Balanoposthitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Баланопоститом называют урологическое
disease that is manifested by inflammation of the glans penis
(balanita) and the inner sheet of the foreskin (postit).

Balanoposthitis – causes

In most cases, the nature of balanoposthitis
is contagious. The cause of inflammation of the glans penis
there may be non-specific microbial flora in the form of steptococci or
anaerobic cocci, as well as pathogens that
sexually transmitted (pale treponema, trichomonas, etc.).
Sometimes balanoposthitis can be caused by viruses (for example, a virus
human papillomas) or fungi (Candida).

Without the participation of an infectious agent, balanoposthitis rarely develops.
In this case, it may be allergic, toxic, etc.

There are predisposing factors that have a large
value for the development of balanoposthitis. First of all, it’s about
neglecting personal hygiene, diabetes,
chemical irritants (detergents, lubricants), phimosis,
pathological conditions that cause fluid retention in
the body (kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, cardiac

Balanoposthitis – Symptoms

Balanoposthitis begins acutely, with a burning sensation, itching and
discomfort in the glans penis, followed by
the development of edema and hyperemia (redness) of the foreskin. Head
the penis is covered with off-white bloom, sometimes –
small bulge eruptions.

If acute balanoposthitis is caused by non-specific infectious
agent, not treated, it will become chronic. Also balanoposthitis
has all the prerequisites to become chronic if available
severe concomitant diseases, as well as the presence of diseases
sexually transmitted diseases (trichomoniasis, genital herpes,

Chronic balanoposthitis is characterized by burning and pain in
the affected area, the cracking of the skin of the foreskin and the appearance
on it surface erosions and ulcers. Severe inflammation can
cause inguinal lymphadenitis. Over time due to scarring
the foreskin occurs phimosis, which exacerbates the flow

Balanoposthitis – diagnosis

Diagnose the disease by microscopic examination
smears from the urethra, as well as seeding of the discharge from the urethra and
preputial bag.

Баланопостит – treatment и профилактика

A mild form of balanopostitis can be cured by washing.
glans with antiseptic solutions
(furatsilina, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate).

More serious cases of the disease require antibacterial
therapy. Если воспаление вызвано фимозом, то treatment сопровождается
surgery in the form of circumcision, which
performed by circular excision of the foreskin of the penis.
This operation allows the head of the penis to remain naked.
and when he is calm and when he is in a state

This procedure can be carried out for adults and children. More often
circumcision is prescribed for phimosis, in cases where there is no possibility
expand the foreskin in a simpler way; sometimes indications for
He has chronic balanoposthitis, tumors of the foreskin,
genital warts foreskin.

Circumcision is important for treatment and prevention.
balanoposthitis also for another reason. The fact is that between
foreskin and glans occur
smegma in which the infection develops very easily, especially when
non-compliance with hygiene. Circumcision leads to improved hygiene.
to reduce the risk of developing urinary tract infections, and
also the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and risk
development of penile cancer.

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