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In pursuit of beautiful forms, women are ready to torture the body. heavy physical exertion, and the stomach – strict diets that over time leads to health problems. Luckily, There is a modern bodyflex slimming technique that guarantees slim figure without problems. This is a set of exercises that done with a certain breathing. Striking example Bodyflex is a breathing exercise of Marina Korpan.

Efficiency of bodyflex lessons with Marina Korpan

Marina Korpan – the founder and the only certified Specialist in Russia for the use of respiratory techniques for body shaping. She is a sought-after fitness trainer offering bodyflex for weight loss, which successfully tested on myself so it knows for sure that it works. Author’s respiratory gymnastics from Marina Korpan bodyflex allows you to transform body without harming health. This is a new technique to combat overweight, in which there is no psychological stress, painful workouts, constantly returning weight.

To achieve the desired effect is enough to engage in technology. Bodyflex just 15 minutes a day between the rise and breakfast. The combination of special exercises and proper breathing leads amazing results:

  1. Fats are burned by enriching muscles with oxygen.
  2. The muscles of the body strengthen, filling the body with vigor, energy.
  3. Gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system normalizes.
  4. Improves complexion, skin condition.
  5. Puffiness goes away, there is a deliverance from shortness of breath.
  6. Mood improves, fatigue recedes.



If you compare bodyflax with other methods for losing weight, then He does not have many contraindications. Breathe and lose weight not recommended for people with high blood pressure during exacerbation of diseases during pregnancy. For other diseases no contraindications, but there are some recommendations about power supply. Marina Korpan does not advise adhering to special diets, but it is advisable to adhere to the following diet:

  • eat in small portions up to 6 times;
  • remove fried, flour, sweet from the menu;
  • do not eat 2.5-3 hours before bedtime;
  • every day, drink plenty of water: from 1, 5 liters and more;
  • eat raw vegetables and fruits to get enough amounts of vitamins, minerals.

Bodyflex Video Lessons with Marina Korpan Online

The effectiveness of the bodyflex trainer is explained by the fact that the organism of a modern person, who is subject to stress, unhealthy diet and constant overstrain, has completely forgotten how to breathe as it should. Because of this, there is no ventilation of the lungs. The essence of respiratory gymnastics is to saturate the respiratory system with oxygen. Using the breathing method of Marina Korpan and stretching, your body will acquire flexibility, actively burn fat, strengthen all muscle groups and greatly improve metabolism. Watch free video tutorials online: Bodyflex with Marina Korpan.

Lesson number 1 – breathing exercises for weight loss < / h3>

How to do the right breathing exercises to quickly remove those extra pounds will show the author of the bodyflex system Marina Korpan. You do not need to visit expensive fitness centers for weight loss. Watch a 15-minute set of exercise videos and lose weight at home:

Lesson number 3 – breathe and lose weight < / h3>

Visual correction of weight becomes visible after 10-12 weeks of daily practice. This is an excellent gymnastics for beginners, but after a time it ceases to give the athlete to develop, so you need to look for a more intense load. In the meantime, watch the correct breathing exercises by Marina Korpan and lose weight in 15 minutes a day:

Lose weight with Marina Korpan – express course < / h3>

M Korpan argues that in order to get rid of fat, you need to give the body the necessary access of oxygen. Her techniques really help to lose weight effectively and quickly without harming your health. See the express course of weight loss with body flex by the author’s system:

How to remove the second chin using bodyflex < / h3>

There are several exercises in bodyflex that help remove wrinkles on the face and get rid of the second chin. But in order for them to work, they must be accompanied by proper breathing. See how Marina Korpan does exercises from a second chin: < p>

Photos before and after weight loss < / h2>

If popular diets do not cause you to trust, and the desire to lose weight does not give rest, look at the photos of people who adjusted their weight without exhausting workouts in the gym. Moderately inflated muscles of the body, a taut figure and a flat stomach in women in the photos will push you to the online exercises of bodyflex breathing exercises along with the author of the method Marina Korpan.


Reviews losing weight < / h2>

Julia, 21: < / strong> “I tried a lot of home and club workouts on the way to harmony, and finally stopped on a bodyflex. Although the technique is easy, but productive. I studied with the Korpan video course for 4 months and dropped 8 kilograms ”

Regina, 33 years old: < / strong> “I practiced according to the method of Marina Korpan for a month – I didn’t like it. Lose weight was not a kilogram. Although the author of the methodology and claims that it is easy to lose weight without a diet, but, as practice has shown, not everyone succeeds. “< P>

Alexey, 30 years old: < / strong> “I purchased a video course with Marina Korpan“ Lose Weight Together ”for my wife, but I got involved too. I do not claim that the method for losing weight works – while the results are not visible, but the stretching helped get rid of back pain (I work at a computer), and my wife said that the feeling of hunger was less tormenting after training. “

Natalia, 27 years old: < / strong> “I’m lazy, so exercise for me is fantastic. I saw a slimming course with Marina Korpan on TV and decided to just breathe while sitting on a rug without stretch marks. What was my surprise when in a week I got rid of 2 kilograms. I continue to breathe for 15 minutes a day and removed potatoes and bread from the diet. ”

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