Are you smarter than him: endure or grow stupid?

Fri, 24 Apr 2015 There is an opinion that not interesting people
interesting for its not interesting. I’m not sure the same
You can say about stupid people. And, especially, about stupid men. AT
my life was a couple of relationships in which I was smarter than my
partner. AT первом случае — в прямом смысле слова, во втором — все
it was difficult.

As it turned out, my categorical, and priorities in the evaluation of men
were a bit mistaken. It so happened that I appreciate in partners
first of all, three things: the ability to take responsibility for their
deeds, generosity and sense of humor. ATысокого уровня интеллекта в
This list, as you can see, is not. And in vain. And my experience is me this

The first relationships to be discussed began when I
She studied at the Persian postgraduate course. I am a future PhD, my
the guy – a student expelled at the time is not the best
University of the country. But I did not care. Therefore, I am on
it did not pay attention at all. ATедь главное, чтобы человек был
good Besides, I had fun with him. Until then, while
he did not run out of stories from his life and about the work to me
stopped interested to listen to him. And talk on neutral topics about
literature and art we could not. It hurts our levels of knowledge
were different.

But I reassured myself that it is unlikely that someone of my friends
can be proud of intellectual conversations. And also the fact that they
sit in an embrace and read F. Nietzsche, and then their ideas and ideas
negotiate. But the turning point occurred when I
the young man met my sister. After spent
evenings at a table in a cafe, she told me in a sad tone: “Honey
my, look at him. Or rather listen. Do you understand that you
it will be a shame with him to go somewhere in people “… And then it dawned on me.
But indeed, almost every word of the mat.
It turned out that the words in the sentence without obscene language in general
can not add up. Then I started to really listen to how and what he was talking about.
reasoning. Once I could not stand it and even asked a question: does he know
meaning of the word “inflation”. ATедь казалось, что он говорит про что
anything but about her. Then I heard no answer for
your question, and the cry and discontent regarding what I consider
his stupid

What he wrote was no better than what he said.
I remember how I began to realize that a person writes the word “this” with
by mistake. Namely, in this way: “UTB”. First, second, third time
I noticed and was surprised. I thought it was a typo. But it turned out,
that he really believed that the word was exactly that
is written.

I also remember moments when I talked to a scientific
by phone on his dissertation, he listened and
very furious, it was obvious that he did not understand anything. But at the same time
even made scandals that I talk with him a little on my subject
work. After that I began to check on him the tasks that
preparing children for school lessons. What was to understand that
man with questions of a general nature and tasks for ingenuity
practically did not cope. And of course, these are my checks
ended with his next shout.

To be honest, even to all this, I treated calmly. ATедь
there were secondary benefits – I was not alone, and I had good sex.
So what if I read a book, he watches football (he is only his
and watched). So what, that we have nothing to practically talk about
except as a discussion of routine matters. ATедь если я хочу поговорить о
�“High”, then for this I have colleagues and friends. But excuses
eventually dried up. And then my young man, in his 23 years
I bought a toy “Yo-yo”. Yes, the one that is normally played
schoolchildren at recess.

Not only did he play with her for days later, he also
commented on his progress. He also took her every time
hands, telling me: “It turns out you were a nerd and a bore in
childhood, since you did not have such a toy. I do not understand how it is
may be”. To which I once could not stand, replied: “Just when
ты в нее играл я читала «ATойну и мир». After this came
silence. I clearly remember this moment of illumination when he stood with
this toy, and I asked myself the question: “Well, look at
him! Who do you spend time on? Is sex and fear of loneliness
it’s worth it. ” The answer was ambiguous, but relations on the basis of different
Intellect levels began to deteriorate rapidly. And all
ended with a break that was accompanied by a bunch of mate into my
the side.

ATторые отношения, сложились у меня через три года после
the end of those discussed above. Everything was different here.
The man was 5 years older than me, Ph.D. and practicing
a dentist. And the problem was not in mate and grammatical errors, but
in his life dullness.

The man could not solve anything and do it yourself and
qualitatively. He did not know how to use the Internet normally. I.e,
shops where you can buy something or sites for downloading movies
I found him.

Rent an agreement apartments or plan a trip
somewhere on the weekend he also could not. And the question was not in
constraint. And in the inability to plan, communicate with people and about something
agree. Not to mention that even pay credit
card in the store, he really could not.

And the most annoying thing is that this stupidity bordered on tediousness and this
imprinted on all of our joint pastime,
including joint rest. At most it was barbecue in the country, the standard
– Weekend on the couch near the TV. This is despite the fact that
of our relations, I have already visited 13 countries and myself starred in one
tv programs And I needed, like air, to see new places,
learn something new. And it was enough for him to fish and
paint the fence. Therefore, our main reason for quarrels was
leisure discussion. AT результате мы стали видеться реже, пока
relationship did not come to naught.

I do not know why, but the first and second characters of my unsuccessful
novels united one thing. They were constantly late. And, not
looking at my requests and shouts, they thought it was normal. ATозможно,
level of intelligence is directly related to the ability to manage their
time? I do not know. The science on this score has not given me an answer yet. But
I know another. For example, the fact that a man needs to choose his
teeth. That a woman is not enough to be loved. She needs to admire her
a man, and not shyly lower his eyes when he opens his mouth.

Of course, I understand perfectly the phrase: “It’s better to be lovely
idiot than horror how smart. And I do not consider myself intelligent at all. But
and stupid to the level of my men, I also could not. Maybe it is
so I’m still alone. And maybe because in addition to the requirements for
a man, a woman, in turn, should have a spark of feeling towards
нему… ATедь влюбленные глаза недостатков не замечают.

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