As a girl to pump the ass for a week at homeconditions?

  • 1 Как накачать попу в домашних conditions?
    • 1.1 How long does it take?
    • 1.2 Effective exercises
    • 1.3 Squat program
    • 1.4 Program for men
    • 1.5 Set of exercises with dumbbells

Attractive, pumped butt girls cause admiration.
The question of how a girl quickly pump up her buttocks is
relevant. It’s easier to exercise at the gym under the guidance of
An experienced trainer, however, can also pump up the ass at home.
and achieve the desired result in just a week. the main thing
train regularly and with high intensity, paying attention
proper nutrition.

Как накачать попу в домашних conditions?

The program will allow the girl to pump the ass at home
intense exercise. Such exercises should
effectively load the ass, as well as the muscles of the legs and thighs. Important
apply weights (dumbbells up to 16 kg). No extra weight
you can only shape the pope and strengthen the buttocks, as well as remove
breeches. Importantе правило исполнения упражнений в домашних
conditions – a gradual increase in load.

Before performing a physical complex in order to pump
ass needed warm-up. Qualitative warming up of all muscles
will prevent possible injuries. A warm-up usually involves jogging,
bends, rotations with arms, legs, jumps, walking in place. Quickly
to pump up the ass at home will help exercises, including
deep squats, swing legs, lunges, raising the pelvis.

For a week it is beautiful to pump up the buttocks, helps to lift the ass
Intensive home workout program every day
preferably twice a day. Between workouts with weights
desirable for at least a day. You can alternate training with the burden
with aerobic.

How to swing your ass at home

  • Regular workouts. Training must be
    regular, with a burden. The weight of the weight must constantly
  • Proper nutrition. For muscle growth is necessary
    proper nutrition enriched with vitamins and minerals. Daily
    the diet should be half protein (lean meat, poultry,
    dairy products), 30% of fats (olive oil, nuts), 20% of
    carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, cereals). Drink at least 2 liters
    purified water daily.
  • Rest and recovery. Muscle growth
    only happens during sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep at least 8
    hours a day. It is advisable to go to bed before midnight.

The key rule is not to leave home workouts after
achieve the result. In the mode of maintaining the form we perform three
strength training per week.

How long will it take?

For how long can you pump a girl at home
conditions? At home, you can find an effective
set of exercises that will help to pump during the week
ass, transform its shape, increase elasticity. For achievement
perfect relief in the area of ​​the buttocks will require no less
of the month.

The time required to pump up the ass at home
conditions determined by a number of factors:

  • genetic features of the body;
  • the presence of excessive fat layer;
  • intensity and regularity of training;
  • properly selected exercise program.

In addition to exercise, attention must be paid.
proper nutrition. Should be excluded from your diet fatty,
fried, smoked, salty dishes, pastries, carbonated and
alcoholic beverages. In the diet should prevail vegetables, cereals,
lean meat, dairy products.

It is necessary not only to do a complex of intense exercises.
twice a day in order to pump up the ass, but also to walk more
in the open air, abandon the elevator. Necessary as it should
get enough sleep, because sleep is the best helper for muscle growth priests.

Effective exercises

Exercises to pump up the ass for the girl:

  • Bridge. We begin exercise lying down. Hands we lay down
    next to the body, palms down. Knees bent, pulled close
    to the buttocks. Feet should become the entire area of ​​the floor.
    Exhaling, raise the hips, leaving the back straight. Buttocks
    compressed. At the top level a little hold your breath. Exercise
    performed by three approaches at a forty-second break by ten,
    fifteen movements. In the third approach, a pause in the upper position
    preferably prolonged to muscle tremors.
  • The bridge with the burden. Initial position –
    lying down, knees bent closer to the body, dumbbells in the pelvic zone. Exhaling
    push the pelvis up, straightening the body. On inhaling, we come back.
    Three sets of fifteen times.
  • Выпады. Gives effect in the week of execution.
    The main standing position. Hands down. Legs shoulder width. Do
    lunge foot distant. The knee of the front leg should not go behind
    sock limits. For the second leg, the knee is as close as possible to
    floor, and the foot does not move away from the floor. The number of repetitions for each leg –
    30 times. The wider the step, the faster it is possible to pump
  • Mahi. For the starting position follows
    get on all fours. Legs bend at the knees. Hands lean in
    floor. Raise the leg parallel to the floor, set aside. Perform
    three approaches ten sweeps each leg.
  • Simplified version of the moves – standing at
    the chair.
     Hands hold on the back. Should mahi
    straight leg straight and to the side. Twenty strokes each
    by foot.
  • Extremely helpful during work, household chores.
    сжимать и расслаблять buttocks. Number of repetitions
    can reach 250 times. It is also recommended to squeeze the muscles of the priests and
    hold the position for as long as possible in order to
    быстрее накачать buttocks.

Squat program

You need to know that the best way to pump the ass –
in-depth squats:

  • stand straight;
  • feet shoulder width;
  • squat, taking the ass back;
  • knees do not go beyond the toes;
  • angle in the knees as close as possible to 90 degrees.

We perform 15 squats in 5 sets with breaks from 30
up to 60 seconds.

Squat program, чтоб накачать ягодицы в домашний

  • The first approach is 15 squats;
  • Второй —  15 раз с 30-секундным зависанием в нижнем
    position on every fifth squat;
  • The third is 16 squats;
  • Четвертый — 15 раз с 30-секундным зависанием в нижнем
    position on every fifth squat;
  • The fifth approach – 16 consists of the most deep squats.

Program for men

Pumped up male pop looks attractive. If not
opportunities to go to the gym, you can pump up the buttocks
a man at home. Importantе условие – силовые тренировки
held three times a week with a break in the day.

How to pump up the buttocks of a man at home

  • Mandatory warm-up for warming up all muscle groups;
  • The gluteus maximus muscle will help develop squats,
    a variety of thrusts, lunges;
  • The middle, small muscles of the buttocks are shown swinging their legs out.
    standing positions, lying, lying on its side;
  • To build the buttocks needed strength home workout with
    burdening (dumbbells).

In order to quickly pump up the buttocks, you should perform
каждое упражнение 10-15 раз в два-three approaches.

Need to eat right. In the diet should prevail
foods containing protein (lean meat, poultry, dairy and
dairy products). Should be eaten complex
carbohydrates rich in fiber (vegetables and fruits), as well as fats
vegetable origin. It is necessary to follow the drinking
mode. In the day should drink 2 liters of water in small

A set of exercises with dumbbells

A set of exercises with dumbbells, чтоб накачать попу
to a man:

Приседание с гантелями выполняется из основной
straight rack, with dumbbells in the hands of the arms down, back slightly
arched. Feet shoulder width apart. While inhaling, we squat, returning from
exhalation when the tension of the buttocks. Do три повтора по пятнадцать

Выпады выполняем из прямой стойки, кисти с
dumbbells are omitted. Take a step into the distance before bending the knee
ninety degrees The second knee is omitted. As you exhale return to
the original rack. We repeat three times on 20 attacks on each leg.

Становая тяга из прямой стойки со сведенными
shoulder blades, lowered hands with dumbbells. We bend forward with
straight back. Do трижды по пятнадцать наклонов.

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