Beauty Tips on how to make breasts elastic

kak-sdelat-grud-uprugoi-i-podtyanutoiFemale breasts like
It is known to consist of mammary glands, connective tissue and fat. BUT
its main task is to produce milk after birth

But along with this, as a result of the aging process
significantly increases the risk of sagging and loss of past
breast elasticity.

Do not panic!

Fitness professionals have developed special
exercises that are able to effectively correct this
situation and make your breasts more elastic and beautiful.

Although influence the size and shape of the chest itself with exercise
Of course, you can not, but as under her chest
muscles, then the load correctly directed at them can give just
awesome effect. Strength training at home will help
make your breasts more taut and tone your muscles.

The alternation of various exercises ensures that your nursing
muscles will not be able to adapt to the same load, which
reduces the overall effectiveness of training. Highlight between classes
one day to rest, this time is necessary for recovery and growth

So, how to make the breast elastic and taut?

Dumbbell set on fitball

This wonderful exercise will help to tone up your chest.
muscles, and also well strengthens the buttocks, abdominals and lower
part of the back.

Holding the dumbbell in each hand, sit on top of the fitball.
Then straighten your back and tighten your abdominal muscles. Kicking
rolling forward on the ball until you are
touch the ball in the paddle area.


Put your hips parallel to the floor and raise your arms above your chest,
slightly bent at the elbows and turning his palms to each other. Dilute
arms to the side until your shoulders are
parallel to the floor. Then, with your pectoral muscles, raise your arms again.
up to complete one repetition. Run 12 to 15 times.

Kicking the ball against the wall

The following exercise will not only allow you to do chest
more beautiful, but also help to tone the muscles of the arms. For his
performance ideally you need medbol (so much so
heavy basketball) but in extreme cases you can
take advantage of the usual.

Stand facing the wall at a distance of about 3 meters. Slightly
bend your knees and straighten your back. Hold the ball with both hands
straight ahead at chest level. Lift your elbows parallel
the ground and throw the ball into the wall as hard and fast as it is for
you may not lowering your elbows. Then, pick up the ball and go back to
starting position, do another 15 reps.

Ball pushups

Exercise is aimed at working the muscles of the chest, abdomen, lower part
back, triceps and shoulders. Stand on all fours, hand position
slightly wider than shoulder width, and place medbol (or regular
ball) under the right palm. Straighten your legs behind you and press against the floor.
the toes of the foot, the body is one straight line.

Then, bending your arms, go down until you
practically do not touch the breast with the floor, after that the force of the thoracic
muscle return to the starting position. Perform 15 repetitions and
place the ball under your left hand. To simplify this exercise you can
lean on your knees instead of feet.

Dumbbell bench press on straight bench

Dumbbell bench can be performed as on a horizontal bench,
so on fitball. To do this, lie on the bench, stretched up
hands on a dumbbell, palms turned forward. Slowly bend your elbows and
lower the weight until your shoulders become parallel
floor, then lift it back up. Make 12 – 15

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench

The slope of the bench exhibited about 30 – 45 degrees. it
exercise is focused on the pectoral muscles and technically
performed the same way as the previous exercise for the chest. Make a
12 – 15 repetitions.

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