Anorexia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, 17 Mar 2016

BUTнорексия представляет собой расстройство
eating behavior and, most importantly, mental illness,
expressed in higher attention to food, as well as its own
weight. A person suffering from anorexia is very afraid
get fat. In some cases, such people can literally

In most cases, anorexia affects young girls. Their weight
may be 15% below normal. It does not matter how thin
they become how bad they feel. Such girls can
feel even on the verge of death, but will still be considered
yourself fat and follow your diet.

Anorexia – causes

The main causes of anorexia can be considered diseases that
directly related to loss of appetite. This may include gastritis,
hepatitis and other ailments directly related to the loss
appetite in humans. The cause may be urinary diseases
systems, such as kidney failure. All kinds of
cancer, diseases of the teeth, as well as the oral cavity,
constant anxiety, depression, increased body temperature
after various diseases – all this may be the cause
the occurrence of anorexia.

Among other things, to cause illness, even the reception of certain
potent drugs (abuse). Special
Carefully need to treat drugs that have
effects on the central nervous system. In some cases
the cause of anorexia can serve as monotony and irregularity
power supply. Constant use of alcohol in turn leads
to the depletion of the body, and later to anorexia.

Anorexia – Symptoms

First of all, anorexia patient has a great desire.
do not save weight that matches its design, height and
age Usually the patient feels a relentless fear that
he will gain extra weight. In addition, this fear completely covers
any other feelings and emotions. Anorexic Man
believes that his weight and shape parameters are related to personal
status and self-awareness. Such people always deny all
the severity of their condition, while they can not objectively
to assess your own weight. Also, the symptoms can be attributed to
that one-third of menstruation disappears in women.

Anorexia – Diagnosis

The appearance of anorexia is yellowish and dry.
skin, emaciation of the body, sunken cheeks, as well as eye sockets.
A more detailed examination by a doctor is very low.
blood pressure with body temperature. Often the pulse rate can
decrease somewhere to 30-40 beats per minute. Patient can
feel cold even in a warm enough room. On the body
hair growth stops.

The second step in the diagnosis of anorexia,
is the measurement of the weight of the patient. Already at the beginning of the disease
weight loss can reach about 15% of normal body weight.

BUTнорексия – treatment

Обычно treatment подобного заболевания может достигать более пяти
years old. This is a very complex process, requiring a huge amount from the patient.
desires to overcome their disease. According to statistics, 60% of patients who
started a course of treatment, eventually returning to normal. BUT
about 20% can be cured completely, however, to avoid relapses,
it is necessary to undergo regular examinations, as well as additional
courses of therapy. So, in the first stage of treatment,
restoration of the physical health of the patient. When his condition
stabilized, begins to get used to a normal diet. Further
The course of psychotherapy begins. In this case, the patient is looking for a doctor
causes of the disease, as well as ways to overcome it. In some
cases, the patient is attributed antidepressants that help
cope with anxiety and other problems.

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