Banana pie in a slow cooker – exoticaroma! Recipes и тонкости preparations банановых пирогов вmulticooker

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Bananas in a pie is a fairy tale! After baking an exotic fruit
It smells like an aroma that is impossible to describe. But it can
feel! Cooking бананового пирога в multicooker не
will take a lot of time. After an hour or two on the table will be
flaunt appetizing pastries. Fill the house with exotic


Банановый пирог в multicooker — общие принципы

Bananas are laid in the cake in different ways. In some
fruit recipes are mashed and mixed with other products.
and bake. Sometimes pieces of banana are added to the dough and mass
is stirred. We get pies like we are used to.
charlottes. Also bananas can be cooked sweet minced meat, which
laid out in a clear layer in the closed or open pies. In them
other ingredients may be added.

What combines banana filling:

• cinnamon, vanilla;

• berries, fruits;

• cottage cheese;

• dried fruits, nuts.

AT multicooker для пирогов используется режим выпечки. Bowl before
bookmark dough need to grease. It must be remembered that the volume is limited and
the pie is small in diameter. High pastries also
preferably not to do. Therefore, it is not necessary to proportionally increase
the amount of products specified in the recipes.

Банановый пирог в multicooker «Превосходный»

Для сладкого и пышного бананового пирога в multicooker, фрукты
are laid immediately in the dough. It is therefore very important that they be


• 200 g of oil;

• 200 g of sugar;

• 2-3 bananas;

• 1 tsp. baking ripper;

• 250 g of flour;

• 2 eggs.


1. Take two bananas. If the fruits are small, it is better to take three
stuff We clean and cut into pieces, you can break. We throw in
a bowl.

2. Add sugar to bananas, knead with a fork until
all the sugar will not dissolve.

3. Add the softened butter, continue to knead.

4. We introduce eggs alternately, make the mass homogeneous.

5. Pour out flour into the next cake, add baking ripper.

6. Shift the homogeneous dough into the greased bowl.

7. Set up 45 minutes and bake on the appropriate
the program.

8. Даем банановому пирогу немного постоять в multicooker, чтобы
slept a fever. We shift on a dish, completely cool.

Бисквитный банановый пирог в multicooker

Рецептура простейшего бананового пирога в multicooker. For him
it is desirable to use not very soft fruits, so that the pieces
clearly felt and seen in the test.


• 1 cup of sugar;

• 4 eggs;

• 3-4 bananas;

• 1 tsp. ripper;

• 1 spoon of powder;

• 1 cup flour;

• 0.5 vanilla bag;

• 10 grams of oil drain.


1. A piece of oil rubbed inside the form. Or pour a little
vegetable oil and grease the container with a brush, affect not
more than 10 centimeters in height.

2. Cut peeled bananas into 2 cm circles. To shallow not
need to.

3. In a bowl of a mixer or simply in a large bowl, break
the eggs.

4. Beat a couple of minutes without additives, then in small portions.
pour sugar sand. Whip the sweet mass to a lush foam,
volume will increase at least twice.

5. Mix the vanilla with ripper and flour, send to the eggs.
It is desirable to sift loose ingredients, the dough will turn out

6. Stir the mass gently and briefly so that the eggs do not

7. Pour into a previously greased bowl, lay out the pieces
bananas, part goes to the bottom.

8. Turn on for 40 minutes. The first half hour of the slow cooker
Do not open to keep the sponge cake pomp.

9. Then you can turn the cake to the other side and bake more
10 minutes, but this is not necessary, as the bottom goes up.

10. Turn the cake over on a flat plate, let it cool,
sprinkle powder on top.

Банановый пирог в multicooker на молоке

ATариант теста с молоком для бананового пирога в multicooker.
Simple and easy baking recipe that is easy to prepare for


• 100 g of milk;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 2 bananas;

• 100 grams of oil;

• 1 tsp. vanilla;

• 2 tsp. ripper;

• ¾ cup sugar;

• 2 eggs.


1. Cut the butter into pieces, leave it warm for a little fat
softened. You can use the defrost mode in
microwave stove.

2. Beat the eggs, add sugar to them, add milk.

3. Add slices of banana to the butter and rub it all together.
You can use a fork or whisk everything with a mixer.

4. Combine banana mass with milk.

5. Introduce vanilla, stir. For a pronounced taste can
throw a pinch of salt.

6. It remains to enter the flour into the dough and add baking ripper.

7. Transfer the dough to the slow cooker.

8. Close, set 50 minutes, and bake for half an hour. Not
open up

9. Then, using a steamer tray, take out the pie,
turn over to the other side and bake for another minute

Банановый пирог в multicooker с манкой

Option banana manniki, if you can call it that. Pie
It has a very interesting crumb structure. He is obtained enough
juicy, soft, slightly crumbly.


• 250 ml of kefir;

• 2 bananas;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 glass semolina;

• 0.5 cup of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. soda;

• 1 spoon of crackers;

• oil (small piece).


1. Combine semolina with kefir, stir and forget about them on
for an hour, let the croup swell.

2. After an hour, beat the eggs with sand, you can add vanilla to them.
Pour into the semolina mixture, stir.

3. Добавляем соду, гасить необязательно, enough кислоты

4. Cut the banana into large pieces, mix with the dough.

5. We well coat the multicooker cup with a piece of oil, sprinkle it

6. Spread the dough, level the top.

7. Bake semolina 50 minutes. Cool, decorate

Банановый пирог в multicooker с орехами

For this banana pie, you also need some nuts.
You can use almonds, walnuts or peanuts. The dough is prepared with
sour cream of any fat content. It turns out delicious cake that can
cut in half and use for cake. He is wonderful
combined with any creams.


• 1.5 cups of flour;

• 0.5 cup sour cream;

• 100 g of oil;

• 1 cup of sugar;

• two eggs;

• 0.5 cup of nuts;

• 2 bananas;

• soda.


1. Mix sour cream with a teaspoon of soda, set aside
side, let the reaction take place and the powder is extinguished.

2. Oil until we melt, cool.

3. Beat eggs and sugar first, then add sour cream. AT
The last thing you enter is melted butter. Good

4. Chop the nuts, mix with flour.

5. Pour the nut flour into the dough, if desired at the same stage
can add a little cinnamon, it will make a pie flavor

6. We knead bananas to mashed potatoes and also lay them in
nut dough. Stir thoroughly before laying in

7. Distribute the mass in an even layer, bake the cake for 45 minutes, then
оставляем настояться еще минут на fifteen.

Открытый банановый пирог в multicooker «Лентяй»

ATариант очень простого пирога с бананами, для которого
You will need one slice of puff pastry about 200 grams.


• 4 bananas;

• 0.2 kg of dough;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 1 protein;

• 1 scoop of starch;

• cinnamon.


1. From a piece of dough you need to cut a cake, which will be a bit
больше донышка multicookers.

2. Shift immediately, straighten small bumpers. Sprinkle with
starch dumplings.

3. Cut the bananas in diagonally circles. ATыкладываем на
formed layer. Cinnamon powder on top, but you can and without

4. ATзбиваем до пены белок и рецептурный сахар, покрываем пенкой
bananas laid out.

5. ATыпекаем 45-50 минут в multicooker. Pie сразу не достаем,
Allow it to cool well so that the filling grabs.

Банановый пирог в multicooker из теста на кефире

ATариант еще одного простого бананового пирога, который можно
cook from the dough not only on kefir. Suitable ryazhenka remnants
yogurt, low-fat sour cream. You can mix a few fermented milk
products that are lying around in the fridge.


• a glass of kefir;

• a glass of sugar;

• 3 bananas;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 2 eggs;

• 8 грамм ripper;

• 80 ml of oil grows.


1. We throw in миску яйца, сахар, добавляем кефир.

2. ATключаем миксер, перебиваем пару минут.

3. Add vegetable oil. But you can pour in and melted
margarine, confectionery fat. AT таком случае важно, чтобы продукт был
cooled down

4. Add flour, beat for a few seconds and pour
baking powder.

5. It is desirable to beat the dough well for a few minutes,
so that it becomes homogeneous.

6. A cup of multicooker can simply be lubricated. But if there are
problems with the extraction of pies, it is better to sprinkle on top
мукой, crackers.

7. ATыливаем половину теста.

8. Cut the bananas into pieces, spread them out in a uniform layer. Can
add a little year or washed raisins.

9. Pour the remains of dough, bake! 45-50 minutes is enough
turn on the second side of this cake is optional.

Банановый пирог в multicooker — полезные советы и хитрости

• Растопить масло для теста можно в multicooker, заодно чаша
will be greased. It is enough to place the pieces and turn on the heating. After
transfusion of fat, you only need to distribute the remnants of the walls,
can do this with a brush.

• Flavored cake made from only good bananas. ATыбрать
they are very simple. You just need to smell the fruit through the peel. If he
does not smell anything, it will be tasteless and soapy. If from banana goes
the aroma, it will surely be sweet and tasty.

• Pieи постоянно пристают к multicooker и не хотят
leap out? Need to cut a circle from parchment to the size of the bottom
bowl, fluff and put on the bottom before laying the dough. Boca
just lubricated.

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