ground black pepper;

  • large carrot;

  • salt;

  • four cloves of garlic;

  • four glasses of filtered water;

  • 400 g chicken fillet;

  • large pod of Bulgarian pepper;

  • 300 grams of tomatoes.

Способ preparations

1. Peel and dice the onions. Chives
free from husks and finely crumble. If you like garlic,
can take it more.

2. Peel the carrots and chop them into strips.
Start the device in the “frying” mode. In the bowl, pour the sunflower
oil and put in shredded vegetables and garlic. Fry
constantly stirring for about five minutes.

3. Филе курицы, помойте и нарежьте небольшими slices.
Put the meat in a container with vegetables and continue cooking without changing
regime and not forgetting to stir until the meat turns white.

4. Release the Bulgarian pepper from the tail and strip it from the seeds.
Порежьте овощ небольшими slices. Rinse the tomatoes, wipe and
cut into slices. Pepper and tomatoes lay out to the chicken.
Fry помешивая, минут пять.

5. Take the buckwheat and rinse. Put it in the bowl
devices, season with salt and spices. Fill the contents with water and
mix well. Run the “plov” function for an hour. Lower the
крышку и готовьте гречку с курицей в multicooker до окончания
programs. Then heat the dish for about ten minutes and
lay out on plates. Decorate with greens and serve with vegetables
a salad.

Рецепт 3. Гречка с курицей и грибами в multicooker


  • buckwheat;

  • purified water;

  • chicken’s meat;

  • onion;

  • fresh mushrooms;

  • spices;

  • sunflower oil;

  • carrot;

  • table salt.

Способ preparations

1. Wash chicken meat and free from bones and skin. In capacity
we pour in the sunflower oil and put chicken in it,
seasoned with salt and pepper.

2. Start the “frying” program and cook the meat for ten minutes.

3. My mushrooms, clean, cut off the legs and cut into slices.
Put the mushrooms in the pan and fry in vegetable
oil until all the moisture has evaporated.

4. Peel and cut onions and carrots into thin strips. Add
chopped vegetables to the chicken and continue to fry, stirring
about ten minutes. We sort out the buckwheat and wash it under the tap,
until the water is clear.

5. Add к курице обжаренные грибы и гречневую крупу.
Pour boiled water so that its level was two fingers higher
the contents of the multicooker. We start the mode “grain” for 50 minutes. Then
mix the ingredients and arrange on plates. Serve with
fresh or pickled vegetables.

Recipe 4. Buckwheat with chicken, tomatoes and spices in


  • chicken legs – 750 g;

  • drinking water – 320 ml;

  • onions – 200 g;

  • lean oil – 100 ml;

  • carrots – 100 g;

  • salt;

  • fresh tomatoes – 300 g;

  • curry – three pinches;

  • 320 grams of buckwheat.

Способ preparations

1. Cut the chicken in portions and rinse under running water.
Cut off the skin and excess fat. Drain meat with napkins and rub
its salt and curry. Leave the chicken to marinate for half an hour.

2. Remove the rind from the carrot, wash it and cut into thin longitudinal
slices, half a centimeter thick. Then складываем их в стопку и
shred straws.

3. Peel the onions and cut into quarters into rings. Tomatoes
rinse, wipe, cut the stalk and cut into chunks,
half a centimeter thick.

4. We sort out the buckwheat from the garbage and wash it, changing several
water times

5. In capacity устройства наливаем растительное масло и запускаем
the program “frying”. Put the chicken in hot oil, fry
ten minutes on one side, then turn over and fry so much
same time on the other side.

6. Add нашинкованные овощи, распределяя их между кусочками
meat Close the lid and cook for about five minutes. Tomatoes режем
slices and add to chicken. We continue to cook, periodically
stirring for another five minutes.

7. Pour prepared buckwheat into the container and pour
water so that the liquid level was two centimeters higher
content. Lightly salt, lower the lid and cook in the “rice” mode
for an hour. We mix the prepared buckwheat with chicken and
multicooker еще несколько минут.

Рецепт 5. Диетическая гречка с курицей в multicooker на
a couple


  • chilled chicken breast;

  • soy sauce;

  • buckwheat;

  • spice;

  • boiled water;

  • table salt.

Способ preparations

1. We sort out and wash buckwheat groats under running water.
We spread buckwheat into the container of the device and fill it with the necessary
the amount of boiled water. Salt and mix.

2. Free the chicken breast from the skin and bone. Wash and
obsushivaem napkins. Put the meat in a deep dish, lightly
salt, season with a mixture of peppers and pour 50 ml of soy sauce.
Evenly distribute the marinade over the entire breast and leave
marinate for ten minutes.

3. Put the meat in a special steamer container and
We install it in the capacity of the device. Run the program
«готовка на a couple» и готовим сорок минут.

4. After the signal sounds, open the device and
вынимаем контейнер с meat Shredded buckwheat porridge on the dish.
Chicken breast cut into slices and spread over buckwheat.

Рецепт 6. Гречка с запеченной курицей в multicooker


  • chicken thighs;

  • chives;

  • buckwheat;

  • sunflower oil;

  • onion;

  • turmeric;

  • carrot;

  • a mixture of peppers;

  • salt;

  • dry adzhika;

  • boiled water;

  • paprika.

Способ preparations

1. Куриные бедра промываем под краном и obsushivaem napkins. AT
separate containers combine all spices with salt and crushed
garlic. Rub the spicy chicken mixture and leave to the meat
soaked with flavors and flavors of spices.

2. Pour some vegetable oil into the bowl of the device and
Spread the marinated chicken. Run the mode “baking” and
fry the meat on both sides until golden brown.

3. Овощи чистим, моем и измельчаем небольшими slices.
We send the vegetables to the chicken and continue to cook, periodically
перемешивая, еще about ten minutes.

4. We sort out buckwheat groats from garbage and black grains.
We shift in the bowl with chicken and fill it with the necessary amount
boiled water.

5. Опускаем крышку и готовим гречку с курицей в multicooker на
multi-cook mode for forty minutes at a temperature of 160 C. After
the signal we mix the contents and leave the dish in the device
for a while. Serve as an independent dish with
fresh vegetables and greens.

Гречка с курицей в multicooker — советы и хитрости

  • Dish получится сочным и нежным, если в него добавить томатный
    or sour cream sauce.

  • If you prefer spicy dishes, add to the marinade for
    chicken chili sauce or curry seasoning.

  • Required vegetables for this dish are onions and carrots, but you
    You can experiment, adding any to your taste.

  • Dish готовят в режиме тушения, но если вы предварительно
    fry vegetables and meat, you can use the mode “porridge”.

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