Apricot jam with kernels – daily”Five-minute”, royal. Recipes варенья из абрикосов с ядрышкамиdifferent nuts

Apricot jam with kernels - daily"Five-minute", royal. Recipes варенья из абрикосов с ядрышкамиdifferent nuts

There are few sweets as legendary as apricot
jam with pits.

Children tell scary stories, that you can die,
over pitted.

Adults are read out by Persian stories about eastern feasts.
the shahs on whom this delicacy was considered almost

Why guess, let’s prepare and try!

Apricot jam with kernels – general principles

• Абрикосы для варенья лучше всего брать хорошо
ripe or slightly unripe with greenish cheeks. Overripe
the fruit will be boiled out during the cooking process, and as a result you will not
jam with pieces of fruit, and jam. Fruits must be carefully
washed with cold water, dried and extracted stones. Pulp
fruits are cut in half or cut into medium-sized slices. If a
whole apricots are required, they are slightly broken open from one side, and
bone is removed with a small spoon.

• The bones are not discarded. Them neatly
crushed with a hammer or crushed nuts. Then
remove the nucleoli that are subsequently added to the jam,
cooking process or before. When pouring fruit sugar
sand, located on the surface of the nucleoli of the skin is removed or
leave, it all depends on the recipe. Often before removing
nucleoli bone calcined in the oven. Often added to the jam
kernels are not made from pits of fruit, but nut (walnut or almond). They
Give a delicacy a peculiar rich taste.

• Способов варки вкуснейшего абрикосового
There are a lot of nucleoli jams and the difference in them is not only in degree
fetus maturity, but also in what result you want to get. If a
Want a dainty amber color with dense pieces of pulp,
возьмите на заметку рецепты preparations с одноразовой короткой
cooking or multiple of slightly unripe apricots soaked
in a weak soda solution.

Daily apricot jam with kernels


• two kilograms of ripe apricots;

• white granulated sugar – 2.6 kg.

Способ preparations:

1. Pure, well-ripened apricots break into two halves.
Remove the bones and gently chop them with a hammer. Remove

2. Take a large container (basin or pan), which can
will be put in the fridge. Put the halves of apricots in it,
intercalating them with granulated sugar and nucleoli. Then накройте
Cap the lid and refrigerate.

3. After one day, remove the container and place it on a very small
the fire. Without stirring, bring the apricot jam to a boil.
Then lower the heat to a minimum, remove from the surface
foam and continue to cook for about forty minutes.

4. Pour the hot mass of the boiling into sterile glass.
Banks and roll up.

Apricot jam with kernels – “Tsarskoe”


• one kilogram of granulated sugar;

• 200 ml of water;

• kilogram of ripe apricots.

Способ preparations:

1. Enumerate apricots. Soft and damaged remove. Leave
even, well-ripened fruits with dense flesh.

2. Thoroughly rinse the fruit under running water. Neatly
break them in half, but don’t break them. They должны открыться как

3. Carefully remove the bones and place them in a roasting pan.
Place in a hot oven (150 degrees) and calcine for
five minutes, chill. Расколите косточки, достаньте nucleoli
Lay one by one inside the opened fruit, then cover it.

4. Pour water into granulated sugar and put on a little heat.
When the sugar is completely dissolved, add heat and quickly

5. Boil the apricots with boiling syrup and let cool.
Covering the container with a linen towel or a large sheet of paper
(you can newspaper).

6. When the mass has cooled completely, put the container back on
cooker and bring to a boil. Several times in the cooking process
remove from heat and gently shake the pan from side to side.
This is done in order to stir the jam. If a перемешивать
ложкой, можно повредить плоды и из них выпадут nucleoli

7. After the re-boiling mass is well cooled,
heat it up again and bring to the full with a slight boil

Apricot jam with nucleoli – “Five minutes” (with


• ripe dense apricots – 1.3 kg;

• 800 gr. refined sugar;

• alcohol – 130 ml;

• one big lemon.

Способ preparations:

1. Immerse the apricots in water for ten minutes. Then reach
rinse several times and dry in a colander. Break on
halves, carefully remove the bones, put in a separate bowl
and leave for now.

2. Put the halved fruits in a large saucepan, pour in the alcohol
add sugar and refrigerate for two days. Sure to
mix gently once a day, trying to lift up
all the sugar settled on the bottom.

3. On the third day, remove the pan from the fridge, stir
and put on the slowest heating.

4. Earlier Deposited Bones carefully chop
nucleoli and peel the skin.

5. After the boil of jam, pour the peeled into it
kernels, a little cinnamon and put lemon. Citrus can be cut
small pieces or rings. If a вы не хотите оставлять
lemon in jam, cut it into rings, so it will be easier to remove it
по окончании preparations. Cook over low heat with low heat.
boil no more than 5 minutes.

6. Remove weight from heat and set aside.

7. In ten hours again bring to the boil in the same mode,
boil for 5 minutes and again set aside for ten hours.

8. After that, boil the jam again, but cook already until

“Amber” – apricot jam with nucleoli


• one kilogram of ripened apricots;

• kilo of sugar;

• a teaspoon of baking soda.

Способ preparations:

1. Pour one and a half liters cold into an enameled pan.
drinking water. Pour soda into it and mix well.

2. Divide the washed apricots into two halves, each of
which cut into large slices.

3. For five minutes, lower the fruit pieces into the soda solution. it
allow them to keep their shape and not fall apart with further
heat treated.

4. Crush the nuts or break them with a hammer
косточки и достаньте nucleoli

5. Slice apricots in a colander, wash thoroughly and
wait for the remaining water to drain.

6. In a separate container of sugar mixed with a quarter cup,
water boil thickish syrup. Pour the apricot slices,
mixed with the nucleoli, boiling syrup and leave to stand until
full cooling.

7. Then сироп сцедите, снова вскипятите и залейте им fruits.
So you need to repeat at least four times.

8. After the pulp is poured for the last fourth time,
boil it on low heat for two minutes and roll into sterile

Apricot jam with almond kernels


• unripe apricots – 1.5 kg;

• one and a half teaspoons of baking soda;

• one and a half kilograms of sugar;

• one and a half glasses of drinking water, filtered;

• A handful of peeled almond kernels.

Способ preparations:

1. Freshly picked, slightly immature fruits sort out and
rinse, remove bones. You can cut them in half
or just break, but not completely.

2. Dissolve soda in one and a half liters of cold water. Fill up
the resulting solution fruits and leave it for three hours. After
merge the solution and rinse and dry the pulp in

3. Mix the sugar with water and place on the weakest heat.
When the grains of sugar are completely dissolved, and the syrup boils,
опустите в него fruits.

4. Bring to a boil and lay the almond kernels. Cook at
a small boil for about 20 minutes, then remove from the stove and leave
for the night. Do not forget to cover the bowl with a sheet or sheet of paper.

5. The next day, boil again and boil again. 20

6. Still boiling jam packaged in sterile jars and
roll metal covers for preservation.

Apricot jam with walnut kernels


• pitted apricots – one kilogram;

• 300 gr. walnut kernels;

• 600 gr. white sugar.

Способ preparations:

1. Washed, well-dried fruit halves pour all over
volume of sugar, mix and leave to warm for a few hours

2. When the fruit starts making juice, mix it again and place
ёмкость на умеренный the fire. Upon boiling, boil over
Slightly boil a quarter of an hour and remove from heat.

3. After того как масса остынет, опять поставьте ёмкость на
the fire. Boil quickly, then, turning the heat down to a minimum, soak
на нём 15 минут и снова отставьте до full cooling.

4. Repeat the process one more time.

5. Hazelnut kernels break in two and lower in apricot
jam, after boil it for the fourth time. Then
boil with nuts for 25 minutes and roll up hot.

Apricot jam with kernels – tips and tricks

• Apricot jam is cooked, ideally in a copper basin, or in
enamelware. Such containers are not oxidized at
in contact with fruit acid.

• To thoroughly rinse the fruits, lower them for ten minutes
in cold water and then rinse under the faucet.

• Spilled sugar fruit in hot weather is not
leave for a long time in the room, better clean in
fridge. Otherwise they may ferment.

• Before laying the nucleoli extracted from the bones,
Be sure to taste them. Sometimes they may taste bitter.

• Do not add bitter kernels, jam will also be bitter.
Better choose another recipe and take a heart of walnuts
or almond.

• Roll apricot jam with kernels only carefully
sterilized cans for capping boiled metal
lids. So the jam will last longer, and it will not need
убирать в fridge.

• After preparations обязательно дайте сладости некоторое время
to brew. The kernels of pits and nuts should be well absorbed

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