Air ionizer: useful properties and characterimpact. Air ionizer – health benefits with tangibleby results

Пн, 15 фев 2016 Автор: специалист по валеологии
Nikolay Bobrovnikov

Life in the 21st century and the development of the industry alienated man from
nature, but did not exclude the needs of the human body in its
beneficial effect.

The main advantage of being in nature –
воздух, насыщенный отрицательными ионами, дающий
people energy and health. In everyday life, the only
compensation for lack of healthy natural air –
ионизатор воздуха.

Air ionizer: what it is and how it is applied

To maintain high performance, activity and health
дышать человек должен легкими отрицательными
ions, but due to exposure to electrical appliances, excess
air pollution of exhaust gases and emissions from factories
natural air ionization is greatly reduced.

В природе формирование аэроионов происходит
благодаря воздействию космических лучей или
грозовых разрядов электричества: молекулы
oxygen captures electrons and at the expense of them become
negatively charged. Oxygen aeroions with negative
charge enrich the air, because they have an increased biological

Концентрация ионов в закрытых помещениях в
fifteen times lower than the required rate. To fill the missing
ions are used air ionizers.

Air ionization is the formation of ions,
соответственно ионизатор — это прибор, отвечающий за
ионизацию воздуха

Feature of the ionizer – the impact on dust in the room. She is
оседает на полы и мебель, поэтому влажная уборка
, в котором стоит ионизатор, проводится в
три раза чаще

Круглосуточно ионизатор использовать нельзя, в
Instructions for the device must indicate the time of use
specific model.

In smoky and dusty rooms do not use ionizer
in the presence of people.

При использовании ионизатора важно соотносить мощность
прибора с размерами помещения
, в котором он используется,
as an insufficiently strong ionizer in a spacious room is not
will bring tangible benefits, and a strong ionizer in a small room
will have a negative effect on the concentration of ozone molecules.

It is better to place the ionizer in accordance with the attached
instructions at a specified distance from walls, electrical appliances and

The correct location of the device is the first rule on the way to
good result.

Второй момент − соответствующий уход. To
air ionizer was beneficial for the body, it is important to regularly
clean it from accumulated dust. In addition, do not forget
air the room: airing is recommended directly
before turning on the ionizer.

The process of ionization is simple: current is applied to the ionizing electrodes,
causing a discharge, and from the “needles” of a working ionizer scatter
electrons to connect with oxygen molecules.

Air ionizer: what is the benefit for the body?

Penetrating with the air, the ions enter the blood and
spread through the body: penetrating ability together with
the beneficial effects of ions underlies the beneficial properties
air ionizer.

Air ions penetrate the human body in two ways:
через кожу и через легкие. Ions produced
air ionizer, get on the skin and excite its receptors,
increasing gas exchange. However, the skin is responsible for 1% gas exchange.
the body’s work, so the main work is respiratory

При этом воздействие ионов на рецепторы кожи изменяет
тактильную и болевую чувствительность
, ускоряет
рост волос
. Thanks to this, the air ionizer helps
people suffering from hair loss and baldness. Ionization through
exposure to the skin allows you to treat skin diseases: acne
rash, psoriasis, eczema.

By acting on the skin receptors, aero ions reflexively change
тонус центральной нервной системы и влияют на

These factors relate to external electrical exchange.

Internal electrical exchange occurs in the lungs: ions partially
deposited on the walls of the upper respiratory tract, in the bronchi and trachea,
but 80% penetrates inside. Internal exposure enhances gas exchange
lungs, affects the tone of the central nervous system,
очищает организм, снижая проявления аллергии.

Air ionization is used as an alternative to drugs.
in the treatment of hypertension, asthma, diseases of the nervous system
и нарушении кровообращения

Let’s summarize what benefits the air ionizer brings to

1. Activates and enhances the protective functions of the body.

2. Increases appetite.

3. Normalizes the cardiovascular system.

4. Eliminates insomnia, improves sleep quality.

5. Reduces fatigue.

6. Prolongs youthful skin.

7. Prevention of respiratory diseases.

8. Increases the body’s resistance to infections and harmful
environmental factors.

9. Reduces allergic manifestations.

10. Interferes with the effects of radiation from electrical

Крайне полезен ионизатор для детей,
людей пожилого возраста и людей со слабым
, которые страдают проблемами с дыхательной
by the system.

Ionization air is important to all without exception during the flu period
and colds, for people sitting at the computer for three to five hours
every day or twelve hours a day in a room with
working electrical appliances.

Air ionizer: what is the harm to health?

If you look at the work of the ionizer in detail, you will notice
that it is not useful in all cases.

1. Dust and bacteria.

The negative moment of the work of the air ionizer – except oxygen
charges particles of dust and microflora in the room. Microorganisms and
dust, charged, scatter on all surfaces of the room and in
features on the ionizer itself.

After ionization, wet cleaning is required.
, так как осевшая грязь может стать источником

If, when ionizing a room with dusty air, inside
there are people, unwanted pollution will settle on them.

Этот же принцип работает при нахождении в среде
помещения вирусов
. If there is a person in the room,
suffering from an airborne infection when
turning on the air ionizer the risk of infection of the surrounding
increases three to five times.

If the appliance does not fulfill the additional role of a dust collector
(встроенный электрофильтр в некоторых моделях),
It is recommended not to include it in the presence of people, otherwise the ionizer
air will harm.

2. Oncological diseases.

For people with cancer, using an ionizer
категорически запрещено. The reason is
principle of operation: air ions enhance metabolism, which leads to
improve the nutrition of body tissues. When present in the body
cells of malignant tumors their food will also
, что приведет к нежелательным последствиям.

3. Increased temperature.

Ionizer increases metabolism, which further increases
body temperature.

4. Individual intolerance or increased
sensitivity to ionized air.

5. Breast children.

For children under the age of one year, the ionizer
не используют из-за несформированного иммунитета и
risk of catching a viral infection.

6. Bronchial asthma at the acute stage.

7. The postoperative period.

It is highly undesirable to use an ionizer due to the risk of introducing

8. Acute cerebrovascular accident.

9. Diseases of the central nervous system.

10. The acute phase of pneumonia or emphysema.

11. The acute phase of rheumatoid arthritis.

Air ionizer: useful or harmful

The effects of air ionizers on the body can be considered
harmful and helpful.

  • When you turn on the device, some people have negative
    moments in the form of dizziness, headaches or severe
    drowsiness. These conditions are natural if, after prolonged
    being in the city, you will go to rest on nature –
    sensations will be no different.

  • Ion starvation accompanies city dwellers due to ecology and
    congestion life electrical appliances. Children and people feel it keenly.
    with reduced immunity.

  • Headaches, feeling sick, fatigue and
    frequent colds – the first signs of acute ion
    голодания, бороться с которым позволит air ionizer. is he
    fill the room with a concentration of ions that occurs in
    forests and mountain areas.

  • Ionizer is indispensable for improving the quality of everyday
    of life.

  • Frequent argument about the dangers of air ionization – possible
    overdose of the body by ionization. Similar assumptions are not
    reasonable, since the ability of blood to absorb oxygen is not
    unlimited. Hemoglobin molecules supplying oxygen to cells,
    assimilate a fixed amount of oxygen. Ions that are not
    assimilated by the blood, freely displayed outside.

  • The benefits of using air ionizers while observing the rules
    exceeds the possible negative effects.

  • The study of ionizers carried out over forty years, for
    this is the time of the harmful effects of ionizers on humans detect
    failed, but positive – obviously.

  • The benefit to the body of an air ionizer is that
    ionization accelerates the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system
    angina pectoris, hypertension, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis
    and bronchitis.

  • Air containing aero ions accelerates the healing of burns.

  • Ionization воздуха снижает физическую и умственную усталость,
    strengthens the immune system, has a calming effect on the body, normalizing

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