Almond – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

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Almond – general description

Миндаль (Prunus dulcis) кустарниковое
stone tree of the genus Plum. The root system is well developed,
branched trunk 4-6 m tall, has two types of shoots – elongated
and shortened. Lanceolate leaves. Single flower, white or
light pink, many stamens surround one pistil,
calyx goblet, corolla reddish or pink.

The fruit is in the form of a dry, velvety-pubescent oval odnostianka.
The bones, or nuts in the same shape, are covered with small dimples or
grooves, weighing up to 5 grams., ripening period – June-July.
Propagated by seed or root growth. Almond is
tree – long-lived, lives up to 150 years and all this time, starting with
5 years old, fruiting. It is also an early spring honey plant.

Almond – types and places of growth

Almonds come from the Mediterranean and Front and Central Asia, it is
a heat-loving plant arose before our era. Now stands
Almonds are also found in China and the United States, in the Crimea, on the Tien Shan, in
countries of the Caucasus. In the warm regions of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, they plant it in
the vineyards. Almond prefers gravelly soil and hardens in
mountains high above sea level.

It is a light-loving and thermophilic plant, some of its species
begin to bloom in late February. Among the types of almond you can
mark the spread of Georgian endem – Georgian almond,
Altai – Ledebour’s Almond, and also steppe (bauber),
luiseaniya three-blade, ordinary and almonds Petunnikova.

Almond – medicinal properties

Almond pits have a huge amount of properties
able to alleviate many diseases. Nervous system with
eating almond calms down, improves sleep quality and
recreation. Almond stimulates the growth of children, enriches the brain with phosphorus at
strengthened work, helps to transfer the effects of nicotine on
the body of smokers, reduces the acidity of gastric juice.

As an aid, it is used when
removing sand from the kidneys, treatment of peptic ulcer and gastritis,
migraine, anemia, insomnia, seizures. It is also useful in
the process of lowering blood cholesterol, delaying aging
organism throughout life thanks to entering into it
vitamin E.

Almond – Dosage Forms

The most valuable product are almond bones, which
are real storehouse of magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. AT
�A “bunch” of beneficial substances also includes monosaturated fats, protein and
carbohydrates. AT шкурке косточки также полезны некоторые ингредиенты,
therefore, it is recommended to use it together with the bone. Almond
oil is used in the treatment of asthma, cough, otitis,
pneumonia. Almond oil is widely used in cosmetics and
perfumes, as well as in cooking.

Almond Recipes

For the treatment and prevention of various diseases and just for
strengthen the body as a whole is useful to use the bones of almonds
as a standalone product or in numerous culinary

– Useful almond salad: lettuce, green onion,
grated parmesan, olives, seasoned almonds, vegetable
oil, almond oil, 2 spoons of honey, paprika. Almond to ignite in
oven, cool and chop, mix with honey and seasonings
(cinnamon, pepper, sweet and spicy paprika). Heat again in
oven and cool. Mix with the rest of the ingredients, fill
butter and garnish with cheese.

– The therapeutic effect of the oil: rub stagnant places, this
indispensable tool in the fight against bedsores. Few drops
oil on a piece of sugar helps with acute coughing, poor appetite
and heart palpitations.

– Almond water to relieve stomach and intestinal pain –
Almond oil cake pour water, let stand and strain.

– Pounded with milk almonds helps in the treatment of baldness.

Almond – contraindications

In addition to individual intolerance, there are several
cases when using almonds is not prohibited, but it is not
recommended. First of all, it is for obese people, so
How caloric bones increase weight and further
development of the disease.

In addition, it should be carefully used by people with small
frequency of contraction of the heart muscles. Do not eat immature
almonds, as the cyanide contained in it can poison
an organism. Bitter almond is also not good for food, it is used
only for cooking butter.


Kozhoka T.G. 20.08.2016 AT миндале содержится гликозид
АМИГДАЛИН-цианогликозид.AT США одно время применялся для лечения
Cancer. Mildly toasted, they apply up to 30 tonsils in
day.Some authors believe that cancers are similar
scurvy, which is treated with ascorbic acid, and cancer should be treated
амигдалином.Пока идут споры,в народной medicine используют семечки
roasted almonds no more than 30 pieces a day. ATика 06.05.2016 Я и не
I knew that almonds are so useful, they are simply necessary for children. Now,
Of course, I will take it into account, and I will give my child in small
quantities. But in cooking, I do not use almonds, by extreme
least in salads. You can also try. Svetik 06.05.2016 Indeed,
very beautiful sight, flowering of this tree. Imagine how
nice to be in such a garden. I really don’t like almonds to taste
really like. I prefer walnuts, and I know that they, too
very helpful. Svetik 06.05.2016 Indeed, очень красивое
the sight, the bloom of this tree. Imagine how приятно находиться
in such a garden. I really don’t like almonds to taste really like.
I prefer walnuts, and I know that they, too very helpful.
ATасилина 06.05.2016 ATсегда знала, что миндаль полезен. Eat it
regularly, and other nuts at the same time. AT умеренных количествах, конечно.
And I have noticed many times that after eating almonds, I become calm and
pacified. Now I will know that these are properties of almond,
and not because I ate)))

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