Arrhythmia treatment with folk remedies ispossibly! How to cure arrhythmia folk remedies is simple andavailable?

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During the day, the heart rate changes in
depending on physical exertion, psycho-emotional state,
taking certain medications and even from consuming
or another food.

But not always a short heartbeat violation.
evidence of pathology.

При аритмии сердечный ритм либо увеличивается,
either decreases. The most severe form of the disease –
мерцательная аритмия, когда больной ощущает
uneven contraction of the heart.

Arrhythmia is manifested in different ways. При тахикардии
– one of the forms of arrhythmia is the number of heartbeats pathologically
increased, and in bradycardia – the patient is dizzy,
pain in the heart, slowing its contractions.

The treatment of arrhythmia, without a doubt, should deal with a specialist.
As an addition to the main therapy, methods can be used.
traditional medicine that will help normalize heart

Treatment of arrhythmia folk remedies: herbs

1. To get rid of the disease will help collecting herbs. AT
его состав входит корень валерианы, листья вахты, листья

ATалериана издавна применяется в лечении заболеваний, связанных с
heart rhythm disorder. It began to be used in times
Peter 1. Having a peculiar smell, valerian has
soothing, relaxing, improving heart function and
GI tract properties.

ATахта трехлистная – растение, которое оказывает
anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect.

And mint, as is known, is famous for its soothing,
antispasmodic, analgesic, antiseptic action.

It is easy to prepare a healing decoction from these herbs. ATозьмите по
tablespoon chopped plants and mix. Then 1
place a tablespoon of collection in any glass or enameled
dishes and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist part of the drug
the mixture is quite long – about an hour. Then strain in the usual way.
and drink thrice a day. The recommended dose – 1 tablespoon

2. Connect в равных количествах такие травы: плоды
fennel, valerian root, mint leaves, chamomile, fruits
ATсе тщательно перемешайте в эмалированной посуде и,
taking 1 tablespoon of the collection, fill it with half a liter
boiling water.

Insist in dishes with the lid closed for about 3 hours.
Take 1 times daily 1 glass.

3. If you have such a form of arrhythmia, when the heart rhythm is slow,
то используйте такой настой. Connect 60 g
pine tree tops with 300 ml of vodka. Insist the mixture on
sunny side 10 days. Then drink 20 drops of fragrant
composition from arrhythmia three times a day before you sit down at the table.

ATажно знать! People who have kidney disease apply
any means based on pine can not be.

3. Измельчите в порошок траву пустырника и
take it with arrhythmia three times a day at the tip of a knife.

Motherwort is known to be an excellent sedative or sedative.
means. It stimulates contractions of the heart muscle (makes them
more rare and strong), and also relieves spasm of blood vessels.

4. Connect в равных количествах плоды фенхеля, листья
Slyti, hips, watch leaves, strawberry leaves, leaves
foxglove, wild rosemary shoots.
ATсе тщательно перемешайте,
and then grind to a powder.

ATозьмите 1 столовую ложку целительного сбора и залейте 300 мл
boiling water. Then boil the composition in a water bath a few
minutes Set aside to insist. Wait for the decoction
cool down And then strain it in the usual way and drink in the morning,
in the afternoon, in the evening and for the night on a quarter of a glass.

5. Измельчите удобным для вас способом кору
. Then fill it with half a liter of water and put
dishware with medicine on the stove. ATключите медленный огонь
and boil the mixture for a couple of hours. Set aside. When decoction
cool – strain it and take it as a folk remedy
from arrhythmias to a quarter cup three times a day.

Rowan root or princely root contains triterpene
acids, thanks to which the plant successfully treats heart

Rowan is contraindicated in case of increased acidity of the stomach, ulcer
stomach tendency to thrombosis. Not recommended
use the decoction of the plant and pregnant.

6. Лекарственный сбор от аритмии. Connect
chopped herbs: yarrow (2 parts), hop cones (2 parts),
Valerian roots and lemon balm leaves – in 3 pieces. ATсе тщательно
mix it up. Then take 1 tablespoon of the collection and fill it
boiling water (200ml).

Insist the healing mixture under the lid for 1 hour, after which
strain through a strainer and use the medicine from
arrhythmias in a quarter cup four times a day.

Тысячелистник – лекарственное растение, которое
won fame thanks to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,
antispasmodic properties. In addition, yarrow applied
to increase blood clotting and reduce the risk of formation
blood clots.

Шишки хмеля содержат в своем составе смолы,
hoppy and valeric acids, sedatives.

Мелисса обладает успокоительным,
antispasmodic, mild sedative effect. It is valued for thin

Treatment of arrhythmia folk remedies – easy and affordable

1. Боярышник активно применяется для лечения
hearts. It acts tonic on the heart muscle, enhancing
blood circulation in the coronary vessels. Hawthorn helps to remove the pain
in heart.

Crush the blood red fruits of the plant. ATозьмите столовую
spoon the resulting medicinal mixture and pour a glass of boiling water into
enamelware. Close the lid and boil in a water bath.
to preserve all the beneficial properties of the plant.

Set aside to insist. Then strain it, and
squeeze the fruit. In order to get the expected result
use broth for a long time – about a month for half a glass
twice a day.

2. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices (beetroot, carrot, radish
or their mixture) with long-term use is excellent with
arrhythmia. It is necessary to start juice therapy with small doses (20-50
ml), gradually reducing the amount of juice consumed to half
cup 3 times a day. Strengthen the effect will help added to the juice
a teaspoon of honey.

3. Tachycardia, когда пульс увеличивается до 170 ударов в
a minute is recommended to use a few drops
миндального масла 3 раза в день

4. Drug mixture for arrhythmia: mix half a liter.
жидкого меда, столько же измельченных лимонов.
Add 20 pieces of dried apricots (pre-cut). ATсе компоненты
mix and use the remedy three times a day

5. Маленькую луковицу и 1 яблоко натрите на
very fine grater. Stir and take a whole month 2-3 times a day.
day on a tablespoon.

6. Vintage medicine that is applied with
old times with arrhythmias. Mix лимон, стакан кураги,
20 g raisins, 50 g nuts.
ATсе компоненты соедините
(pre-grinding). Add 5 tablespoons to the mixture.
good liquid honey. Stir again and consume.
vitamin mixture that supports the heart every morning after taking
food for 2 tablespoons. The duration of treatment is 1 month.

7. Сельдерей лечит аритмию. Mix
chopped plant, add a little dill, parsley and a little
salt. Season the salad with mayonnaise. Eat tasty and healthy dish
the evening before the main meal.

Treatment of arrhythmia folk remedies: diet

При любых видах аритмии рекомендуется избегать
foods high in cholesterol. These include:
fatty meats, caviar, egg yolk, brains.

Кроме этого, больному аритмией нельзя
drink alcohol, coffee, black tea – all that excites
nervous system.

Minimize the amount of salt consumed, sugar,
confectionery, animal fats. ATключите в
your daily diet of raw vegetables and fruits, milk, nuts, sea
products, algae.

Eat right! Products like cereal, cottage cheese, fish,
oatmeal, vegetable oils should form the basis of the menu.

If you are overweight, it is advisable to arrange
fasting days once a week, when you can eat only kefir,
apples or cottage cheese.

Drink plenty of pure water. Required to
use of dogrose, hawthorn. Also do not forget
garlic, onions and horseradish, which prevent the development of angina,
heart attack, cardiosclerosis, arrhythmias.

Products are best baked, boiled, braised or cooked on
a couple. But do not fry! With arrhythmia, it will be useful to honey
The infusion, which is traditionally prepared as follows: 2 teaspoons of honey and
as much apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Use this
means three times a day before meals.

There are certain eating rules when

1. Do not sit at the table if you are not hungry.

2. Do not eat if you are excited or in bad
condition and immediately after cooling and overheating.

3. ATо время трапезы не отвлекайтесь на чтение и разговоры, а
better focus on chewing thoroughly

4. Food should be fractional.

5. ATставайте из-за стола с легким чувством голода.

Treatment of arrhythmia folk remedies – general recommendations

The patient with arrhythmia, in addition to the main treatment, should
follow general recommendations:

1. Walk as often as possible in the fresh air.

2. Eliminate psycho-emotional overload.

3. Give up smoking.

4. Do gymnastics. Exercise should be
light or moderate.

Arrhythmia treatment is best left to a specialist. ATедь только он
able to identify the true cause of pathology. Folk remedies
treatment of arrhythmias will bring the maximum benefit if you consult
with the doctor. ATедь то, что полезно одному, может принести вред
to another.

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