BUCH diet for weight loss: menus and reviews

BUC (protein-carbohydrate alternation) is a popular diet, the time of which is the alternation of carbohydrates and proteins. With this balance is achieved effective and safe weight loss. Body people are difficult to adapt to low carbohydrate diets, because you need to long term change your habits. Poor diet negative affects the psychophysical state of losing weight: you feel the decline strength and depressed mood. BUCH diet is a real salvation for those who want to keep the result of losing weight forever and ever.

БУЧ диета


Detailed description of the diet

Special nutritional pattern of protein-carbohydrate alternation makes the body use fat for life energy stocks. With the cyclic type of food consumption (BUCH) protein days alternate with mixed days and then carbohydrate. Such alternation maximizes metabolism, promoting metabolism substances, which in turn burns fat. Usually, alternating days for weight loss is selected individually. AT depending on personal comfort, it can be four days, three, two, etc. AT любом случае, положительный результат наступит quickly.

The alternation of protein and carbohydrate days begins with protein, when consumption of carbohydrate food is completely excluded. Diet consists of 3 grams of protein per kilogram of your weight. Fats are allowed only meat, and that the skin does not become dry during the protein Weight loss, it is necessary to include in the daily menu 1 tsp. linseed oil and 1 mg of fish oil.

After the protein days, it is high-carbohydrate. AT этот ration period is more varied – up to 6 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram weight. Just know that this is not about sugar – fast carbohydrate, and about foods with a low glycemic index: vegetables and cereals. The final days of the rotation cycle are mixed when carbohydrate and protein intake is the same, with a small protein bias: per kg of body weight 2 g of carbohydrates and 2.5 g of proteins.

BUCH diet: approximate menu for the week

To better understand the diet of the BUCH, we give examples allowed products. Proteins: fish, lean meats (rabbit, chicken, veal), seafood, eggs, low-fat dairy products. Slow carbohydrates include buckwheat, lentils, asparagus, bran, soy pepper, lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini many other vegetables, berries and fruits. ATыбирайте для похудения диапазон продуктов, который you like. The main thing is that the daily diet does not exceed 1500 kcal. Sample menu BUCH diet for the week:

Белковый этап (2 дня).

  • Breakfast – 150 g of cottage cheese, 200 ml of homemade yoghurt, boiled egg.
  • Lunch – 150 g stewed vegetables, 150 g boiled beef, tea savory
  • Dinner – 150 g of fish, 300 g of vegetable salad.

Углеводный этап (3 дня).

  • Breakfast – rye toast, 250 g oatmeal on water, herbal decoction.
  • Lunch – 250 g of fresh vegetables, 150 g of boiled rice without spices, 150 g steam chicken breast.
  • Dinner – 250 grams of wholegrain pasta with tomato sauce.

Смешанный этап (2 дня).

  • Breakfast – 150 g of cottage cheese, 150 g of buckwheat porridge with raisins, tea (green, herbal).
  • Lunch – 200 g of vegetables, 150 g of braised rabbit with vegetables, A small slice of hard cheese.
  • Dinner – 150 g of grilled fish, 200 ml of kefir, 2 slices of rye of bread.


Menu for the month (30 days)

The cyclicity of the diet BUCH you can install on several options, for example, 1 carbohydrate, 2 protein and 1 mixed or 2: 3: 1 and so on. Do not forget to use unsaturated fat while losing weight, filling salads with vegetable oils, adding seeds and nuts to dishes. Approximate BUCH diet (menu on month):

  • Protein days. Breakfast: vegetables without starch with vegetable butter, 2 eggs, cottage cheese. Lunch: beans, steamed vegetables, chicken breast Dinner: fish, vegetable salad.
  • Carbohydrate days. Breakfast: porridge with raisins (on the water), whole wheat bread. Lunch: rice, grilled veal, vegetables. Dinner: low-fat cold-smoked sliced salad with Brussels cabbage.
  • Neutral days. Breakfast: low-fat hard cheese, rye bread, kefir. Lunch: seafood salad, steamed vegetables with beans. Dinner: омлет с грибами, kefir.

Recommendations for compliance with the protein-carbohydrate system power supply

The main feature of the BEET diet is that this method slimming depletes glycogen stores (fat) in the muscles without destroying muscle mass. The principle of protein-carbohydrate alternation – carbohydrate depletion at the beginning, then filling and end of the cycle. To get consistent weight loss results определенным правилам power supply БУЧ:

  1. Observe during the diet daily drinking regimen (up to 2 liters). Drink water without gas, juice, compote, tea, coffee, but without sugar.
  2. Perform daily weighing to control the process. losing weight
  3. Start losing weight with short protein-carbohydrate alternations, чтобы организм привыкал к новому режиму power supply постепенно.
  4. Do not overdo the dishes during the BUC diet. Apply natural spices, not ready mixes.
  5. Eat for quick weight loss every 3 hours, but in small portions.
  6. To организм не запасал жир, ешьте после 18.00, но до сна за 3 hours
  7. Combine the diet with sports to increase losses weight. 

Recipes for BUCE diet < / h2>

Protein soup < / strong>

  • protein soup protein 5 eggs; < / li>
  • chicken breast; < / li>
  • bunch of greens; < / li>
  • spices. < / li> < / ul>


    1. Bring the breast to the boil, then drain the water, pour in a new one, continue cooking. < / li>
    2. Cut the finished meat into slices and return to the broth back. < / li>
    3. Whip the protein and send it to the soup. < / li>
    4. Add spices and chopped greens. < / li> < / ol>

      Jelly curd < / strong>

      • творожное желе с какао200 г обезжиренного творога;< / li>
      • стакан воды;< / li>
      • 15 г желатина;< / li>
      • 1 tbsp. какао-порошка.< / li> < / ul>


        1. Залейте желатин водой, оставьте настаиваться полhours< / li>
        2. Добавьте какао, творог.< / li>
        3. На медленном огне помешивайте смесь до полного растворения.< / li>
        4. Остудите, затем поставьте на пару часов в холодильник.< / li> < / ol>

          Omelet with mushrooms < / strong>

          • омлет с грибами2 яйца;< / li>
          • 3 шампиньона;< / li>
          • 20 г твердого сыра;< / li>
          • 150 г молока (не жирного);< / li>
          • 1 tsp муки;< / li>
          • оливковое масло;< / li>
          • зелень;< / li>
          • spices. < / li> < / ul>


            1. Разбейте яйца, добавьте молоко, зелень, муку, специи, взбейте.< / li>
            2. Грибы нарежьте на дольки, обжарьте до полуготовности на масле.< / li>
            3. Добавьте немного молока и томите 3 минуты до консистенции жидкого грибного крема.< / li>
            4. Яичную смесь вылейте в другую сковороду, начинайте обжаривать.< / li>
            5. Когда омлет схватится снизу, добавьте грибную смесь.< / li>
            6. Через 2 минуты, сложите омлет пополам, посыпьте натертым сыром, прогрейте еще пару минут и подавайте к столу.< / li> < / ol>

              Pros and cons of a protein-carbohydrate alternation diet < / h2>

              The biggest plus of protein-carbohydrate alternation is the absence of hunger and the simplicity of the program (there is no need to count calories). ATо время похудения на диете БУЧ редко случаются срывы, а взамен участник программы получает плавное избавление от лишних килограммов, раскрученный метаболизм и отличное психическое состояние. A special way out of the BUCh diet is not required, and you can stay in it for several months. A person after a protein-carbohydrate ration easily refuses desserts, snacks and cakes, switching to a balanced diet.

              As for the minuses of protein-carbohydrate slimming, the BUC diet is not suitable for people suffering from obesity. Such a problem should be solved under the guidance of specialists: a psychologist and a nutritionist. Also, those people who need to get rid of a few kilograms (3-5) also should not follow the diet without fat: enter 15% of animal fat into the menu.

              Contraindications < / h2>

              It is difficult to call the diet of BUCh a balanced diet, so protein-carbohydrate alternation is not suitable for everyone. To resort to such a slimming can a healthy person. Надо выбрать другой рацион диетического power supply, если у вас наблюдаются следующие состояния здоровья:

              • заболевания почек, печени;< / li>
              • сахарный диабет;< / li>
              • преклонный или детский возраст;< / li>
              • беременность;< / li>
              • кормление ребенка грудью;< / li>
              • патологии сердца;< / li>
              • острые воспалительные процессы.< / li> < / ul>

                Weight loss results – photo before and after < / h2>

                Especially difficult for losing weight is manifested the second month of the participants of the BUCh diet, because weight loss during this period slows down. It is important not to break, because so much has already been done for the figure. An excellent motivating factor for the continuation of the protein-carbohydrate ration will be the photos of the participants in the BEEP diet, which were taken before and after the weight loss, will be.


                Reviews lost weight < / h2>

                Anastasia, 42 years < / strong>: “For weight loss, I chose protein-carbohydrate alternation: I was impressed by the reviews and results. In 2 weeks I lost 5 kilograms, but then the weight stopped. But, knowing about the features of the BUC diet, I continued to lose weight and by the end of the month I dropped another 3 kg. “

                ATаля, 27 лет: « Диета БУЧ, отзывы на которую я нашла в интернете, не имела для меня результатов. A week later, she lost weight, because she constantly nauseated on protein days, and her head did not think at all. Probably, it just does not suit me. ”

                Marina, 34 years < / strong> : “I am delighted with the protein-carbohydrate alternation: after 3 weeks I lost 6 kg without physical exertion. BUCH diet is not suitable for everyone, but if you like this diet, you will definitely be satisfied with the results of losing weight. ”


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