Breeches slimming Hot Sheypers

Breeches slimming Hot SheypersHot Sheypers are breeches that will help to tighten in a few days. figure, reducing excess volume on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. They help shape modeling with unique properties. Innovations used in the development of fat burning bridges hot Sheypers, reviews shoppers who came to the delight of received results have made this type of slimming clothing a top seller. How to achieve a decrease in the volume of problem areas with a revolutionary new hot shapers?


How to lose weight with breeches «Hot shapers»?

Sportswear brands feature convenience, corrective underwear has slimming features, pants for an active look Life made from durable, durable materials. Touching on the topic weight loss, many will remember the anti-cellulite wraps, which affect the burning of subcutaneous fat with certain temperatures that require the use of food film.

Breeches slimming Hot shapers original, customer reviews about which are only positive, put together all these unique properties:

  • Comfortable linen, emphasizing the clarity of the lines of the figure. With Hot shapers innovative fabric for slimming helps to create a light massage effect, coping with external manifestations of cellulite.
  • Stylish clothes for young ladies walking with a baby, busy shopping or having a rest in front of the TV. Hot breeches shapers used technology “steam bath” to help weight loss regardless of the degree of activity of your activity.
  • Sportswear for weight loss, providing freedom action. Hot shapers breeches are made without an internal seam. Such the cut gives comfort and convenience.

Показания к ношению бриджей Hot Шейперс

Breeches slimming Hot SheypersWITH with the help of hot shapers breeches, beautiful ladies can find the desired forms, dropping those extra pounds. Complex effects on организм, сочетающее повседневное ношение Hot Шейперс, рациональное food, exercise and sports will give quick a result that will delight others.

Innovative material Neotex, which manufacturers of breeches Hot The shapers used to create these pants is hypoallergenic. Помогают ли бриджи Hot Шейперс похудению и для who are intended?

  1. Women engaged in work, family and home who do not have free time to visit a fitness center or gym.
  2. Newly born moms who want to quickly come to form.
  3. The fair sex, engaged in active sports, breeches for weight loss Hot shapers will help to strengthen the effectiveness of training at times due to increased sweating and effect of the sauna.
  4. Women for whom grueling diets are not starving. brought the expected result.


How to act

Hot shapers breeches are made of Neotex material, which manufacturer presents as a means for losing weight. Will consider mechanism of action on the body of this type of clothing. WITHостав ткани Neotex is represented by:

  • neoprene – 40%;
  • polyester – 30%;
  • nylon – 30%.

This combination of modern materials creates a “greenhouse” effect: after 10-15 minutes of socks, even without physical exertion, you notice that the skin of the upper legs, buttocks, abdomen, sides are covered small beads of sweat.

With увеличении двигательной активности повышается температура body, helping to get rid of excessively accumulated fluid and elimination of toxins. Then the mechanisms come into play. stimulate metabolic processes that with additional training and sports help break down the subcutaneous layer fat, reducing waist, hips, weight loss.


To achieve maximum efficiency, getting rid of excess weight in places problematic for weight loss – in the waist, abdomen and priests, wearing hot shapers will help during active activities sports, physical chores, walks or get-togethers with girlfriends (no cake and alcohol!). You will sweat more there is at least a minimum load, however, in the case of “nothing Nedelaniya “also noticeable result.

WITHтимулируя интенсивное выделение пота для похудения, бриджи и Hot shapers shorts absorb slags and toxins excreted through the skin. Long wearing may cause a specific �“Flavor”, so limit your exercise time, walk or putting on at home for 2-3 hours.

  1. WITHтирайте вручную теплой водой бриджи Hot shapers для похудения every time after socks.
  2. Рекомендуемая температура: +30⁰WITH. The best way not to damage the cloth will be able to drain the water from the rinsed, clean breeches, placing them above the bath.
  3. If there is a need to squeeze the water, try not to twist heavily fabric.
  4. The manufacturer recommends avoiding ironing and drying. special devices or on batteries. 

Dimensional grid < / h2>

A distinctive feature of the breeches for slimming Hot shapers from similar products is in the dimensional grid, which will help you choose the right model for both slender young ladies and pussy-looking beauties. If you want to order breeches for weight loss Hot shapers, Try to pre-navigate by size: determine the waistline and hips with a tailoring tape (centimeter) and look at the table which size corresponds to your parameters.

It is not necessary to choose Hot Shapers a size smaller (better pulled or in case of weight loss) – breeches are made of durable, soothing material that can transfer blood vessels, causing the development of varicose veins.

Table: breeches hot shapers size for slimming

Waistline, cm < / th>

Thighs, cm < / th>

Clothing size (European) < / th>

Size of the breeches (shorts) Hot Shapers < / th> < / tr> < / thead>

64-76 < / td>

89-100 < / td>

38-40 < / td>

s < / td> < / tr>

76-89 < / td>

100-110 < / td>

42-44 < / td>

M < / td> < / tr>

89-102 < / td>

112-115 < / td>

44-46 < / td>

L < / td> < / tr>

100-115 < / td>

115-130 < / td>

46-48 < / td>

XL < / td> < / tr>

107-125 < / td>

127-140 < / td>

48-50 < / td>

XXL < / td> < / tr>

114-135 < / td>

137-150 < / td>

52-54 < / td>

XXXL < / td> < / tr>

121-145 < / td>

147-160 < / td>

54-56 < / td>

XXXXL < / td> < / tr> < / tbody> < / table>

Where to buy and what is the price < / h2>

Buy breeches Hot Sheypers original you can:

  • in pharmacies and pharmacy chains; < / li>
  • on the websites of official representatives of the company; < / li>
  • via online stores. < / li> < / ul>

    This type of “dietary” clothing differs in price, delivery costs in the regions of Russia. Want to save? It is inexpensive to buy breeches for Hot shapers weight loss by ordering them through the trading platforms, In this case, you will not receive a guarantee for the quality of the product and the effectiveness of the properties when burning excess weight, and the time of receipt can be extended to 35-45 days. The result is sometimes ordinary leggings below the knee without using the original technology Neoteks.

    The average price for breeches of Hot shapers for weight loss in Russia is:

    • Pharmacy Chains – 1950-3050 rub. < / li>
    • Online stores offering products for weight loss – 895-2300 rubles. < / li>
    • Online clothing stores – 658-1600 rubles. < / li>
    • The official website of Hot shapers is 4590 rubles. < / li> < / ul>

      Contraindications < / h2>

      There are few restrictions associated with wearing hot shapers breeches that promote weight loss during everyday use, during sports exercises, housework or rest. Hot shapers shorts are contraindicated:

      • If you suffer from skin diseases – dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, manifested in the waist, abdomen, hips. < / li>
      • With varicose leg disease. < / li>
      • In case of individual intolerance to the material used in the manufacture of breeches Hot shapers for weight loss. < / li> < / ul>