Broccoli pancakes in the oven

Everyone knows how useful broccoli is. But we eat it less often.
as we would like, and as advised by doctors. And all because we do not
accustomed to, do not know how to cook broccoli delicious. So that except
benefits get more and fun.

7NA68KCAwPA9 Try cooking these today
simple diet pancakes from broccoli. This dish is baked in
the oven, which is very convenient – no need to stand over the stove and
turn over These pancakes require a minimum of effort – mix
ingredients and put the right temperature.



c28AoGr75VA3 – Broccoli – 350-400 g – bread crumbs – 2 tbsp.
spoons – chicken egg – 2 pcs. – hard cheese – 50 g.


Wash the broccoli, remove all the ugliness (rough parts), after
then chop with a knife. Pre-heat treatment is not
required. heYhQwY3RDQ9 On a fine or medium grater, grate hard
cheese. In a bowl combine chopped cabbage broccoli, bread
крошки, яйца и твердый cheese. Add a little salt, you can spice.
0pEKeMBPT749 Mix the ingredients well so that they all
�”Stuck together” among themselves. h6Zw7fguNQ41 Broccoli fritters for greater value
baked in the oven, but if you really want, you can
fry in a little oil over low heat. To
bake pancakes in the oven, you first need to lay a baking sheet
parchment, then a spoon to lay out the pancakes of medium size.
The parchment can be smeared slightly with vegetable oil. Bake at
180C for about 35 minutes. NDdsgOCvtnM9 Served hot, you can add
low-fat yogurt or sauce with greens. Enjoy your diet
appetite! Next time let’s make diet pancakes from
zucchini – they are also very tasty and non-calorie. ZMF-hTVBOJE1

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