Baked meat in a slow cooker – juicy! howbake meat in a slow cooker: pork, beef, lamb,chicken

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What can be tastier than a fragrant, juicy baked piece

This dish can be served with a side dish or as a

Baked meat in a slow cooker – the basic principles

Bake in a slow cooker any meat. To prevent it from happening
fresh, it is marinated or rubbed with a mixture of spices and salt.

A piece of meat is washed, cleaned from streaks, films, excess fat
and dried with napkins. It is then rubbed with spices or smeared.
marinade. Leave at least an hour. Pickling time depends
on the size of the piece. You can additionally fill it with slices.

The prepared piece of meat is transferred to a greased bowl.
device and prepare in the “baking” from 30 minutes to two hours, in
зависимости от сорта meat To get a ruddy crust from two
сторон, в середине preparations его переворачивают. On holiday
table meat is baked with cheese and tomatoes.

Baked meat in a slow cooker can be cooked in a sleeve or

The finished meat is sliced ​​and served as a snack or with

Рецепт 1. how запечь мясо в мультиварке с клюквенным
the sauce


  • 700 g of pork pulp;

  • 3 g cinnamon;

  • 30 g of honey;

  • 80 g sugar;

  • 30 ml of Balsamic;

  • 100 ml of red wine;

  • 50 ml of olive oil;

  • rosemary and thyme;

  • 150 grams of cranberries;

  • salt and pepper ground.

Способ preparations

1. Mix the Balsamic sauce with honey, olive oil and
spices. Salt it.

2. Rinse the meat, dip it in napkins and cut into slices.
Grease each piece with marinade and fold into a suitable dish.
Leave in the refrigerator for several hours.

3. Put the pieces of meat on a sheet of foil and wrap the edges in the form
envelope, well wrapped edges.

4. Place the bundle in the slow cooker and bake the meat on
throughout the hour.

5. Wash cranberries and crush in a blender until mashed.
Put in a saucepan, add wine, bring to a boil on
simmer and boil for a couple of minutes. Now add sugar and
cinnamon Boil, stirring, a couple of minutes and remove from heat.

6. Take out the pork from the multicooker, unfold the foil and shift
meat on the dish. Полейте клюквенным the sauce и подавайте.

Recipe 2. Baked beef in a slow cooker


  • half a pound of beef;

  • 5 g of salt;

  • ground Italian herbs;

  • 50 ml of olive oil;

  • freshly ground black pepper.

Способ preparations

1. Мясо вынимаем из холодильника за пару часов до preparations.
Rinse it under the tap and dry it.

2. Pour oil into a small bowl, add herbs and
spice. Stir. The resulting spicy mixture rub meat with
all sides. Leave it for ten minutes.

3. Grease the bowl with butter and place the marinated meat in it.
Activate the “baking” function for an hour and 45 minutes. Tightly closed
the lid and put the valve in the “closed” mode. When half pass
of time, let off steam, open the lid and turn over a piece

4. Put the prepared meat on a chopping board and leave it.
rest for a quarter of an hour. Slice beef and serve.

Рецепт 3. how запечь мясо в мультиварке в фольге


  • 1.5 kg piece of meat;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • garlic head;

  • salt;

  • 10 g of any mustard;

  • 15 g seasoning “Provencal herbs”.

Способ preparations

1. Wash a piece of meat, cut off excess fat, films and veinlets.
Dampen with napkins.

2. Disassemble the head of garlic and free them from the husk.
Cut the teeth into sticks. In a piece of meat, make a notch and stuff
his garlic.

3. Grate a piece of meat with a mixture of salt and Provencal herbs, thoroughly.
втирая spice. Top it with mustard oil and put on a piece
foil. Leave the meat to rest for half an hour so that it is good.
soaked in flavors of seasoning.

4. Wrap the meat in foil and place it in the bowl of the device.
Turn on baking mode and cook for half an hour. Take out the finished meat
from the multicooker, carefully unfold the foil and transfer it to
a plate. Cool slightly and cut into chunks. Serve baked
meat in a slow cooker with a side dish of vegetables or salad.

Recipe 4. Baked duck breast in a slow cooker


  • mustard – 30 g;

  • кухонная salt;

  • duck breast;

  • honey – 30 g

Способ preparations

1. In a small bowl, combine mustard with honey and thoroughly.
mix it up.

2. Wash duck breast, dab with napkins and grease
медово-горчичным маринадом со all sides. Leave the breast on
several hours, or, if possible, at night. Mustard
make the meat soft, and the honey will provide the dish with a ruddy crust.

3. Turn on the baking program on the instrument panel. Put in
bowl breast. Готовьте мясо на throughout the hour. Half an hour later
turn it over and salt it.

4. Remove the breast from the bowl. In the fat remaining from the duck, you can
lay out apple slices and fry for a few minutes. Cut the breast
Slices, top with apples and serve.

Рецепт 5. how запечь мясо в мультиварке в рукаве


  • 1, 3 kg of pork neck;

  • cooking salt;

  • 4 garlic cloves;

  • 4 buds cloves;

  • 8 peas allspice;

  • 6 black peppercorns;

  • 3 bay leaves.

Способ preparations

1. Wash and dry the piece of pork with napkins. Make from all
sides deep cuts against the fibers. Rub the meat well
salt, trying to make it so that it fell into the cuts.

2. Peel and chop the garlic. Bay leaf break
in small pieces. Carnation break in half. In each incision
put a slice of garlic with a piece of bay leaf, cloves,
pea and black pepper, alternating cloves with

3. Bind a piece of pork with cooking thread. Put the meat in
sleeve, tie and place it in the bowl of the device. Make a package
several punctures, so that was where to go out a couple.

4. Close the lid and start baking for 50 minutes.
Then open the lid, turn the meat over and cook another 20 minutes in
same mode. Take the meat out of the bowl, wrap it in foil and
cool completely. Then cut the threads and cut the pork
thin slices.

Recipe 6. Baked lamb in a slow cooker


  • 700 g of lamb;

  • кухонная salt;

  • 80 ml of olive oil;

  • ground pepper;

  • a bunch of fresh cilantro;

  • marjoram;

  • 3 garlic cloves;

  • thyme.

Способ preparations

1. Take a piece of meat so that it fits completely into the bowl.
device. Best for this is the brisket. My lamb under
running water and drying them with napkins. Cilantro bunch rinsed
shake off excess moisture and finely crumble.

2. Pour olive oil into dishes according to the size of a piece of meat,
add crushed garlic, pepper, marjoram, salt, thyme
and cilantro. Mix and rub the slice of lamb with the mixture
from all sides, after making a few cuts. We cover
cover and leave for a few hours.

3. Перекладываем маринованную баранину на лист foil.
Оставшуюся смесь выкладываем поверх meat Wrap meat tightly
в два слоя foil.

4. The bundle is placed in the capacity of the device. Close the lid and
Run the “multi-cook” function. The temperature is set at 150 C.
Bake the meat for two hours.

5. We take out the finished lamb, carefully unfold the foil,
мясо нарезаем кусками и поливаем соком, оставшимся в foil. Serve
baked meat in a slow cooker, garnished with cilantro twigs.

Recipe 7. Baked chicken breast in a slow cooker


  • 4 garlic cloves;

  • 7 g of mustard;

  • 3 pinches of spices for chicken;

  • 80 ml of sunflower refined oil;

  • 2 chicken breasts;

  • соль cooking.

Способ preparations

1. Peel chives and chop the garlic cloves.

2. Wash chicken fillet, blot with napkins. Entire length
make small cuts with a sharp knife and insert the plates into them

3. In a deep dish combine sunflower oil with salt,
mustard and seasoning for chicken.

4. Грудку смажьте со всех сторон горчичным the sauce и заверните ее
in foil.

5. Put the bundle in the device bowl, and activate the function
�”Baking” for 50 minutes. Take the finished breast out of the bowl. Caution,
To avoid getting burned, unfold the foil and put the meat on a plate,
cutting it into pieces.

Recipe 8. Baked meat in a slow cooker with wine and cheese


  • 600 g piece of beef;

  • 30 ml of sunflower oil;

  • 200 grams of cheese;

  • spice;

  • two tomatoes;

  • salt;

  • three cloves of garlic;

  • 80 ml of red wine;

  • 30 g French mustard.

Способ preparations

1. Wash a piece of beef, dry and make deep
cross cuts, but do not cut to the end.

2. Peel the garlic and press it out. Mix it with salt,
mustard, spice, oil and red wine. Marinade rub a piece
from all sides and leave in the refrigerator for four hours.

3. Сыр нарежьте thin slices. Rinse the tomatoes, wipe and
cut into circles.

4. Выложите кусок мяса на сложенную в несколько слоеin foil.
Insert a slice of cheese and a mug of tomatoes into the cuts. Wrap
фольгой и выложите в емкость device. Close the lid and cook in
mode “baking” and a half hours.

Baked meat in a slow cooker – tips and tricks

  • If you come across tough meat, rub it with dry mustard and
    leave overnight. Then rinse.

  • To get rid of the unpleasant smell of lamb, soak it on
    one and a half hours in milk, and then rub with crushed garlic.

  • For roasting, take meat at room temperature, in which case
    it is cooked evenly.

  • To make the beef juicy, stuff it with lard.

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