Alopecia (hair loss) – causes, symptoms,diagnosis, treatment

Tue, Mar 15, 2016

Алопеция — данным медицинским термином,
referred to as the process of partial or complete loss of human hair
cover on the scalp, the origin of which may
provoked by various factors. Medics differ four
main types of alopecia: cicatricial, focal, androgenic, diffuse,
development which occurs both for reasons similar in some
moments because of the different, in their nature, provoking
factors. In some people who have undergone alopecia, this
problem arises due to the use of incorrectly selected
hygiene products and cosmetics designed to care for

Cicatricial type of alopecia – reduction or disappearance of hair
Coating occurs due to: violation of the integrity of the skin
head cover due to any injury in this area
origin; as a result of a serious infection,
leading to the destruction of hair follicles. This kind of disease
can cause and hereditary disorders – syndrome
Flea — Sulzbergera, skin aplasia, leishmaniasis, shingles,
lupus, progressive cancer, etc. Effects
Alopecia of this type is irreversible, but with the help of medical
interventions, especially when handling during the initial stage
diseases, you can stop its development.

Focal type of alopecia – lack of hair is noted
only in some parts of the head, which is why the disease is also called
nesting baldness. The skin on such areas is normal.
coloring, there are no inflammations on it, hair on
her: either are missing completely or are available, but are more like
down Alopecia areata can begin to develop in a person of any
polo and age, especially having problems in functioning

Androgenic type of alopecia is the most common. More often
develops in men, so doctors say that the disease, in
mainly triggered by certain hormonal disorders
type As you know, for activating hair growth on the scalp,
estrogens (female hormones) are responsible, on the skin of the face and neck –
androgens. With age, the production of the second increases, which leads
к угнетению желез, вырабатывающих гормоны первого type how
the result is hair follicles located on the head due to
human lack of estrogen, start gradually
to perish. In men in the initial stage of androgenic alopecia,
thinning of the hair is observed, and then, a gradual decrease in their
quantities in the region of the crown and forehead. In women – hair loss
the cover begins with a section of the head in the region of the parting. Have them
the disease most often begins to develop in parallel with

Diffuse type of alopecia – a rapidly “younger” disease,
which results in a thinning of the general scalp of people
subjected to disease. The disease is able to start developing on the background:
hormonal imbalance, sudden nervous shocks like
consequence of the violation of the mode of medication, due
a human disease of a severe nature. Also doctors
warn that a diffuse type of alopecia may be provoked
predilection for strict diets.

Methods of treatment and prevention of alopecia

Provided that alopecia is caused by hormonal changes,
recommended drug adjustment of hormonal levels.

With the development of alopecia on the background of an infectious disease, first
In total, the therapy of the main disease and concurrent administration are shown.
препаратов, рекомендуемых от облысения конкретного type It can
be: doxium and trental (lobular alopecia), antiandrogenic
drugs for treating female baldness due to the occurrence
hormonal imbalance, etc.

Restorative procedures recommended for most species.
Alopecia: Darsonvaly currents, laser reflexotherapy, ointment,
Contains skin irritating ingredients, hair care
preparations made from natural ingredients, diet,
excluding the reception of spices and smoked foods, the rejection of harmful

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