BAA Elkar: what you need to know for effectiveweight loss with the help of the drug?

Elkar is a safe and proven tool used by
for weight loss. It is based on left carnitine that promotes
burning fat and improving digestion. Efficiency of Elkar
proven by many consumers and confirmed by doctors. In this
The article tells more about the properties of the drug and how it

BAA Elkar: what you need to know for effective weight loss with the help of the drug?


  • Description, composition, pharmacological properties
  • Indications for use, efficiency of use
  • Method of use, dosage
  • Contraindications, limitations and side effects
  • Release form, price, where to buy
  • Analogs
  • Opinion of doctors
  • Consumer reviews

Description, composition, pharmacological properties

Elkar is a great helper for those who want to lose weight with
using enhanced physical exertion. It activates the exchange
processes in the body, promotes the burning of fat cells and
increase performance. Has a beneficial effect on
cardiovascular and nervous system, which increases

The main component of the drug: left carnitine – the active substance,
intensifying secretion of gastric juice and facilitating the process
digestion. Due to the acceleration of metabolic processes contributes to
burning adipose tissue and increasing the overall tone of the whole

Additionally, it contains substances that
preservative and protective effect:

  • lemon acid;
  • propyl hydroxybenzoate;
  • methyl hydroxybenzoate.

Elkar is made on the basis of purified water.

Indications for use, efficiency of use

Elkar is taken as an additional drug for
detection of problems such as:

  • increased physical and psychological stress;
  • low endurance;
  • lack of energy;
  • overweight problems.

The use of the drug is recommended for people suffering from
overweight, in combination with physical exertion and healthy

The first results of the use of the drug are already noticeable.
after the first week. On average, during this time you can lose weight by 2-4
kg But do not get too carried away. With rapid weight loss
should see a doctor.

Method of use, dosage

Elkar in the form of a solution should be consumed 30 minutes before meals.
or 2 hours before your workout.

The solution is diluted with liquid and applied inside.
It is recommended to use no more than 1200 mg of the drug per day, with
This divided the dose of 200 mg for each meal. Before
intense physical exercise dose can be increased to 600 mg,
not exceeding the daily norm.

When using the drug for weight loss should be followed.
strict eating schedule, increase the amount of protein
(meat, dairy products, nuts) in the diet and reduce consumption
carbohydrates (flour products, sweets). For those who are already training
in the gym, you need to increase physical activity.

График употребления пищи

The course of Elkar for those who want to lose weight is designed for 30

Before сном употреблять препарат не рекомендуется, поскольку
it is necessary to combine its use with meals and physical

Contraindications, limitations and side effects

Elkar should not be used by people who:

  • susceptible to allergic reactions to the components of the drug;
  • take hormonal agents;
  • suffer from problems with the pancreas;
  • have an incorrect metabolism;
  • suffer from liver pathologies;
  • suffer from kidney disease;
  • are in a state of pregnancy or lactation.

Allergic reactions to the components may occur.

  • diarrhea;
  • general weakness;
  • headache.

Overdose causes more side effects.

Elkar helps stimulate appetite. Therefore, it is not advised.
use without increased physical activity. Otherwise it is
will lead to weight gain, not loss.

The video describes the use of Elkar (left carnitine) with
playing sports. About its effectiveness to enhance
health and weight loss:

Release form, price, where to buy

Currently, Elkar is available in several versions:

  • liquid solution (20%) for internal use;
  • chewable capsules (300 mg);
  • vials for intravenous injection (not used for
    weight loss).

The average price for Elkar depends on the volume of the solution:

  • 25 ml – from 275 to 350 rubles.
  • 50 ml – from 350 to 500 rubles.
  • 100 ml – from 550 to 800 rubles.

The price of chewable capsules ranges from 270 to 350 rubles. for 60

You can buy Elkar at any pharmacy, as well as in stores
sports nutrition, points of sale of dietary supplements and other goods for
weight loss.


In addition to Elkar, others can also be used for weight loss.
carnitine-containing drugs, among them:

  • L-carnitine. Выпускается в форме таблеток 80 PC. price is about 350
    rub., solution 100 ml price is about 150 rubles. и капсул 150 PC. price
    about 650 rubles Stimulates the intensity of fat metabolism in
    the body.
  • Carnitetine. Produced in the form of chewable capsules filled
    порошком – 60 PC. at the price of 555 rubles. Supports processes
    метаболизма, улучшает энергообеспечение organism.
  • Carniten. There is in the form of syrup in bottles (10 per packing)
    по 10 мл на флакон, price — 1250 руб. Monitors Processes
    energy exchange, improves overall performance.

The decision on the advisability of replacing Elkar with an analogue takes

Opinion of doctors

Doctors note the safety of a dietary supplement,
which, practically, does not contain contraindications, besides those that
have already been specified. And also, the effectiveness of the drug in
use to reduce tissue fat mass and normalize
digestion with enhanced training.

However, doctors warn of the danger of overdose.
drug and recommend to consult with a specialist before
the beginning of the use to avoid the development of adverse reactions.

Консультация с врачом

Consumer reviews

To ensure the effectiveness of the drug, you should pay
attention to the opinion of people who have already tested it

Kira, 35 years old. Elkar helped me become more
energetic! Before, I often experienced fatigue and apathy, not
had enough strength to workout. But after I tried Elkar,
it felt much better. Just a few days
use of the drug, I became more active, there were forces for
playing sports, thanks to which the hated superfluous
pounds. I am very pleased.

Maria, 28 years old. At first did not believe in efficiency
Elkara, because after the first days of use has increased dramatically
appetite, and I started to gain weight. But then I turned to
doctor, and he advised me to do more sports. I started
do exercises, and the weight began to decrease.

Evgenia, 30 years old. I am active in running, and
I like to combine the load with Elkar. Per month
удалось сбросить почти 6 kg Noticed that the drug increases
endurance and helps digestion. Good tool, effective
and practically harmless.

Elkar is a dietary supplement that has found its use in the fight against
overweight. There is a high efficacy of the drug in
combined with workouts and with strict adherence to diet.
But before you start taking the drug is better to consult
with experts on acceptable dosage and absence

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