Baby in the house. What are dangerous laundry detergents andgels?

Mon, Jun 20, 2016

Modern housewives can not imagine their life without washing
gel or powder. Of course, the appearance of household washing
machines and modern detergents with enzymes and
bleach, greatly facilitated the maintenance of home

Young mothers are grateful to such domestic helpers doubly –
facilitating housekeeping, they release a huge
part of the time for communication with children, games and just rest. but
vigilance can not be lost: it is no secret that those most active
components that make laundry detergent so effective
even adults are unsafe for the skin, not to mention children.

Children’s skin is very delicate and thin, it is not only easy to injure,
through her aggressive and easy to penetrate into the child’s body
toxic chemicals with which for one reason or another
adjoining baby. For example, delayed in the fibers of the fabric
detergent residues. Enzymes and bleaches, of course, without
problems cope even with strong pollution: chocolate,
grass, traces of paints and felt-tip pens. But then remove yourself washing
fabric components are 100% impossible! And substances that are
the washing time remarkably split the dirt, start as
wonderful to irritate the delicate skin of the crumbs.

The situation is exacerbated by the immunity that is not fully formed.
child As you know, it continues to be strengthened and built in
the first years after birth, and at this time you need to treat him
especially carefully. Otherwise, in aggressive stimuli
from the external environment, the immunity will see the “enemies” of the tiny organism and
will send antibodies against them – an allergic reaction will develop.
It is not surprising that atopic dermatitis and other allergic
diseases in young children are becoming more common.

Dangers in detail

There is a concept among manufacturers of laundry detergents:
toxicity. ” It is determined by the time for which the solution
washing powder die live cells, specifically into it
placed At the washing means allowed for use at
children toxicity index should be in the range of 70-120 units.

The most dangerous components of washing powder and gel
surfactants are considered surfactants. They break down
dirt and bind it, bringing out the fibers of the fabric. And they penetrate
pores of children’s skin, provoking the development of atopic dermatitis and
disrupting the normal functioning of the immune system. Long contact
a child with a surfactant can cause a breakdown in the nervous system
and internal organs.

Oxygenated bleach – powerful oxidizers, their presence
in the laundry detergent is also dangerous. In contrast, optical
Bleachers do not have an oxidizing effect, but they are deposited on
fiber tissue and provoke allergies. Phosphates soften water and
help the surfactant to gain a foothold on the fibers of the fabric.

There is an exit!

Wash the things of a small child need a special tool for
washing, in which there are no toxic components, bleach, enzymes
and phosphates. For example – funds from the line COTICO Baby Russian
производственной компании B&B Family Company, которые,
staying safe for the baby’s fragile body is fine
cope with all the “childish” pollution.

Gels for washing and fabric softeners, specially
designed for the little ones will help keep clean and
the softness of clothes and diapers, without the slightest aggressive
effects on delicate baby skin.

Careful attitude to the body of the child in the first years of his life
will certainly be rewarded a hundredfold: he will grow strong and healthy!


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