Broccoli Casserole – Dietarybreakfast

Dear readers, you often write to us asking for examples.
блюд для определенного времени дня — breakfastа, перекуса, обеда или

Today we have a recipe that will answer many questions – this is
broccoli casserole, light healthy dish, perfect
для диетического breakfastа.

Брокколи с яйцами на breakfast
Broccoli, in addition to its nutritional value, is known for its
antitumor properties. If you follow the health,
Try to include broccoli in your menu as often as possible. Besides,
This cabbage is low in calories – only 34 kcal per 100 grams.

It is not always possible to cook it tasty, but in a juicy egg.
casserole the individuality of this vegetable is revealed from the very
advantageous side. Not to mention the appetizing emerald color,
which we will try to keep in the cooking process.

Ингредиенты для рецепта


– Broccoli – 300 g; – chicken eggs – 4-5 pcs .; – milk – 100 ml;
– parsley – 2-3 sprigs – mozzarella – 100 g; – olive oil – 3
g (only for lubricating the form); – salt (it is desirable to take sea)
and spices – to taste.


To broccoli in the casserole turned out soft and tender, her
It is advisable to boil over medium heat for 5 minutes. Pre
we divide bunches into inflorescences. After cooking, drain and cool.
Варим брокколи

Eggs with milk, beat with a fork or with a submersible
blender. We achieve uniformity of the egg mixture. Добавляем молоко

Перемешиваем до однородной консистенции

Wash greens and chop finely, and cut mozzarella in small

Нарезаем моцареллу

During this time, broccoli has cooled, lay it in a greased
oil heat resistant form (for example, clay), sprinkle with herbs and
add mozzarella.

Складываем в горшочек брокколи и моцареллу

Then pour all the egg-milk mixture, but not to the brim of dishes,
and leaving a little room for “growth” casseroles. Заливаем яйцами

The mixture is sent to the oven for 20-25 minutes, set
temperature is 180C. The finished casserole can be served in a bowl, in
which she was preparing or portioned, cut into pieces. Запеканка из брокколи готова

As you can see, the emerald color of broccoli is preserved, and all because
that cabbage was cooked in large quantities of salted water no more
5 minutes without a lid.

Диетический breakfast - запеканка с брокколи и моцареллой

Try to make this diet according to our recipe,
чтобы получить вкусно-полезный breakfast или обед без лишних

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