Are foot weights effective?

utyazheliteli-dlya-nogWhen it comes to weighting for
legs, one of the most common questions asked – “
But are they effective? and how do they work? ”.

Weights can be used for various purposes that
include cardiovascular exercise and exercise for
feet. Athletes often use weighting to build
muscle mass.

One of the most famous options is to use
weighting in strength training. Foot weights usually
attach to the lower leg and achilles tendons and should not
used in training when there is a risk of overvoltage.

Maximum benefits from weighting can be obtained when
they are applied under the guidance of a sports coach or
orthopedic surgeon.


How do weights for the legs?

Leg weights are definitely effective when
used while walking or jogging.

The weighting gives extra strain to the thigh muscles and
buttocks, therefore, are forced to undertake auxiliary
effort for walking or jogging. Increased stress in
muscle also contributes to a good cardiovascular workout,
as breathing and blood circulation increase.

The principle of training with weights for the legs is quite simple and
transparent – in a person who wears them on both legs, rises
weight, therefore due to the increase in gravity from the extra weight,
a person must apply more effort for the same

This makes wearing foot weights very good.
exercise, as a result, increases the speed of blood circulation and
the body burns much more energy (in the form of calories).

These weights for the legs, about 4-5 kg. everyone often
used for endurance training. The more
the duration of the daily carrying of the weights, ultimately
more burned fat and complex proteins that are stored in the muscles.
This makes the muscles healthier and stronger. Training with
weights increase muscle strength of the limbs and abdominal

Therefore, the correct answer to the question “are weighting systems effective?
for legs? ”is a definite“ yes. ” However, it is worth noting that
burdens “work” only if they are used in the correct
manner. Athletic trainer or fitness instructor will help you learn
Some recommendations for their effective use.

Foot weights: warnings

утяжелители для ногAlthough foot weights are definitely
helpful, but many doctors insist that people with
orthopedic problems are not recommended for their use.

Young people who do not possess any problems with
joints can use weighting to perform any
exercise for the legs that include lifts and
extension, “bench press” and almost any exercise that
put pressure on the muscles.

Practitioners are strongly advised not to use
weights for the legs, if there is any pain in the joints or
there are problems with bones or muscles. Tension and
pressure that exert burdens as a result of use as
usually worsen the situation dramatically.

People who have less severe problems with joints and muscles
can easily use leg weights
exercise, such as walking or doing housework.

If you use weights for sports training, then
preliminary thorough warm-up is absolute
the need, before fixing on the ankle weights. Otherwise
There is a chance to get a sprain or muscle. Gradually
warming up the muscles, you prepare them for further training.
If you feel that some muscles hurt, or are just starting
feel sore, immediately remove the foot weights and
switch to a more relaxed training routine – from jogging to fast

If you suffer from joint and muscle pain, then ask for
консультацией к врачу, прежде чем использовать утяжелители для feet.
Take care of your health!

Did you try to use foot weights?

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