Breathing exercises for weight loss

dihatelnaya-gimnastika-dlya-pohudeniyaCould you
guess which recommendations for effective weight loss for
are people most difficult to perform? This is regular
physical exercise.

And, despite their incredible effectiveness, for most
people regular exercise takes a second
plan, “thanks to” the excessive employment and tensions of modern
of life.

But there is a way that will help you greatly
compensate for the lack of physical fitness and easily fit
to every woman because she absolutely does not require the creation
certain conditions to fulfill. The secret is to just
breathe … full chest …

Breathing exercises for weight loss, по мнению исследователей,
burns 140% more fat than jogging and maintains on
throughout the day a high level of metabolism.

The first study showed that women can lose
overweight, using proper breathing, medical
community met with disbelief. Although it was already good
it is known how respiration contributes to physiological changes,
causing weight loss, but lab results
seemed too fantastic.

Therefore, when research at the University of Los Angeles
found deep breathing helped burn 140% more
calories than cycling, many were shocked.

The two conclusions the researchers arrived at are one
of the causes of excess weight and, limiting their impact,
Millions of women can count on fast weight loss.

1. The level of atmospheric oxygen is steadily declining due to
pollution and climate change. And although a decrease of 0.002%
per year may not seem so significant, but even such
dynamics has a significant impact on us.

2. The chronic stress of modern life changes our breathing,
about 90% of people begin to take short, shallow breaths. Such
shallow breathing restricts oxygen to the body, which
so necessary for weight loss.


What is the power of breathing exercises for weight loss?

dihatelnaya-gimnastika-dlya-pohudeniya1. Кислород
optimizes absorption in the gastrointestinal tract of nutrients. Digestive
the tract consists of tiny villi, the task of which is to assimilate
Calcium, iodine, essential fats, amino acids and dozens of others
metabolism enhancing nutrients.

And to do it with maximum efficiency, the villi
require oxygen more than most tissues in the body.

And when there is not enough oxygen, “thanks to” superficial
breathing ability of villi to absorb nutrients
reduced by as much as 72%. And when oxygen enters the body
restored, then nutrient absorption increases in
течение нескольких минут, и скорость обмена веществ повышается
на 30 %

2. Устойчивое снижение веса и высокая энергия зависит от
the rapid transformation of food and fat into small “parcels” useful
energy, these molecules are called adenosine triphosphates or ATP. But
in order for this to happen, the cells must be in a slightly
alkaline medium (pH above 7).

Oxygen is conducive to alkaline environment, so deep
breathing allows you to maintain an ideal pH. And this is the key to
optimize the process of the appearance of ATP. 3. Дыхательная
gymnastics helps to remove from the body’s fat cells
pesticides, preservatives and other toxins.

Scientists have discovered that toxins have a negative effect on
the production of growth hormones, thyroid gland,
adrenal glands and other glands. Also, in an attempt to protect these
vital organs, the body forms extra fat in
as a repository for harmful toxins.

The good news: up to 70% of toxins are easily converted into gases,
excreted through deep breaths, so proper breathing can
dramatically reduce the toxic load on the body. Simple enough
breathe slowly and deeply to increase the number of “exhaled”
toxins as much as fifteen times.

dihatelnaya-gimnastika-dlya-pohudeniya4. Кислород
oxidizes your body fat. The first step towards destruction
fat deposits is the interaction of fat cells with
oxygen molecules, thereby oxidizing them.

Incredibly, research shows that most people
use less than 25% of their lung volume.

Therefore, if people improve the depth of breathing and the amount of
oxygen entering the body, they will more than double
the amount of oxidized fat in the body.

5. Также дыхательная гимнастика способствует снижению в
blood stress hormones. Good oxygen consumption soothes
central nervous system, reduces stress hormone production
кортизола на целых 50 % в течение 10 минут.

Do you need breathing exercises?

To check whether you consume enough oxygen and
Do you need breathing exercises for weight loss?
pass the next test. Place one hand on the belly and the other on
chest Slowly inhale and exhale through the nose four times (normal
inhale and exhale, as you do in everyday life).

What hand was moving? Ideally, hand on chest remained on
in one place, and on your belly moved up and down. It’s a sign
deep abdominal breathing, a type that maximizes intake
oxygen in the body. If the arm on the chest moved significantly,
this means that you breathe superficially – a sign of oxygen

Basic principles

Proven strategy: 15 minute workout daily. By
desire can be divided into three 5-minute classes.

You can perform anywhere, the main thing all the time to be
focused on your own breathing.

Step 1. Inhale

Take the most complete and quick breath through your nose,
relax your abdominal muscles in order to gather in the lungs so
as much air as possible.

Шаг 2. Byдъем

While holding your breath, tighten the abdominal muscles, retract and then
lift the stomach up as far as you can. Byместите руку на
stomach to better track and control movement.
Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Step 3. Tilt and Compression

Bend forward and then straighten. (Your shoulders should
be slightly rounded.) Strain the gluteus muscles.
Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Step 4. Exhale

Exhale with resistance (as if you are blowing through
straw). Keep your head and shoulders relaxed, but not
relax your abdominal and gluteal muscles until you finish

Instructor exercise video

(больше видео занятий в категории Byлезное видео для
,статья «Дыхательная гимнастика. Video
exercise “)

Only 15 minutes of regular respiratory
gymnastics for weight loss and control of your breathing will allow you
fundamentally change the rate of weight loss and give
the opportunity to slowly but surely move to a healthy and happy
of life. Good luck to you!

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What breathing exercises do you prefer?

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