Anorexia nervosa is a fashionable disease of the 21st century.Stages of anorexia, causes, first symptoms, possible projections andtreatment

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Anorexia nervosa – a disease whose roots
recessed into the human psyche. It is fed by man’s fears
aggregate with an inferiority complex, and the result is,
first of all, moral, and then physical exhaustion.
Anorexia is characterized by refusal to eat because of certain

As a rule, young girls and women become victims of the disease.
teenagers, however she is also able to reach men and women in
any age. It is important to understand that excessive thinness is not
primary indicator of anorexia. A well-fed person can also
suffer from this disease because the destructive process begins
in the mind. When it looks like anorexic in public
understanding, it will be too late, because the disease will go to a dangerous
progressive stage.

The causes and mechanisms that provoke people to refuse to eat

Most often, patients severely limit themselves to food for the sake of
achieve certain goals: like someone, show
offenders strong will, become more attractive. Colossal
the role of children in shaping food habits
harassment, which is not forgotten throughout life.

As he grows older, man retains in himself wounded pride and
trying to self-actualize through attempts to change themselves, which
often have negative consequences. The question of diet becomes for
the patient comes first and he feverishly counts every calorie
consumed products. After this comes moral desolation.
– the goal seems unattainable and distant, but the result does not bring

Nervous exhaustion syndrome

An anorexic patient will feel immense and fat, even
having a weight half the norm.

Lack of nutrients in the body and its depletion
energy reserves leads to nervous exhaustion syndrome.

Convince anorexics that by fasting he drives himself to the grave
– it’s like to prove to the addict the harm of psychotropic

Each lost kilogram is perceived as sick.
an achievement that signals that we need to move on.

The slightest weight gain turns into tragedy and leads to

Psychological manifestations of anorexia nervosa

Psychological exhaustion has the following distinctive

1. Obsessive and unchanging idea to minimize weight,
acquiring the nature of mania. All human habits turn into
ways to forget about food, all his actions are aimed at achieving
its baneful goal.

2. Fear of eating – in the advanced stage of anorexia food intake for
the patient becomes synonymous with suicide.

3. The quest for hyperactivity – a man exhausting
engaged in sports, constantly trying to move. Such classes
are manic and fanatical.

4. The patient strongly denies the existence of the problem, and all its symptoms
carefully hides.

5. Patients become irritable, nervous, overwhelmed. Them
difficult to make decisions.

6. The desire for solitude, because the company can offer
food, which patients avoid in every possible way.

Physiological changes in anorexia nervosa

To the main physiological changes in the body
include the following:

1. Patient overcome depression, anxiety, strong

2. Due to lack of vitamins, teeth crumble, and hair falls out

3. There are problems with cardiac activity.

4. Joints ache and swell.

5. Lack of potassium and magnesium leads to urolithiasis.

6. Termination of menstruation and infertility in girls.

7. Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Stage of the disease

The development of anorexia nervosa occurs in 3 stages:

1. Первичный — зарождение у больного комплексов
and dissatisfaction with his body. The stage can last several months.
During this time, a person begins to focus on their shortcomings,
he has first thoughts about how to fix them. Often
This stage begins with someone else’s unpleasant comments or finding
ideal for the patient (actor, singer, heroine of the book).

2. Прогрессирующий — больной начинает худеть, в
than actively succeeds, loses half of the original weight.
There is an increase in physical activity, reduced consumption
carbohydrates and proteins. In the course are alternative means of losing weight:
laxatives, antidepressants, induced vomiting.

3. Кахектический — в крови снижается уровень
sugar, there is a decrease in fatty tissue, manifest
cardiovascular and intestinal diseases. Sick can’t
maintain normal physical activity, he falls
pressure, muscle cramps. There is a need
in his hospitalization.

Treatment of anorexia nervosa

If the patient turns to specialists when the disease is still
находится на второй стадии развития, treatment нервной анорексии
can pass without hospitalization. In this case, he is advised.
psychologist and nutritionist, helping to get out of the futile struggle for the ideal.
But with heavy нарушениях питания необходимо стационарное treatment с
use of drugs and psychotherapy.

The patient must go through 2 stages on the road to recovery.

First, you need to normalize your physiological
condition and psyche.

Во-вторых, требуется пройти treatment специальными препаратами и
psychological methods.

Doctors and the patient’s environment need to convince him that
the realization of his life goals will be impossible with obsession
on weight. If the correct and effective approach to treatment is chosen,
man will gradually recover and never repeat his
bad experience.

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