All about premenstrual syndrome: causes,the symptoms. How to facilitate PMS.

ATт, 16 июн 2015 Автор: Ольга Шестакова

For a long time, doctors tried to determine the cause of female
malaise before menstruation. Some believed that the female cycle is connected
with moon phases, others linked it with climate.

In ancient Rome, there was a “women’s week” – the time before
menstruation when the woman was inviolable. She said goodbye
scandals, tantrums, whims, and any moods.

She could disobey her husband and do whatever she wished.
Stories known case when the wife killed her husband, because he
insisted on intimacy against her wishes. So how is it
happened shortly before menstruation, the woman was acquitted, and
found guilty of annoying spouse. It is a pity that we do not happen
such “female weeks” permissiveness.

For centuries, the state of a woman before menstruation remained
mystery for physicians. Finally, in the twentieth century, the mystery opened a little
– the woman’s well-being before menstruation was associated with
hormonal changes.

Premenstrual Syndrome is an explosive cocktail of 150
mental and physical symptoms.

In varying degrees, about 75% of beautiful women
half of humanity. Symptoms begin to plague a woman for
several days before menstruation (from two to ten) and gradually
disappear with the appearance of “red” days.

Interesting facts about premenstrual syndrome

– For the first time the term “PMS” was used by the British gynecologist Robert
Frank in 1931.

– The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome suffer more
women whose activities are related to mental work and
residents of large cities.

– Criminal days. PMS is not only disgusting.
Mood and moral mockery of a spouse. Most of
thefts, crimes and accidents are committed by women after the 21st day
menstrual cycle, at the very “peak” of premenstrual

– Shopaholia. Research confirms that a few days before
Monthly girls are much more likely to part with money and stronger
subject to the temptation of shopmania.

Causes of Premenstrual Syndrome

There are many theories about the causes of ailments before
menstruation – psychosomatic, allergic, hormonal.
The most popular is the hormonal theory. According to this theory,
in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, strong fluctuations begin
sex hormones.

Balance is very important for the full work of the female body.
sex hormones – progesterone, androgen and estrogen. During
premenstrual syndrome hormonal background of the female body
undergoes strong changes. Symptoms of PMS appear due to
improper reaction of the body to changes in hormonal

The brain regions responsible for emotions and behavior begin
inadequate response to hormonal changes. It entails
the whole somatic and mental symptoms. Symptoms
depend not so much on the level of hormones, but on the reaction
limbic brain on these vibrations.

What factors aggravate the course of premenstrual

There are a number of factors that trigger the development of symptoms.

1. Magnesium deficiency – magnesium deficiency can cause
dizziness, headache, palpitations. With
lack of magnesium in the body of a woman strongly pulls to chocolate.

2. Lack of vitamin B6 – leads to fatigue, weakness,
edema, mood swings and breast tenderness.

3. Smoking – women who smoke are twice as likely to suffer from
проявлений предменструального syndrome

4. Overweight – women with a body mass index
more than 30, three times more likely to suffer from PMS symptoms.

5. Low levels of serotonin – lack of “hormone of joy”
causes sadness, melancholy, tearfulness and depressive mood.

6. Heredity – girls whose mothers suffered from
предменструального syndrome, рискуют заполучить его по

7. Difficult childbirth, abortion, gynecological diseases and stress
often lead to PMS.

Symptoms предменструального syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome is very rich in completely different, not
похожие друг на друга the symptoms. All these symptoms can be divided into
several groups:

– neuropsychiatric – the most common group of symptoms.
In women during this period, mood often changes – desire
cry is replaced by the desire to blow up the whole world. Many girls
become irritable, nervous, anxious. Appears
apathy, sadness, longing. Some are tormented by insomnia and depressed.

– vegetovascular – headache, dizziness, jumps
pressure, pain in the heart, nausea, vomiting, rapid
palpitations, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

– endocrine – fever, swelling, frequent
urination, thirst, belching, abdominal distension,
breast tenderness, pruritus, acne, a sense of lack
air, decreased attention and memory.

Some women may have a slight weight gain.
This is due to fluid retention in the body. Sometimes symptoms
PMS can manifest in the form of crises and attacks – woman
concerned with seizures with increased blood pressure, frequent
urination, dizziness, pain in the heart and
a feeling of strong anxiety and fear, that is, with typical signs
panic attack.

When to see a doctor

Конечно, если симптомы предменструального syndrome доставляют
only a little discomfort, you can do it yourself. But
when PMS disrupts the quality of life and affects working capacity, without
appeals to the gynecologist is indispensable. After examination, the doctor
prescribe the necessary drug therapy and give recommendations.

Depending on the symptoms, with PMS
appointed by:

– гомеопатические препараты для облегчения syndrome;

– nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – for pain in
back and abdomen, headaches;

– antidepressants and tranquilizers – with pronounced mental

– diuretics – for edema;

– hormonal therapy – in case of sexual imbalance

How to ease PMS

There are some simple recommendations that will significantly improve
the quality of your life before menstruation.

1. Healthy and full sleep. Try to sleep
not less than 9-10 hours a day. During this time, your body will have time
rejuvenate and fully relax. Lack of sleep will only increase
anxiety, aggression and negatively affect immunity. If there is
trouble falling asleep, try light walks before bed,
relaxing baths and always well ventilate the bedroom.

2. Therapeutic baths. If you are not allergic to
essential oils, make your aromatic composition. Special
aromatic oils are a fairly effective weapon in the fight against
premenstrual syndrome. Sage oil, geraniums and roses helps
normalize the cycle. Basil and lavender effectively cope with
muscle spasms, they will help to overcome pain in the abdomen and lower back,
headache and aching muscles. Bergamot and Juniper Boost
mood, help to cope with melancholy, sadness,
irritability and depressed mood. To achieve
good results, start taking aromatic baths
compositions for two weeks before menstruation.

3. Exercise. Running, yoga, sports
walking, dancing, pilates – effectively coping with manifestations
предменструального syndrome у женщин разных возрастов. Physical
loads increase the level of the “hormone of happiness” and help to cope with
mental symptoms of PMS. If you train regularly,
forget about insomnia and depression, and menstruation will take place
less painful.

4. Vitamins. Two weeks before the menstruation begin
take vitamins E, A, B6 and magnesium. It will save you from
fatigue, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, pain in the area
heart, tachycardia and blood pressure surges.

5. Diet. In the second phase of the menstrual cycle
try to eat more vegetables, fruits and rich foods
fiber and calcium. But from coffee, cola and chocolate you need
temporarily refuse. If you are tormented by anxiety, apathy, bad
mood, irritability – caffeine will only aggravate the problem. AT
ideally, the daily ration should look like this: 75% carbohydrate, 15%
protein and 10% fat. Fatty, salty and spicy foods are better.
refuse. Eat spinach daily – just one cup of spinach,
added to salad or smoothies will enrich your daily body
the rate of magnesium. And turkey will help increase serotonin levels – meat
этой птицы очень богато витамином AT6, который облегчит
breast tenderness and irritability.

6. Healthy drinks. Coffee is better to replace
herbal teas and fresh juices. Especially helpful in this
period apple and carrot juices. You have to give up alcohol,
так как он истощает запасы витаминов группы AT и нарушает углеводный

7. Relaxation. Avoid stress, relax and
yoga, relaxation under calm
music or sounds of nature.

8. Sex It is no secret that before the monthly
Many women wake up a brutal sexual appetite. Not worth it
to go against their will – nature gives a hint how you can
cope with PMS manifestations. Regular love making helps
overcome bad temper, irritability, tearfulness,
anxiety and insomnia. Orgasm is the best antidepressant –
it instantly boosts serotonin levels. It’s time to enjoy
sex games with your partner and try something

Лучшие лекарства от предменструального syndrome — это здоровое
nutrition, physical activity, vitamin supplements, good sleep
and regular sex with a loved one.

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