Atherosclerosis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Tue, Mar 15, 2016

Атеросклероз — хроническое заболевание,
characterized by the proliferation of walls of medium and large arteries
connective tissue (sclerosis) in conjunction with fat
impregnating their inner shells (athero). As a result
thickening of the walls of blood vessels are compacted, their lumen is narrowed, which
often causes blood clots. Depending on location
lesion of the arteries impaired blood circulation of a particular area
or an organ with a probability of necrosis (gangrene, heart attack). Reduction
vascular throughput and narrowing of the lumens may eventually
lead to their complete blockage.

Atherosclerosis continues to occupy a leading position on
morbidity and mortality. Most often this
the disease occurs in women over 60 and in men 50-60
years old.

Atherosclerosis – causes

Long-term clinical studies have proven that atherosclerosis
Is a pathological self-sustaining process occurring in
vessels, the causes of which are: diabetes, arterial
hypertension, smoking, obesity, unhealthy diet, violation
exchange of fatty acids and fat, excess emotional
overstrain, sedentary lifestyle, hereditary
predisposition. Atherosclerosis also contributes to
stress, depression, neurosis, emotional overload. To development
this disease are disorders in lipid metabolism. Cholesterol,
deposited on the inner walls of arterial vessels, over time
forms plaques and growths. Constantly evolving, this process
inevitably causes the walls of blood vessels to deform.

Atherosclerosis – symptoms and manifestations

The clinical picture of the disease depends on the area and
prevalence of atherosclerotic lesions, but always
is the result of insufficient blood supply to the tissue or
body. So, aortic atherosclerosis is characteristic gradually.
increasing arterial hypertension and noise heard over
abdominal and ascending aorta. In similar situations
possible complication of dissecting aortic aneurysm with subsequent
death of the patient.

Atherosclerosis of the upper aortic arch is characterized by failure
blood supply to the brain (fainting, dizziness,
strokes). With atherosclerosis of the mesenteric arteries that feed the intestines,
characterized by two main symptoms: first, arterial thrombosis
branches with necrosis of the walls of the mesentery and intestine; secondly, abdominal toad
– attacks of colicky abdominal pains occurring after
eating and often accompanied by flatulence and vomiting. For
atherosclerosis of the renal arteries is characterized by impaired blood supply
kidney, leading to persistent hypertension. Further
it leads to chronic renal failure and

Atherosclerosis – diagnosis

If any symptoms of atherosclerosis occur,
appeal to a doctor. Modern comprehensive diagnostics is capable of
identify the disease in its early stages. With the help of laboratory
tests conducted a study of the biochemical composition of the blood,
indicators of cholesterol and lipid metabolism, work is diagnosed
adrenal glands. Ultrasound examination of vessels allows
detect the presence of atherosclerosis and establish the extent of the damage

Атеросклероз – treatment и профилактика

In the treatment of atherosclerosis, measures such as –
normalization of weight, rational exercise, complete failure
from smoking and alcohol abuse, regular use
special drugs. You must comply with the regime
nutrition where fish and vegetable fats prevail over

Treatment of atherosclerosis should be comprehensive, individual,
taking into account the underlying causes and associated diseases.
Своевременное treatment способно не только замедлить развитие
diseases, but to reverse it, avoiding serious complications,
such as stroke and myocardial infarction, significantly improve
blood supply to the heart, brain and internal organs there
reduce the risk of premature death to a minimum.


Irisha 03/26/2016 But in 2009, the Nobel Prize was awarded
for discovering the role of one of the DNA segments (telomere) in protecting itself
DNA! So, in a short time, the principle of treatment can significantly
be adjusted and telomerase activation becomes its basis.

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