Apple cider vinegar for weight loss: analysisflight

yablochnii-uksus-dlya-pohudeniyaFor centuries the apple
Vinegar was used for various purposes: canning, removal
weed, cleaning the coffee machine, was added to the salads. And also was
ancient folk remedy that can facilitate the course of any

But in recent years it has been singled out, as a special drug,
excellent health, and began to be sold in the form of seasoning
or dietary supplement in almost any grocery store

Although many aspects of its use in traditional medicine are
unproven (or later refuted) exist
small studies that concluded that losing weight with
using apple cider vinegar is still possible.

So does it make sense to consume it for a successful and fast
weight loss? Or best of all, and continue to use for
cleaning stains and coloring easter eggs? Here is a summary.
of facts.

What is apple cider vinegar?

It is a fermented product. This is the process by which sugar
destroyed by bacteria and yeast. In the first stage of fermentation, sugar
turns into alcohol, and the next – we get vinegar.

The word comes from French and means “sour wine”.
Made from many fruits, vegetables or cereals, and apple –
respectively from crushed apples.

The main component is acetic acid. However,
it also contains other acids, vitamins, minerals and
amino acids.

Scientific evidence of the benefits of apple vinegar

There are some medical experiences of its use, which
have prospects, at least according to several
researchers. Here is a summary. некоторых наиболее поздних из

  • Diabetes. The effect on blood sugar levels is probably
    one of the most promising health benefits.
    Some studies have determined that it can help reduce
    blood glucose level. For example, in one study 2007
    the year in which “participated” 11 people diagnosed with diabetes II
    type, found that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
    before going to bed, it reduces the level of glucose in the morning by 4–6%.
  • High cholesterol. In 2006, a study proved
    that vinegar can lower cholesterol. However, все
    experiments were conducted on rats, so it is not entirely clear how this will be
    act on people.
  • High blood pressure. Another study on rats
    found that vinegar can lower high blood pressure. Other
    a great test revealed that the people who used it in
    the composition of salads five or six times a week, have lower
    heart disease rates than people who don’t
  • Oncological diseases. Several laboratory tests
    found that vinegar can kill cancer cells or substantially
    slow their growth.
  • Weight loss. For thousands of years, apple cider vinegar
    used for weight loss, due to the ability to help people
    feel longer in fullness. 2005 research of 12
    man showed that those who ate bread with a little
    the amount of vinegar felt full longer than those who only
    have eaten bread.

Although the results of these studies are promising, but
yet they are preliminary. Many of them were made on animals
or on cells in the laboratory. Therefore, to be
surely sure that vinegar really has any
health benefits should be produced much more

How should apple cider vinegar be used for weight loss?

Since this practice is not proven, it’s not
there are no official recommendations as to how
use vinegar to reduce weight.

Some people stir two teaspoons in a cleaned glass.
water or fruit juice and drink thrice a day – once before
taking breakfast, once before bed and the third time at random
time during the day. Others use its concentrate in tablets.
Also sometimes applied to the skin or used in enemas. Security
these treatments are unknown. What are the risks of using apple

Its use over a long period of time
or in significant quantities for weight loss tasks can carry in
certain risks.

Перед вами некоторые из them:

  • The main component is acetic acid, so when
    it must always be diluted with purified water or
    fruit juice. In its pure form can damage the dental
    enamel, throat tissue and oral cavity, as well as cause contact burn
  • Long-term use may cause a decrease in potassium levels and lead
    bone fragility. If you have a low potassium in
    body or osteoporosis, pre-talk with your
    as a doctor before using vinegar to correct
  • It is theoretically possible to interact with diuretics,
    laxatives and medications for diabetes and various
    heart disease.
  • If you have diabetes, consult your health care provider,
    because because chromium content may change your level

So, if you plan to lose excess weight with
cider vinegar, first of all, be sure to consult with
by your doctor. Your doctor should make sure that this does not affect
other indicators of health or effectiveness of drugs that you
are taking.

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