Blueberry jam – a real fountof vitamins. It will help to fight diseases and ailments of jamblueberries for the winter

Ср, 13 июл 2016 Автор: Елена Саблина

Bilberry – a berry that grows like on the backyards,
and wild in nature.

True, this is typical for central Russia. Blueberry is very
useful for many ailments, besides it has a peculiar taste,
which will appeal to both young and old.

This bluish berry is used for medicinal purposes, with
the manufacture of drugs. Many mistresses from bilberry cook jelly,
compotes, liqueurs, pies …

Особой ценностью обладает варенье из blueberries for the winter. Exactly at
this time of year our body is weak and requires more
of vitamins.

There are lots of them in blueberries. A, C, B, flavonoids, manganese, calcium,
magnesium … Bilberry jam is especially useful for those who are weak
sight, suffers from diseases of the stomach and intestines, sugar

Everything else, blueberry jam can be just with
pleasure to eat with a bun and tea.

Основные принципы приготовления варенья из blueberries for the winter

Чем меньше варить варенье из blueberries for the winter, тем больше
it will retain useful properties in itself.

Blueberry jam is poured only into sterilized jars,
so that the mold does not start.

Rinse and dry the whole berry, select only
good fruits, from those that are suppressed or eaten by insects,
Good jam will not work.

The less sugar you add to blueberry jam, the

Приготовить варенье из blueberries for the winter можно не только в
the pan on the stove, but also in the bread maker, the slow cooker.

Blueberries must give juice, only after that
ready to make jams out of it.

If you try to consume less sugar, replace it with
fructose in the preparation of blueberry jam.

Recipe 1. From bilberry jam for everyone

Blueberry jam prepared according to this recipe is quite easy, not
expensive sugar, and contains ingredients


  • 1 kg of blueberries

  • half kg of sugar


  1. Rinse well with blueberries, it is desirable to change the water a few

  2. Garbage and rotten berries float to the surface, they need
    to remove.

  3. Dry bilberries, after pouring into the pan, add to the same
    sugar and leave in this form for a couple of hours. Constantly

  4. The berry should give juice, only after that the pan can
    put on fire

  5. Cook on low heat for half an hour, foam

  6. Sterilize the jars, pour hot jam over them, cover
    lids and put them in a vat of boiling water, leave there minutes for

  7. Banks roll up and wrap, when the jam is cool, you can lower
    in the cellar.

Recipe 2. Miracle Jam: Blueberries and Orange

The recipe for blueberry jam is very simple, besides being
the berry itself is added to it, for the freshness of taste we also use
citrus. You can make this jam from orange peel, and
You can add the fruit itself.


  • 1 kg of blueberries

  • 1 lemon

  • 1 kg of sugar

  • a couple of oranges


  1. Thoroughly wash the cooked fruit and berry, from
    spoiled get rid of. Dry on paper towel
    blueberries, fruit, you can just wipe.

  2. Grind orange, blueberry, and lemon in a meat grinder. Desirable
    do it along with a citrus peel.

  3. In the resulting puree add sugar. Mix well.

  4. In a deep pan pour some water, lay out there too.
    our fruit blueberry sugar mix. Stir.

  5. Banks are preferable to use poltorashki or litrushki.
    We sterilize them on the steam bath for 20 minutes. We also prepare lids for

  6. Jam should boil well on not very high heat, after
    Cook for another 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  7. We put the jam in hot jars, then roll up,
    Turn it upside down and wrap it in heat.

  8. Когда варенье остынет, можно спускать in the cellar.

Recipe 3. Jam from blueberries and strawberries

Варенье из blueberries for the winter можно приготовить с добавлением
strawberries. Then the taste will be softer, the flavor is more pleasant, and the benefits
will be doubled. Only it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions to
Do not turn blueberry into strawberry jam.


  • half a kg of strawberries

  • 2 kg of sugar

  • half a liter of water

  • 1 kg of blueberries


  1. We touch the berries of blueberries and strawberries very well. For jam
    we only need ripe fruit.

  2. Carefully wash the berries, dry them on paper

  3. Pour water into a deep pan, add sugar and
    boil. Stir at regular intervals. We must
    get syrup.

  4. When the syrup boils, we add blueberries and strawberries in it,
    periodically interfere with jam. Cooking for about 10 minutes on very weak
    on fire

  5. Sterilize liter cans. First, we wash them well, and after
    send for 15 minutes in the oven.

  6. Hot jam is poured over the banks, roll them up, wrap
    a blanket.

  7. Когда варенье остынет, можно спускать его in the cellar.

Recipe 4. Blueberry jam with pectin

Pectin and Blueberry – body attendants

Варенье из blueberries for the winter очень часто готовят с добавлением
pectin is a very viscous substance that helps to become jam
thicker and healthier.


  • 1 kg of blueberries

  • cup of powdered sugar

  • pinch of lemon

  • pile of pectin

  • half kg of sugar


  1. Cooking berries. We wash and dry only good and
    ripened berries. Desirable воду менять два или три раза.

  2. Prepared blueberries pour into a deep pan, pour
    a little water and set on a slow fire for minutes on

  3. In another bowl, mix the pectin with powdered sugar, pour out
    the resulting powder to blueberries, cook for 10 more minutes, constantly
    follow the foam, if necessary, remove it.

  4. Pour sugar into small pan in small portions. Stir until
    it will not dissolve all, only after that we add a lemon. Cook
    все минут ten.

  5. Cooking banks. We wash them and dry them, after which we gently roll them
    cans of boiling water, with lids do the same.

  6. Now you can pour blueberry jam in jars.
    We roll them up and set them warm until the jam
    cool down

  7. Теперь можно спускать наше варенье in the cellar.

Рецепт 5. Варенье из blueberries for the winter по бабушкиному

This recipe is considered the most simple and budget, despite the fact
that sugar in it is used even more than blueberries. Such
варенье из blueberries for the winter отлично подойдет для тех, кто заботится
about your health.


  • 1 kg of blueberries

  • one and a half kg of sugar

  • half a liter of water


  1. Well we pick up the collected blueberries, we immediately get rid of
    rotted berries, debris, peduncles and leaves.

  2. Чернику моем и сушим на бумажном towel.

  3. Pour water into a low but wide saucepan, pour sugar into it
    and put on a slow fire. Sugar should dissolve all.

  4. Only after that we put blueberries in equal portions in syrup
    and each time you need to gently stir the contents

  5. When all the blueberries are in syrup, you need to boil it for minutes.

  6. After that, turn off the fire and leave the jam insist on
    12 hours.

  7. When the jam is infused, cook it for another half an hour before that
    density that you need.

  8. Hot jam is poured into carefully sterilized
    банкам, закатываем их и укутываем a blanket.

  9. Когда варенье полностью остыло, ставим банки in the cellar.

Recipe6. Blueberry jam: instead of sugar, fructose

This recipe is perfect for people who are sick.
сахарным diabetes. Instead of sugar in blueberry jam used
fructose. Jam because of this will get lighter. By the way, long
It is not recommended to keep such bilberry jam, therefore
Stocks, use it first.


  • 1 kg of blueberries

  • a couple glasses of water

  • three glasses of fructose


  1. Well wash blueberries, remove all debris, stems,
    bones and rotten berries.

  2. Pour water into a saucepan and add fructose. To syrup
    turned out to be thicker, you can also add a little soda and gelatin.
    Leave everything to boil, the syrup will be ready when the whole fructose

  3. Blueberries are added to the syrup and leave to boil, constantly
    stirring. After the contents of the pan boil, cook more
    минут ten.

  4. When the jam has cooled, lay it in half-liter jars,
    pre-sterilizing them. Close the kapron

  5. Варенье из черники можно спускать in the cellar.

Recipe 6. Blueberry-banana mix: in the winter with vitamins

Это варенье из blueberries for the winter оценят любители бананов и ягод.
Jam is perfect for a festive tea party, it can be
add to compote or jelly. Banana gives satiety to jam
а черника дарит море of vitamins.


  • 1 banana

  • half a lemon

  • a glass of blueberries

  • a glass of sugar


  1. Ягоду промываем и просушиваем на бумажном towel.

  2. Blender chop blueberries and bananas to puree

  3. Put the mashed potatoes in the pan, add the juice from
    lemon halves and sugar. Stir.

  4. Bring the jam to a boil over not very high heat, then
    cook for another five minutes.

  5. While the jam is hot, we pour it into cans that are in advance
    sterilized. Закрываем lids.

  6. When the jam cools down, lower the jam into cold and dark
    a place.

Secrets and tricks of cooking blueberry jam on

  • To get rid of pits, use the usual

  • Open jam is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator for
    of the month.

  • To preserve the jam in the cellar a little longer, roll up the cans
    металлическими lids.

  • Leave a gap between the lid and the jam itself in a couple

  • It is better to pour the jam while it is hot.

  • When blueberry jam is hot, it is watery. But cooling off
    getting thicker.

  • To make the jam thicker, add soda and gelatin to it,
    but in a small amount.

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