Adenoids – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, 16 Mar 2016

Children and adults get a lot of trouble unhealthy
аденоиды. How to get rid of the disease, and before –
confirm the diagnosis? There are many questions that require
qualified answers.

Adenoids – causes of the disease

There is an opinion that the adenoids are congenital
pathology. This is not true. The indisputable fact is scientifically proven: the causes
diseases lie in infectious processes, for example, it can
be flu or measles. Improper nutrition, as well as external
cooling, leading to hypertrophy. One of the manifestations of the process –
hyperplasia, that is, the growth of nasopharyngeal tonsil. She is
is a lymphoid organ located in the arch

The cause of the adenoids may be hiding in any chronic
inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. As a result blood
застаивается в лимфе, также – в области nasopharynx. If it comes
about children, the child’s immune system is weakened. This should
consider that it is already not fully formed.

Hypertrophy of lymphoid tissue, in other words – an increase
nasopharyngeal tonsil can be the result of not only children
infectious diseases, but also endocrine disorders. In some
cases have to deal with anomalies of the constitution,
hypovitaminosis and other effects that reduce the protective
body properties.

This disease does not go from one person to another. Have
each of us has lymphoid tissue, but hypertrophy occurs
only some. For example, in children, adenoid hypertrophy is more common.
only takes place at the age of 2-10 years, that is, it is characteristic
mainly for young children. In teenage
aged lymphoid tissue tend to decrease due to sexual

Adenoids – Symptoms

The main symptoms of adenoids – a violation of nasal breathing, after
sleep you get up tired, overwhelmed. Have человека возникают головные
pain, hearing is reduced, chronic apathy appears. Manifest themselves
external signs of illness. So, the lower part of the mouth begins to sag.
due to constantly open mouth. It may even change the shape of the face.
This is the so-called “adenoid face”.

It is known that young children with adenoids have
difficulty starting speech In later life changes
voice becoming less ringing. Disruptions in work are not excluded.
gastrointestinal tract. The development of anemia is another possible
symptoms. In some случаях с заболеванием связано недержание
urine at night, there are coughing attacks at the same time, right up to
asthma attacks. With acute adenoid rises
temperature up to 39, a burning sensation occurs, becomes
painful lymph nodes. With chronic disease
man begins to tear what was eaten.

Аденоиды – treatment и профилактика

Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the airways becomes a problem
which must be addressed immediately. Lack of timely
treatments can lead to complications such as chronic
adenoiditis and bronchitis. Possible occurrence of pneumonia, otitis
(inflammation of the middle ear), conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis.
Violation of nasal breathing is fraught with oxygen starvation
internal organs. Consequences – loss of memory, weakening
concentration abilities.

Chronic adeno-tonsillitis is treated conservatively, that is, with
using medication and surgically. To restore the broken
nasal breathing, mineral water is instilled into the nasal passages. Can
use preparations made on the basis of sea water, such
like Aquamaris, Salin and others. They do this three times a day. After
procedures thoroughly clean the nasal passages.

In case of acute respiratory infections, it is recommended to instil vasoconstrictor
drops 3 times a day. Консервативное treatment возможно при умеренном
enlarged tonsil if there are no complications
medical supervision. Стационарное treatment длится, как правило, 10-15
days Washing with phyto-and biopreparations, laser
radiation, immunomodulatory therapy, etc.

There is a whole range of preventive measures. It –
своевременное treatment зубов и придаточных пазух носа, закаливание
organism. It is useful to rinse the nasal cavity daily.
Chamomile, Hypericum.

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