Are abdominal slimming exercises?

It is sad, but those extra pounds are not deposited in
some inconspicuous place, and most often on the stomach. Therefore
about even saying – “So you can see how much you overeat, belly
located on the same side as the eyes. ”

To combat excess fat deposits at the waist, many
zealously take up the so-called exercises for losing weight belly. But
load on the press does not give a positive result, and begins
fitness seems to be useless to solve this problem.

In fact, it is not. Just many make mistakes – like
in the choice of exercises, and in drawing up the program itself


What exercises to do to lose weight belly?

To begin, I will say – exercises for losing weight specific parts
the body does not exist. When we lose weight, fat goes away from the whole body.
at the same time.  You can remove it locally only with
liposuction. Physiologically impossible to make the body burn
fat in one particular place.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the loss of calories in general.
Twisting, bending the press and tilting does not lead to a decrease
abdominal fat for the simple reason that they require
extremely small amount of energy to perform and engage
some muscle.

Just imagine – on your body a huge amount
muscles, and you’re trying to lose weight, giving a load only to the press,
while the rest of the body is idle. Hence the conclusion –
separately taken trainings of the press will not remove excess fat
deposits, and only strengthen the muscles.

In order to remove the fat on the stomach fit the usual
cardio training – walking, running, swimming, cycling,
aerobics and dancing. Such exercises help the body
Directly burn subcutaneous fat. Useful long walking

If you have a lot of excess weight, then you need to bet
on complex weight loss and do those exercises that burn
many calories – for example, squats with raising arms, lunges with
turns, etc. Remember, the more muscles work and the more
the amplitude of the exercises, the better.

Another useful group of exercises is exercises in
equilibrium, for example, leg retraction when you need
keep on the other leg without additional support. Without
contraindications, jump rope, swim in the pool.

Exercises to strengthen the abdomen and weight loss

There are a group of exercises that are useful for the entire body as a whole and
perfectly strengthen the press:

  1. �”Bicycle”. Lie on your back, arms behind your head and a little
    lift the body, legs bent at the knees lift up so
    to keep your shins parallel to the floor, press the waist tightly to the floor
    and do not tear during the whole exercise. Exhale pull
    right foot forward, at the same time make the turn of the body to the left,
    trying to reach with the right elbow to the left knee, return to
    initial position. Repeat the exercise in the other direction.
    Continue until you get tired, trying to make movements
    at a good pace.

    упражнение велосипед

  2. Stand straight, put your legs shoulder-width apart, raise your arms
    up and clasp your fingers. Press tight and pull the stomach. Execute
    tilt to the right, stretch your arms up and to the side, stretching
    lateral muscles. Then, without a pause, make a slope to the right. Do
    exercise slowly, trying to bend as low as possible.

    упражнение пресс

  3. «Butжницы». Lying on your back, stretch your arms along the body and “push”
    waist to the floor. Straight legs lift up. Without bending your knees,
    start to spread and to reduce the legs, crossing the ankles. If a
    You can, while moving, lower your legs closer to the floor, but not
    tear off with the lower back.

    упражнение ножницы

  4. �”Boat”. This exercise for the back. And then losing weight
    belly? – you ask. The answer is – the muscles of the back and abdomen are
    antagonists, that is, working in different directions – back
    straightens the body, and the abdomen bends. Together they form a waist, and
    need to strengthen them together. So lie down on the stomach, pull
    arms up and, straining your back, gently lift your legs up and
    body, in this position, linger for a second and drop down.
    Repeat 10-15 times.

    упражнение лодочка

Strengthen the press

All that was said above does not mean that exercise,
aimed at strengthening the abdominals and abdominal muscles are useless.
Strong muscles help support the internal organs. To you
understand what I’m talking about, look at the people around you
some stomachs protrude forward, but there is no excess fat on them.

This is especially noticeable in slender women who are not engaged.
sports. Due to the weakness of the abdominals, the internal organs begin
�”Stick out”, forming a kind of stomach. And developed muscles
keep all organs in the right position, not allowing them
to shift.

Exercises for the press solve not only the problem of aesthetics, but also
and improve health, because help correct
the functioning of the intestine, stomach, liver and other organs.
Try to pay attention to your press at least 3-4 times a day.
week, and you can do exercises for 7-10 minutes every day
strengthen the abdominal muscles then slim figure and excellent health
will always be there.

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