Bromelain era

Since 2000, the world has literally been overwhelmed by a wave of drugs for
weight loss, which included “bromelain” – an extract from
pineapple tree trunk that was advertised as a burner
fat Popular rumor instantly spread rumors about this property
pineapple on the principle of “word of mouth”. Soon everyone was already
We are sure that not the hood is effective, but the fruits themselves. Of course, this
not so – that’s the disappointment in bromelain allegedly present in
pineapple, began to grow.

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Not everyone can afford to eat pineapples in kilograms. But
buy a product containing in the bromelain – quite capable
to each. Only here in connection with the new data of scientists, the sense of his
reception may not be at all.

In the first years after isolating bromelain and using it in
weight loss programs really had a positive effect. but
American scientists believe that he was not connected with
bromelain, and with other substances that were part of this kind
drugs for weight loss. In fact, bromelain is a splitter
proteins to simpler components – amino acids, but about
splitting fatty acids is out of the question. Simply put he
разлагает строительный материал для наших мышц, а не излишки fat
Bromelain indirectly affects fat burning, and mainly due to
stimulate the production of other digestive enzymes. Excess fat
not affected by bromelain – this fact is established
in the course of research conducted with a cleaner than in the first
time, substance.

Bromelain advertising campaign was many times larger than it.
real effectiveness. �”1 gram of bromelain cleaves 900 grams
Fat ”- that was her main slogan. With its task advertisers
managed, but the miracle remedy – no. According to statistics,
the absolute majority of those taking drugs, in which
Bromelain entered, retained excess weight. However, in a small part
some progress was made, but an explanation was soon found. A business
in that bromelain in relatively large quantities causes on
gastric mucosa irritation. Food absorption slows down and
getting worse. The body’s benefits are zero, but the weak effect is similar to
ulcerative weight loss.

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