AIDS – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, 04 May 2016

СПИД (AIDS) — это состояние, которое
provokes HIV infection and is characterized by severe disorders
immunity. It is manifested by tumor and infectious
diseases, long repeated infections. Because of
the virus has a tendency to mutate, AIDS develops even if
antiretroviral drugs are taken.

AIDS causes

AIDS is caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus),
affecting CD4 lymphocytes, that is, cells that destroy
pathogens and infectious agents. By reducing
number of CD4 lymphocytes, there is almost irreparable failure in
the work of the protective systems of the body and the patient begin to develop
malignant tumors and certain infectious processes. With
reducing the number of CD4 lymphocytes in the patient’s blood to 200 – you can
to claim that he has AIDS. The effectiveness of the functions
The immune system is greatly reduced.

From the moment a person became infected with HIV to the onset of AIDS
may take more than ten years. Expanded stage of AIDS is considered
as incurable, it is fatal. Average
after five years, patients die who have AIDS
expanded stage. HIV is detected by a blood test.
antibodies to the virus. Immediately after infection, this analysis may
show false results, as it takes some time,
to develop antibodies to this virus (usually 6-12 weeks).
In some cases, a positive HIV test can only be obtained.
six months after infection.

AIDS – Symptoms

Early symptoms of HIV include: flu-like illness (with
fever, cough, weakness, fatigue, body aches,
loss of appetite) and enlarged lymph nodes. HIV carrier
is particularly infectious, even if it has no
signs of infection.

Late symptoms of HIV (years after infection) include:
chronic fatigue, constant temperature rises and night
sweats, unexplained loss of appetite and weight, increased
lymph nodes, persistent diarrhea. They also include: frequent
respiratory infections, dry cough or shallow breathing,
maroon tumor formation in the nasal cavity, mouth and

AIDS – diagnosis

Diagnostic signs that suggest a doctor that
a patient with AIDS are: Pneumonia, long-term
unmotivated fever, refractory diarrhea on
over two months, prolonged skin rash, often
appearance-changing lymphadenopathy, the appearance of Kaposi’s sarcoma in
young people, which is localized on the head, face, torso and
has a malignant aggressive course and other symptoms. Also
is taken into account at first glance the paranormal
weight loss of more than 10%, CNS lymphoma,
cytomegalovirus infection, lymphopenia of unknown etiology and frequent
diseases of protozoa, pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic
microorganisms, fungi and especially mixed infections.

Laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection is based on the fact that
the causative agent of AIDS or antibodies specific to it is found.
With the help of immunofluorescent, immunofermental and radioimmune
methods detect specific antibodies to the AIDS virus. With
receiving positive results for antibodies, re-spend
staging serological reactions using additional
diagnosticums, in particular, apply immunogotting.

СПИД — treatment и профилактика

Today AIDS is a disease that cannot be treated, but
with timely therapy with modern drugs,
can significantly extend the life of man. Therefore very important
conduct timely diagnosis of HIV infection. Classes
drugs that are used for maintenance treatment, everything
time is complemented and improved, and so today
it is believed that an HIV-infected person with such therapy has
opportunity to live from several decades to the whole full
of life.

The most important thing in the fight against AIDS is to carry out preventive
measures that, in the first place, imply widespread familiarization
with all possible routes of transmission and
propaganda of strict adherence to the rules of conduct.

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