Acne on the face: causes of rashes. Whyeels appear on the back: causes and methods of treatment

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Acne on the face, shoulders and back is a problem with
which each person encountered.

Most often, acne is formed due to the release of subcutaneous fat.
It clogs the pores, from which comedoes go.

Acne, the causes of which a person does not always seek
find out deliver moral and physical discomfort.

Getting rid of rashes is not so difficult if you know how it is.
do the right thing

Acne: causes of rash on the back

When acne rashes appear on your back and shoulders
very unpleasant, both for women and for men. Reasons for them
occurrences can be divided into two main types – external and

External – is the effect on the skin condition of environmental irritants.

Internal are those that are related to the violation of work
internal body system.

Acne on the back: causes of appearance (external)

1. Wearing clothes made of synthetic materials. This fabric is very
badly passes air and practically does not absorb moisture. When
sweat is released, it does not evaporate, but it clogs the skin cells, which
forms a favorable breeding ground for bacteria.

2. Allergic reaction. Acne on the back can form as
due to material allergy or due to allergy to
cosmetic products used for personal hygiene.

3. Unbalanced diet. When человек употребляет
a lot of fatty and spicy food, prefers fast foods, he has
The body accumulates toxins and slags. Later they stand out
together with sweat in the form of eels.

4. Alcohol and smoking also spoil the skin, harmful
habits can cause acne.

5. Lack of vitamins and frequent nervous breakdowns, stress lead to
inflammation of the skin.

6. Frequent peeling. Some women think that the more they
will use scrubs for the back, the better it will be. This is not true,
on the contrary, it leads to the fact that the protective layer of the skin is destroyed.
After that, bacteria accumulate, which are converted into

Acne on the back: causes of appearance (internal)

1. At puberty, the human body begins
Strongly produce hormones that activate the sebaceous
желез, от чего и появляются acne

2. Disorders related to the endocrine system.

3. Diseases of gynecology, the consequences of abortion, period
carrying a child.

4. Diseases associated with the urogenital system.

5. Violations of the gastrointestinal tract.

Acne on the back, the reasons for which were described above, is not
should scare. The first thing to do is revise
your diet and think about taking extra vitamin

Acne on the face: causes of inflammation on the skin

1. Hormonal jumps. This is often the case with teenagers,
with frequent stresses. Also hormonal changes in the period
pregnancy, so some women notice severe acne.
rash on face.

2. Lack of vitamin A.

3. Problems with the work of the internal digestive system

4. The use of cosmetics for the face of poor quality.

5. Climate too humid or prolonged stay under
sun rays.

Often girls are interested in the question of why eels appear on
face. Causes may have a different character – very important
disassemble them before proceeding to the treatment. Often acne
appear due to incorrect diet.

In women, acne on the face is formed by using such
Products like:

• animal fats;

• high-fat dairy products;

• nuts;

• flour products and confectionery;

• coffee (especially if it is with sugar).

Signals that make acne on the face

1. Acne on the forehead – a violation of the stomach, gallbladder or

2. Acne on the chin – problems with the endocrine system,
hormonal imbalance.

3. Rash on the cheeks – problems with the digestive system or
allergic skin reaction.

4. Acne in the temples – you need to pay attention to
endocrine system, liver and stomach.

5. Acne on the nose – indicate puberty.

How to get rid of acne on the face

It will not be so difficult to get rid of acne on the face, if it is correct
approach to solving the problem. There are some very effective
popular recipes that you need to take note of each person
regardless of their age or gender.

1. Tea tree oil. The best beauticians advise to wipe
the face of this extract, as soon as black begins to appear on it

2. Brewer’s yeast. Their composition contains a huge amount
витаминов, полезных для organism. Consuming a teaspoon
product on an empty stomach you can not worry about the appearance of acne

3. Laundry soap – the best tool for morning washing.
Down with lotions and other cosmetics. It is economic
soap favorably affects the condition of the face, aligns it
color and allows you to quickly get rid of black dots.

4. Aloe. The juice of this plant is used for different
cosmetic and therapeutic needs. If the face began to appear
inflammation, you need to immediately start to wipe the face of scarlet.

5. Boron soap. Also great for washing.
in the morning. Boric soap eliminates acne and prevents
their further appearance.

6. Calendula. Rubbing calendula face 3-4 times a day
you can quickly forget what the black dots on the nose or on

How to get rid of acne on your back

Acne on the back can appear in both women and men.
Some prefer to ignore the problem than to deal with it.
It is in vain. Folk remedies will help solve the problem with black
dots quickly, returning the skin a healthy appearance.

1. Before bed, it is recommended to take a bathroom with a small
by adding potassium permanganate to water. It perfectly dries the skin and
cleans pores.

2. Once a week you need to take a bath with sea salt.
Regular procedures will eliminate black spots and prevent them.
further occurrence.

Unfortunately, the methods listed above do not always guarantee
duration of the result. If the problem of acne is associated with
internal diseases of the body, it is advisable to visit a doctor. After
full examination he will be able to make a complete picture of the state
patient and prescribe a course of treatment. This course is aimed at general
recovery. At the end of it, a person will notice an improvement.
skin and your health.

Proper nutrition and essential vitamins for acne –
the path to “healing”

If there are acne on the face, the reasons for their occurrence
find out as soon as possible. Black dots are very often formed.
due to improper nutrition. If a person consumes too much
sweet, abuses smoking and alcohol, his skin condition
getting worse. The pores become clogged and inflammation appears in the form

In addition, the modern pace of life sometimes makes a person
give up home cooking and eat fast food. Easily digestible
carbohydrates do not allow the body to obtain vitamins to maintain
healthy skin condition. No wonder after a while
Acne will appear not only on the face, but also on the back, on the shoulders.

What vitamins do the skin need and where does it come from

1. Provitamin A. Large quantities found in dairy
products. Также его можно receive из морского окуня, говяжьей
liver, egg yolks, carrots.

2. Vitamins of group B. They can be found in beef meat and liver,
beer yeast, beans and soybeans.

3. Vitamin PP. Contained in carrots and chicken giblets.

4. Potassium (cucumbers, pumpkin, zucchini, raisins).

5. Zinc (shrimp, nuts, sunflower seeds).

6. Cellulose (seasonal raw fruits and vegetables).

If the rhythm of life does not allow for a full-fledged
nutrition, you need to purchase in the pharmacy, vitamin complexes and
take them extra to balance the good
minerals and trace elements. This approach will not only get rid of
acne and acne, but also improve the overall condition of the body,
increase working capacity and will accompany a great mood

General recommendations for getting rid of acne and prevention

Unfortunately, sometimes even modern methods of combating acne
ensure that there is no recurrence. It is for this
the reason it is important to observe preventive measures in order to avoid

General recommendations:

• regular hardening of the body (douche);

• examination of the digestive tract;

• observance of the correct diet (more vegetable
fat, less animal fat).

Cosmetic care recommendations

1. To wash and walk in the shower at least 2 times during the day.

2. Do not use cheap low-quality cosmetics.

3. Use for washing boric or tar soap.

4. Do not wear too tight clothes or clothes from
synthetic materials.

5. Do not use too fatty creams, as they
clog the sebaceous glands.

6. Women before bedtime must be removed from the face.

Acne, causes of black spots and methods of dealing with the disease
now are not a secret. Every man and woman
feel moral discomfort when acne is formed on the body. For
in order to avoid this, it is required to observe regularly
hygiene procedures and pay attention only to quality
clothes from breathable fabric. It is also necessary to occasionally complete
examination of the body in order to prevent the appearance of
воспалений на спине и face.

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