Breast lift with exercise

Weight changes, the birth and feeding of the baby, age-related changes
imprint on the entire female body, not bypassing and such
An attractive area for men, like a chest. So that
to preserve the beauty of the bust, should, without being lazy, perform at home or in
exercise room for breast lift, which will gradually give
required result.

Breast lift with exercise


  • Preliminary tips and tricks
  • Options for effective exercises to maintain beauty and
    breast elasticity
  • How to tighten and strengthen the chest? Video instruction

Weight changes, the birth and feeding of the baby, age-related changes
imprint on the entire female body, not bypassing and such
An attractive area for men, like a chest. So that
to preserve the beauty of the bust, should, without being lazy, perform at home or in
exercise room for breast lift, which will gradually give
required result.

Preliminary tips and tricks

The need to improve the shape of the bust may be
almost any woman. However, the problem is especially acute.
flabbiness, loss of elasticity and shape can stand in front of young
mothers at the end of the breastfeeding period. And
in front of the fair sex whose age has passed for
mark in 30 years.

Insufficient physical activity, unsuccessful
selected underwear, lack of additional exercises within
the usual morning exercises, the rejection of the use of special
cosmetic or folk remedies to maintain the shape of the bust
lead to the need for correction of this part of the body. But before
how to begin to actively perform exercises for breast lift in
home conditions, neglecting visiting fitness rooms, need
take into account a number of nuances.

Tips for training techniques and for
maintaining breast beauty after physical activity

  1. On the first pairs it is necessary to allocate at least 15-20 minutes.
    every day for a workout affecting the pectoral muscles. Then
    the result will be visible after 30-40 days.
  2. It should be borne in mind that all effective exercises for suspenders
    Breasts should be performed only after a short warm-up. With
    In this they must be part of the overall training complex.
  3. Perform any exercise is necessary, being in good
    well-being. During the period of critical days or at the time of increased
    body temperature, exacerbation of a disease from home
    workouts, as well as visiting the gym is better to abstain.
  4. You do not need to perform all actions that affect the bust
    to exhaustion. However, after each workout should
    there is a feeling of mild pain in the chest, shoulders.
  5. Any chosen exercise can be done at first in two
    call 5 and 5 times. Gradually increase the load,
    bringing the total number of repetitions to 20-25 times per exercise.
  6. It is important not to forget about measured, calm breathing. And before
    each new action to give the body a short break.
  7. Wanting to keep breast size at the same level during the period
    workouts need to eat foods rich in proteins. Pump up the chest
    making them more alone is impossible because inside
    the mammary glands simply do not have muscles, and the size and shape depend on the fatty
  8. If you are going to start training, you need to change your clothes.
    underwear by choosing a special, not too narrow top for practicing in
    the gym. In the rest of the time, so that the chest was not constrained, you need
    wear bras in size.
  9. In addition to direct exercises on the shape and elasticity of the bust
    affects posture. Because it is important to keep the back straight, not leading forward.
    shoulders. Otherwise, the muscles supporting the breast gradually
    atrophy, mammary glands will lose elasticity and sag.
  10. In addition to home workouts worth adding to life
    swimming pool, dancing, yoga classes for weight loss, pilates,
    tennis Such actions will strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, will
    impact on the entire thoracic region.
  11. Along with how the set of exercises for the suspenders is performed
    breast requires light massage of the mammary glands in the evenings,
    for example, using a shower. This will improve blood circulation,
    make the skin more elastic. Also, it is useful to use
    special breast cosmetic products you need
    pick up individually.
  12. Performing a series of exercises, you need to closely monitor
    condition of the back, abdomen and shoulders so as not to get a stretch or
    another unpleasant injury.
  13. Some techniques require small dumbbells on hand.
    or weights for wrists. Without such an inventory, you can
    use plastic bottles filled with sand or
    water The required weight is selected individually based on the total
    body training.

Other useful exercises:

Options for effective exercises to maintain beauty and
breast elasticity

Various simple or complicated complexes aimed at
maintaining the elasticity of the bust, may include unlimited
number of exercises. They can be swapped in places
combine with each other. With этом выполнять по 20-30 different
Action for one workout is not required.

To achieve an effective result is enough
perform 5-10 exercises, first daily, and after 1-1.5
months to spend time training 2-4 times a
a week

Exercises for breast lift at home:
examples of 10 available, but effective options

  1. Sitting on a chair or on the floor (on the mat), straighten your back.
    Bend arms, elbows dissolve in different directions. Pin your fingers in
    lock, touching palms. Then exercise rhythmic pressure.
    palms on each other, straining the muscles of the arms and chest.
  2. Withнять классическое положение для отжиманий от пола.
    Важно: упор рук должен быть устойчивым,
    palms need to be shoulder-width apart, and the whole body is
    the original position should form a flat line. Perform
    rhythmic, unsharp press-ups, “stuck” at the lowest point of 3-7
    seconds, to feel the tension in the shoulders, chest. Back not
    should sag. This exercise can also be performed on
    knees, ankles crossed.
  3. This exercise will require an elastic band
    (expander). Taking the edge of the gum, arms raised above his head. Legs
    set shoulder width apart, keep your back straight. Perform
    rhythmic stretching of the gum in the air to the extent possible, with
    this trying to strain only the shoulder, pectoral girdle.
    Важно: движения не должны быть рывками, резкими,
    otherwise you can get a stretch.
  4. Rising directly at the wall, legs should be placed together. To rest
    palms into the surface in front of you, keeping your posture. To make
    push-ups from the wall, straining the arms, shoulders, muscles of the chest
  5. Laying on your back, bend your legs, resting your feet on the floor. On
    fasten weights in your wrists or put dumbbells in your palm, bottles with
    water Without bending your elbows, raise and lower your arms, but do not touch
    their gender. For greater efficiency, exercise can be fixed.
    hand position a few centimeters from the floor for 5-10 seconds,
    making rhythmic swaying them up and down.
  6. The next simple technique is standing. Resting your palms on
    sides, you need to rise on the socks, at the same time taking
    elbows bent back, reducing the shoulder blades and leaning forward.
    It is important to follow the breath, which affects the performance
    exercises. The inhale should be exercised when lifted on tiptoe and
    nose, exhale – when making the initial position and through
  7. Standing, slightly bending the knees, the body is placed at an angle
    approximately 45 degrees, your back does not bend. Picking up
    bottles or dumbbells, lead them forward, elbows should look into
    different sides. On вдохе руки подтягиваются к груди так, чтоб
    the elbows went behind the back, the chest moved slightly forward. On
    exhalation is taken the original position.
  8. It is comfortable to sit on a hard chair, keeping your back straight. Take in
    hands a small elastic ball ball. Arrange it on a level
    chest, arms are bent in elbows, placed along shoulders, elbows
    look to the side. Next, you need to squeeze the ball as hard as possible.
    palms, stand still for 5-8 seconds, relax
    arms. After repeat exercise.
  9. Laying on your back, your feet rest on the floor. Raise hands and
    bend at the elbows, holding the weights in the palms. Then rhythmically
    raise and pull hands, controlling the elbows and not bending
    спине, чтобы все напряжение шло на грудь и shoulders.
  10. Standing up straight, shake hands a little, driving away blood. After
    raise your right hand up, leaving the left below. And then execute
    hand torsion clockwise and counterclockwise. It’s simple
    action can be the final exercise in the complex.

Additional exercise: sitting on a chair,
as much as possible to lower shoulders, keeping an equal posture. Arms
also omitted. Then you need to move the corners of the mouth down to the limit.
opportunities, while straining the neck and “moving” the skin on the chest.
Slowly repeat the exercise up to 20 times.

How to tighten and strengthen the chest? Video instruction

Wanting to make a visual representation of the exercise options
to keep your breasts in shape, you should read the following
below the video. It demonstrates simple and effective techniques.
helping to tighten and strengthen the bust, get rid of stretch marks and
flabbiness of the skin of the mammary glands.

Maintaining the beauty of the female body is a process that requires and
time, and perseverance, and strength. Performing at least a few exercises
aimed at correcting the shape and condition of the bust, you can return
the beauty of this part of the body, and after and keep the chest “in excellent
form “for a long time.

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