Biceps workout: exercises for home andgym

  • 1 How to pump your biceps?
    • 1.1 Biceps exercises with dumbbells
    • 1.2 Downloading biceps in the gym
  • 2 Exercises for the thigh biceps

Heavy arms – the dream of all men who want to buy
athletic figure. It is precisely pumping the biceps that is paid
attention both in the gym and at home. For
effective bicep pumping, like any other muscle, should
perform a certain set of exercises, follow the correct
perform the technique, observe the mode of rest and control your
diet A set of properly selected exercises will help in
as soon as possible to develop the muscles of the upper part


How to pump your biceps?

Biceps – biceps muscle of the shoulder, consisting of long and short
parts, each of which has its own head. Directly under
biceps is the shoulder muscle, which when systematically
doing exercises like pushes him up, increasing
visually in size. For правильного роста и восстановления
biceps complex of exercises for the muscle is carried out no more than 2 times a
a week The duration of a workout should not be longer
10-15 minutes, otherwise the muscle can be overloaded.

Contrary to popular belief, when pumping one muscle group
others are involved. For example, when performing exercises on
biceps involved triceps, back and press. However, to give
athletic body should pay attention to all parts
body, so it is recommended to perform a set of exercises not only
for pumping arms, but also the biceps of the thigh.

Beginners should perform exercises for pumping biceps.
slowly, learning and memorizing the correct technique of execution. It is better
Start with 5-6 reps of one exercise, increasing the intensity
after a couple of weeks of training until 7-9. Recommended at the beginning
perform exercises with weights (dumbbells, barbell) with a small
weight, gradually increasing the load.

Exercises for the biceps with dumbbells

Strength training for men helps to pump biceps muscles
and increase it in volume. Workout duration for beginners
It does not matter, because it is important to strictly control the correct
performance technique. The weight of the load should be increased gradually.
One of the most effective strength training for pumping
biceps are exercises with dumbbells. Start with
perform 3-4 exercises for 6-7 repetitions each in 3 sets.
Warming up before exercise will warm up all your muscles,
prepare them for power loads, and therefore it is worthwhile to pay her not
less than 10 minutes. Pull-ups can be done as a warm-up.
squats, jump rope.

Exercises for the biceps with dumbbells в домашних

  • Bending arms with dumbbells. Sit down on a chair taking
    dumbbells. To flex and extend the arms in the elbow joints.
    When exhaling, the hand should bend, and when sighing – unbend.
  • Lifting dumbbells hammer method. Get up
    straight. Hands with a burden in the lowered position, expanding the brush in
    side thighs. Alternately raise your arms with dumbbells to your shoulder. With
    the exercise, the back should remain flat, the legs are not
    come off the floor. During full flexion of one arm, the other
    should remain tight and slightly bent at the elbow. In each
    position must be fixed for a couple of seconds.
  • Lifting dumbbells standing. Get up прямо, спина
    should be level, legs slightly bent at the knees. Take dumbbells,
    повернув ладони в side thighs. Smoothly bending the arms in the elbow
    alternately lift the dumbbells in the shoulder. Follow immobility
    shoulder part.

We swing biceps in the gym

In any fitness center there are specialized simulators: bench
�”Scott” and biceps machine, which will help to pump classes
biceps. The main thing to monitor the correct execution technique
exercise, your breathing and steady body position on
simulator. For максимальной нагрузки на прокачиваемые мышцы,
should be delayed for a couple of seconds at the moment of the hardest point
lifting barbells or dumbbells.

Exercises for biceps in the gym:

  • Bending arms on the biceps machine. Sit down on
    bench, choose the desired weight. Elbows put on special
    coasters. Adjust the stand so that the elbows
    must be level with the shoulders. Hands to take the handle and
    on the exhale lift it up. Shoulders should remain motionless.
    Fix the position for a couple of seconds. When inhaling, gently lower
    handle to its original position.
  • Raising the EZ bar in the Scott bench. Original
    position can be both sitting and standing. The most important thing –
    adjust the height of the stand so that when lifting the bar
    the hull was still. Bottom grip take the projectile, arms bent in
    elbows should be on a stand. Inhaling, we lift the barbell up to
    chest Fix the position for a couple of seconds, then smoothly
    опустить снаряд, полностью выпрямляя arms.
  • Lifting dumbbells in Scott’s bench. Take the shell
    bottom grip. Adjust to a convenient level stand. Sit down on
    projectile, slightly tilted forward body. On inhale to lift dumbbells to
    shoulders, bending elbows. Linger in this position a couple
    seconds, then as you exhale, gradually lower your arms and arms
    way down.

Each exercise is recommended to perform 6-8 times in 3-4.

Exercises for the thigh biceps

For того, чтобы фигура имела пропорциональные формы необходимо
pay attention to pumping the muscles of the entire body, including the legs.
You should certainly pay attention to and pump the bicep of the thigh –
muscle located on the lateral side of the back of the thigh.
With тренировке бицепса бедра, задействуются также ягодичные мышцы и
quadriceps. Before starting a workout, you should do 5-10 minutes
warm up to warm up all muscles well to avoid injury.

Exercises for the biceps of the thigh at home (8-10 reps per
3-4 approaches):

  • Withседания с гантелями. Lower grip take
    dumbbells. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight. Hands with
    dumbbells must be lowered and straight. Smoothly lower the pelvis
    back, bending the knees to form a straight line between them
    angle. Slowly return to the starting position.
  • Withседания со штангой. Take the barbell, lift
    her and put on the shoulders so that her arm was behind her head.
    Straighten your back, legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower the pelvis back,
    bending the legs at the knees. Between the knees and the pelvis should form
    right angle. Fix the position for a couple of seconds, then smoothly
    return to the starting position.
  • Onклоны туловища вперед с отягощением. Take in
    hands burdening (barbell, dumbbells). Straighten your back, feet wide
    shoulders. Slowly tilt the body forward, lowering the burden down, but
    without touching the floor. Your knees should be straight. Gently return to
    starting position.

A set of exercises for men in the gym

  • Сгибание ног на simulator. Lie on the simulator
    face down, pressing the case to the surface. In the ankle area
    joint fix the legs. Smoothly and slowly bend and unbend
    legs in the knee joint. At the bottom of the knees should remain
    slightly bent.
  • Onклоны корпуса с напарником. Knees up
    on the simulator, fixing the legs with a roller in the ankle area
    the joint. Back straighten. Onклонять корпус вперед как можно ниже.
    For подстраховки впереди должен стоять напарник. Return to
    starting position.

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