Bonish slimming soup

Those who want without starvation to get rid of extra pounds, clearing the intestines and improving health, you should try A special method of losing weight with bon soup. This diet the dish has an amazing fat burning effect and saturates the body needs vitamins. People who want to lose weight It is recommended to undergo several follow-up diets on the Bon soup, each of which lasts a week.


What is bon soup?

Bonish soup is a pleasant-tasting vegetable dish that allows you to easily and quickly lose weight by removing from the body excess fluid. The composition of the product includes water and vegetables with low starch content. Bonn slimming soup perfectly satisfies hunger, and contains the minimum number of calories. Exists several options like cooking the dish, but their basis is always the same – it is cabbage, onions, peppers, tomatoes.

Especially nice to eat soup for weight loss in cold seasons. And the dietary dish has an effect not due to the loss the body fluid, and thanks to the revitalization of the organs gastrointestinal tract and normalization of metabolism. it guarantees long-term preservation of the result of weight loss, while provided that you continue to stick to the basics of healthy power supply.


Step by step recipe with photos

An indispensable component of bon soup for weight loss is white cabbage that helps normalize the exchangeable processes and removes accumulated moisture from the body, removing swelling. The second most useful vegetable in the soup is Bulgarian pepper, which serves as a source of ascorbic acid, giving the dish pleasant taste and aroma. Below is the original recipe. cooking dietary dishes.


  • 5-6 onions (you can do without onions).
  • Head of cabbage.
  • Greenery.
  • 2 bell peppers (green or red).
  • Tomatoes (2-3 pieces).
  • Ground pepper, bay leaf.
  • Celery.

How to cook Bonish soup according to the classic recipe:

  1. Cut the washed vegetables into cubes or arbitrary pieces, put in a pot of water and put the container on fire.
  2. How to cook vegetables? When the liquid boils, hold the soup on stove for another 10 minutes, then reduce the power of the flame and cook the dish until ready.
  3. Add seasoning to taste.

An alternative option for cooking bon soup suggests adding carrots and ginger. Those who do not like the specific taste or flavor of the dish can be cooked without celery. The rest of the list of ingredients remains unchanged. Is it possible to salt bon soup The answer is no! Diet implies a complete lack of salt. in the diet. Contrary to the many recipes of the Bonn soup, into it you can not add potatoes (it has a lot of starch) and vegetable butter. Upon request, you can prepare a slimming meal in multicooker by turning on the appropriate mode.

Calorie content

How many calories in bon soup? Calorie content готового продукта equal to 27-28 kcal per 100 grams. And fats in the dish almost No, and proteins are contained in it exclusively vegetable, therefore they are harmless to losing weight. Vegetables from which to stew Bonn soup is rich in fiber, which when taken into the stomach increases in size and creates a lasting feeling of fullness.

Diet on Bonn soup < / h2>

During the diet, your only food may be Bonish slimming soup. And to eat the dish is allowed at any time of the day, when you feel hunger. Diet on the soup is considered strict and not all tolerated easily. Therefore, nutritionists recommend adding to the menu other non-starchy vegetables, light fruits, tea, fresh juice, occasionally allowed to eat boiled dietary meat or fish, baked potatoes. Alcohol, coffee, milk, fried, flour products will have to be eliminated.

Thanks to the dietary soup, women and men achieve a staggering effect, and lose up to 25 kg in two week courses. However, this becomes possible in combination with regular sports activities. Some of the lost kilograms sometimes come back, because the body periodically fills up the balance of water – you need to be ready for this. To prevent re-gaining weight, it is recommended to include a slimming soup in a permanent diet.

Menu for the week by day < / h3>

  • Monday < / strong> – 4-5 fruits, fruit drinks or unsweetened tea, soup. < / li>
  • Tuesday < / strong> – raw vegetables or salad with green peas / corn, one baked potato, soup, water. < / li>
  • Wednesday < / strong> – fruits, raw vegetables, soup. < / li>
  • Thursday < / strong> – low-fat dairy product, soup, fresh vegetables / fruits. < / li>
  • Friday < / strong> – tomatoes, soup, up to 0.5 kg of boiled dietary meat. < / li>
  • Saturday < / strong> – soup, vegetables / fruits, unpolished rice. < / li>
  • Sunday < / strong> – vegetables, soup, boiled or steamed chicken fillet. < / li> < / ul>