Bitten adder: what you can and can not do. whatneed to do if bitten by a viper: first aid and symptoms

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The vipers are one of the representatives of the venomous snake family.
You can meet them not only in exotic countries, but also in
forests and glades of our country. Consider in more detail what
do if bitten by a viper and how to help the victim.

what делать, если вас укусила гадюка: признаки попадания

Since the viper is a poisonous snake, its bite is
will not remain without manifestations. Обычно проникновение poison в
blood is accompanied by such characteristic symptoms:

1. Acute pain at bite site.

2. Isolation of blood from the bite site.

3. The development of severe edema in the affected area during the first
two days.

4. The appearance of necrosis or large blisters on the wound.

5. The development of lymphadenitis (a condition in which a person has
severely inflamed lymph bonds).

6. Dizziness.

7. Nausea.

8. Migraine.

9. Heat in the body.

10. Redness of a wound.

11. Weakness.

12. Increased heart rate.

13. Respiratory failure.

14. Inhibition of consciousness.

It is also important to say that poisons from different vipers can be different.
affect the human body. There are two main
types of poisons:

1. Paralytic Poisons. Once in the body, they cause paralysis.
respiratory system. In this case, in the absence of timely
medical attention a person may die from sharp suffocation or
swelling of the larynx.

2. Poisons destroyers. When entering the blood cells such poisons
destroy their structure, which leads to a violation of clotting
blood and vasospasm. This condition is treated, but only
with prompt medical assistance.

what касается области укуса, то чаще всего змея бросается на
limb (leg or arm). The bite immediately causes pain,
and visible two tracks from the canines.

what делать, если укусила гадюка: первая помощь

After a snake bite, you need to act on such

1. As soon as possible to transfer the victim from the “danger zone”,
where he was bitten. Moreover, if the incident happened in the forest or on
glade, then this distance must be at least one hundred meters, since
there is a high probability that the snake there was not one.

2. Lay the person down so that his head is lower
pelvic level, and legs – raised. This will ensure normal
circulation and reduce the risk of developing complications in the head
the brain.

3. Next you need to carefully examine the affected place. If the snake
bit through the clothes, then they need to be removed, because the fabric can
содержать больше количество poison. In this case, the victim may
get lucky (if the fabric was rough and thick, then it is likely that
организм ему попало меньше poison).

4. Если капли poison находятся возле раны, то их нужно осторожно
wipe out so they can’t get into the blood. Also worth
keep calm and do not worry yourself, because
the victim certainly can not help.

In addition, it should be remembered that all actions must be
as fast as possible, because life depends on it
the patient.

5. If there was no one around after the bite, then a wound
you need to hold yourself tightly with your hands and press down so that the poison
smog flowed out. Also, doctors advise to make special
cruciform incisions to allow blood to flow out
along with poison, but this method is best practiced only when
medical skills.

6. Then you need to try to open the wound and actively suck
poison mouth, strongly massaging the affected part of the body. When doing this
procedures within five minutes can remove more than 40% of the wound

It is important to remember that blood must be constantly
spit out so that it does not accidentally enter the body. Should also
be prepared for the fact that the language is numb in this case (due to the action
poison). This symptom is not dangerous and in time it will pass.

Important! If there are wounds in the mouth or
кариеса делать отсасывание poison категорически запрещено.

After this procedure, rinse your mouth with alcohol.

7. If swelling occurs, treat the wound.
antiseptic solutions. It is better not to use Zelenka,
as it will only make further examination of the wound by doctors.

8. Fix the injured limb. Also better at all
place the victim on a stretcher and immobilize, as any
movements increase blood circulation, which leads to more
распространению poison.

9. In advance, you need to remove bracelets, watches and
rings, since the limb will be very sore and swollen, and the data
items only interfere.

10. Put a sterile dressing on the wound. Better if
it will be pre-saturated with hydrogen peroxide.

11. It is very important that the victim drank a lot after the viper’s bite.
water. Данная жидкость нужна для понижения концентрации poison. Also
the patient can be given diuretic drugs.

12. If there is time before the arrival of the doctors, then you need to follow
general condition of man. Can measure his pressure and
body temperature. Also важно контролировать дыхание и при первых
signs of asphyxiation do artificial respiration.

what нужно делать, если Viper bit: Medical aid and

Traditional snake bite treatment treated with antihistamines
drugs. The patient is prescribed taking Tavegila tablets or
Димедрола, однако при обильном проникновении poison в кровь, такие
medications will not help.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctors must overtake the viper
which bit the man. This will help them find the right ones.
antidote (special serum).

Further treatment is carried out based on the observed
symptoms. The patient may be prescribed anti-inflammatory,
antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Also пострадавшему
medication can be taken to normalize heart rate and
blood clotting.

what касается последствий после данного происшествия, то в
In most cases, a person survives and returns to his former life.
already a few weeks later.

Fatal outcomes are observed in 5% of people, and then only when
untimely medical care when a person
engaged in self-treatment or did not pay attention to the bite

Also важно знать, что маленькие дети особенно трудно переносят
Viper bite, so they need to call a doctor as soon as possible.

what нельзя делать, если вас укусила гадюка

whatбы не вызвать осложнений и не навредить себе еще
more, after being bitten by a poisonous snake, you need to know what to do

1. You can not try to cut a wound, because these actions can
easily infect, damage the muscles and cause a strong
bleeding. In severe cases, a person may even die sooner.
от потери крови, нежели от действия poison.

2. You can not cauterize the wound with fire or objects that were
pre-heated on fire. This is explained by the fact that snakes have
fairly long fangs, and burn out the poison still does not work. Instead
This can only burn your muscles.

3. You can not water the wound with various acids (caustic potassium,
sulfuric acid, etc.), because it will lead to deplorable

4. Do not wrap the affected limb too tightly, so
how edema will develop on it, and tightened tissue will worsen

5. You can not put a tourniquet above the affected place, because it
can lead to gangrene and other complications in which
man dies tissue and develops blood stasis.

6. Do not pierce the wound with painkillers or others
drugs. In general, it is advisable not to prick until the arrival of doctors
man no drugs.

7. You can not give the patient alcoholic beverages, as they are not
являются противоядием, а наоборот, способствуют усилению poison.

Viper bit: what to do to prevent it

Prevention of viper bites involves performing
such recommendations:

1. When going out into nature, it is necessary to wear high shoes.

2. Before you put things out for a picnic you need to properly
inspect the area for the presence of snakes.

3. In the forest you need to hold children by the hand and not allow them
independently wander through shrubs and various thickets.

4. When you see a snake, do not panic. Should quietly move away
safe distance. Throwing a snake is forbidden, because
it only provokes her aggression.

5. The snake can also be identified by its characteristic hiss. If you
this is heard, it is better to be safe and leave the dangerous
a place.

6. If the snake поднялась и приняла активную позу, то нужно
slowly step back. In this case, you can not put your hands in front
yourself and turn your back on her.

In addition, when meeting with a snake opposite you do not need to flee from it
(and it makes no sense – if he wants, he will catch up anyway). Instead этого
wait until the adder crawls by itself (usually snakes do not
touch people, they attack only when there is a clear threat from

7. At night you need to use a lantern, as often in the summer of a snake
creep closer to people.

8. Time to kill rodents in private buildings, because
they are attractive food for vipers.

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