Basic rules for weight loss on a diet

You are worried about your own weight and have a desire to quickly
get rid of a few extra pounds? Do not despair is
10 простых правил, которые позволят привести вашу
figure in optimal condition and forever get rid of problems with

основные правила похудения

So, let’s begin our excursion into the world of slender figures. Today you
learn about a few golden rules
гарантировано обеспечивающих нужный вам результат.
However strange it may seem, overweight problems
begin with the head, or rather with your thoughts about your own

задайте себе несколько вопросовТак что первое
звучит просто: сядьте, успокойтесь и задайте себе
a few questions. Why do I want to lose weight and why do I need it?
How will losing weight affect my life? Does it hurt my
health? Honestly answering all questions and finally making sure
If you wish, set yourself a concrete and clearly understandable

Расплывчатые фразы вроде «хочу немного
» или «хочу стать стройной» — это не цели, а
just some kind of desire. You must clearly define the number to
which you are aiming for. Only in this case, the goal will find tangible
traits that can be a motivating factor.

Правило номер два: каждый день выпивайте как
at least eight glasses of water. Maintain your water balance
body is necessary for the timely burning of fat, otherwise all
your efforts will be in vain.

овощи и фрукты отлично помогают похудениюThird
: в вашем дневном рационе должно быть не менее
nine servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Without enough
vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber your body can not
keep your health. Besides vegetables and fruits very quickly
satisfy hunger and also contain few calories.

Четвертое правило: откажитесь от употребления
fat Steam, grill or bake.

Правило номер пять: привнесите в свою жизнь
more movement. The less you move, the faster it goes.
fat accumulation in your body. In addition, an active lifestyle
allows you to burn a large amount of extra calories. Exists
weight loss exercises, some of which are published here
Online. Just follow these guidelines and you will achieve
of success.

богатая интимная жизнь играет большую роль для похуденияSixth
касается вашей интимной жизни. Science long ago
found that sex is a great substitute for fitness, since
during orgasm and long preludes are burned to 500
calories. Add more sex to your life, it’s not only
will bring results, but also will please your partner!

Седьмое правило: никогда не останавливайтесь и
do not indulge yourself. If you already decided to lose weight and started it
do, then endure and go to the bitter end, to the signified in
the beginning of the cherished figure on the scales. Slightest slack, modest
indulgence and all your efforts can go to ashes.

Правило номер восемь: избавьтесь от скуки и
constant thoughts about excess weight. Focus on problem
can only aggravate it, and not help in the decision. Lazy you
You can even buy yourself a diet pill, only this many
do not recommend! Better get distracted by some outsiders.
занятия, совершайте побольше прогулок на свежем воздухе,
attend mass events, try to get as
can be more positive emotions.

прислушайтесь к себеДевятое правило:
listen to your inner voice. Listen to your body
After all, he can prompt you the right decision if you
suddenly chose not quite suitable for your stomach diet or
overload yourself with exercise too much.

Мы медленно, но верно подошли к десятому
: верьте в успех, ибо вера в себя – самое
miracle cure for all problems. Not for a second
doubt your abilities and abilities of your body, because
it can, as it is easy to gain weight, and it is easy to lose, the main thing to him
this is a little help.

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