Autotraining for weight loss – 3 steps tovictory!

autotrening-dlya-pohudeniya-eto-prostoIn life we ​​often
complain about the failure and bad luck surrounding us, writing off all our
domestic troubles on their account.

However, few people think that the reason for all
what is happening may lie in ourselves. You may not be so
confidently went to their goal or doubted their strength.

And for the realization of your dreams and desires it is not enough just to want
it is necessary to believe and go to what was intended, persistently and

Modern philosophers and psychologists consider this model of behavior.
the great discovery of mankind. After all, surely, each of us
I heard that thought is a material thing, and if you learn correctly
manage it, you can always feel comfortable
controlling your emotions.

Auto-training is a method of self-improvement, proven
by many people over several millennia. With this
techniques can reach any peaks: to achieve the desired
losing weight, getting a great post, attract happiness in a personal
life, and, finally, you can even self-heal. The most important thing is you
must sincerely want this and believe it very strongly!

Back in the early 1930s, German psychologist Johann Schulz was the first to
opened to the world the methodology of auto-training, calling it “autogenous
training. “

Today there are a lot of different techniques
based on auto-training, each of which is divided into three
The basic techniques are:

1. Muscle relaxation and relaxation – if you have made a decision
and ready to fight, for example, with excess weight, the first thing you
will need to do is find a quiet place, retire in it and
relax as much as possible.

2. Self-suggestion is the second stage when you need to
pronounce certain text or phrases (affirmations) in which
the task or your desire will be directly recorded.

3. Self-education is the third stage and the most important. For
so that the process of losing weight began to develop, you need to
believe, because even the slightest drop of doubt can destroy
all conceived.

If you decide to lose weight with auto-training,
you need to know what psychologists think about this – this
the problem is very deep in the subconscious, so get rid
from it will be much more difficult than from any other.

But a specially developed set of exercises will help to hold
in the subconscious of the person certain changes that will help
you cope with your task. Moreover, all thoughts should be
aimed exclusively at the positive.


The basic components of autotraining for weight loss

Stage One Before any undertaking it is necessary to clearly and clearly
imagine the goal to which you will go. For example, “I want
to lose weight “is your desire, but not the goal. For чтобы это
a wish come true in the future, take a notebook and a pen and describe
your goal. For example, portray in your fantasy a beautiful and
slim body that you would like to have write that perfect
the weight you are aiming for and the volume (waist, hips, chest),
which you would like to receive.

But remember, losing 40 or more kilograms in one week you
can only with the help of goldfish or liposuction. Besides,
active weight loss is not always safe for your own

Next, plan out how you will go to your goal.
For example, if it is a diet, then specify which, if
it will be physical exercises, then, for example, running on the spot,
aerobics or kinesis. Stage Two With Mind Effects
a person can easily improve their body so it’s right
phrases formulated will help you not only to reach the very
yourself, but also cause a subconscious response, forcing thoughts
work in the right direction.

But the very meaning of the phrases is a purely individual matter,
therefore everyone will have to compose them independently, relying
for a few highlights, this is:

  • What you say should really be desired.
    you, not your close people.
  • Words must come from the heart itself, then it will be easier for you
    pronounce them and your body will not resist everything
    what is happening.
  • Words must be kind and positive because bad
    thoughts will impede the process of losing weight.

Example: I’m starting to lose weight, I’m already losing weight, I’m getting slim,
my waist is getting thinner, I am confident, I am beautiful,
I have great will power, I have a strong character, I do not eat
a lot of food, I eat small portions, I improve every day
my figure, the excess weight is leaving my body, I admire myself and
with my body, my loved ones love me, I can do everything, I will all
I will overcome, I will achieve what I want and change myself for the better, I
I will live long, I will be happy, I love life, I love the sun,
I love my loved ones, etc.

Stage Three Perhaps the most important and most mandatory step. Everything
phrases that you write, you need to learn, and if to be
more precisely, to memorize, so that in any situation you do not need to look
their. Read all you need in calm and quiet atmosphere to you
did not distract the noise and close people, so it is best to retire.

Immediately before the start of the session, you must fully
relax because the tension in the muscles will disturb you
focus on the pronunciation of words. To do this, take a comfortable
Pose, lie down on the sofa, close your eyes and start saying:

  • I am free, I am relaxed, I feel good and calm.
  • My arms are extremely relaxed, as well as shoulders, arms, and
  • My legs are as relaxed as possible; thigh, shin and
    lower back, abdominal muscles are at rest.
  • I rest (after that lie down a bit to relax
    every cell).

Then slowly open your eyes, stand up from the couch, deep
inhale and start saying the words you have written yourself
previously on a piece of paper. At this point, your body will be more
susceptible to incoming information.

Do it regularly: after and before bedtime, because it’s time
considered the most effective. At this moment occurs
certain transition between the spaces of the conscious state and
unconscious what makes the subconscious mind most open to
influence. Everything, что вы скажите, в значительной степени быстрее
reaches even the most remote depths of your psyche.

Such phrases will now become for you “a certain prayer,”
which will help you not only lose weight, but also to fix your life in
whole Many people start during autotraining correctly.
eat, play sports, go to bed on time that is
additional tool that can enhance the expected effect in
many times.

So, auto-training for weight loss is powerful and perfect.
safe means to achieve the desired goal, which can
take advantage of every person without exception. The main thing to believe in
ourselves and in our own strength because our unlimited possibilities are up to
the end is not learned by any science. We wish you success in
building your perfect body and let you have everything
work out!

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