Abdominoplasty abdomen – photo before and after andreviews

Abdominoplasty of the abdomen is a surgical form correction. belly. In women of different ages, there is deposition of fat in нижней части belly. Such deposits and stretch marks (striae) occur after childbirth or with rapid loss in weight, obesity and sedentary way of life. The appearance of this abdomen is not quite aesthetic, therefore many fat women are very complex and try to him get rid of. According to doctors, in such a situation can not do without абдоминопластики или коррекции belly.

Абдоминопластика живота

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a procedure in which surgical by removing excess fatty tissue and sagging skin in нижней части belly. When such an operation is strengthened stretched muscles. Abdominoplasty removes excess skin from stretching together. This is the only way to remove a surgical abdomen. by.

Together with the procedure of tightening the abdomen, it is possible to remove hernias, which are located on the front wall of the abdominal cavity, if any are available. There are cases when the patient wants to make his waist narrow, then parallel removal of the lower edges row.

Indications for surgery

With the existence of excess skin, fat deposits on the front the wall of the abdominal cavity, which are not eliminated by diet, physical exertion, liposuction, it is necessary to carry out the procedure абдоминопластики belly. Doctors prescribe this procedure. in the presence of skin – fat apron, in which the anterior abdominal walls noticeably lower. When stretching the abdominal muscles in women there is sagging of the skin and stretch marks. The operation is assigned to cases of liposuction failure due to poor skin recovery.


Types of abdominal correction and features of each type

  1. Классический. This kind of holding The procedure has a high level of trauma. Operation Lasts a long time (4 – 5 hours). After classic adminoplasty the abdomen needs a long rehabilitation process. There is a big the likelihood of complications. The classic type of plastic is shown to patients with ptosis of grade 3–4, which is accompanied by diastasis of recti abdomen and hernias.
  2. Medium abdominoplasty (апронектомия). To eliminate excess skin and body fat to the usual classical abdominoplasty procedure a vertical notch is added, which speeds up the whole procedures.
  3. Мини – абдоминопластика живота. This kind adjustments are made when you need to handle small abdominal area. A small amount of work is being done. Incision done in the bikini area and at the same time the navel location is not at all is changing.
  4. Endoscopic абдоминопластика. Endoscopic abdominoplasty doctors prescribe young patients who have slight sagging of the skin. At the same time skin tightening is not at all required. The procedure is performed using a special endoscope which is introduced in the navel area. Several punctures are carried out in bikini area.
  5. Stress – side абдоминопластика. Procedure implies a vertical incision above the navel and a horizontal incision below the navel. In this case, a horizontal incision is made in different directions along direction from the navel. This method of abdominoplasty allows you to capture the maximum area of the abdominal area. Doctors proved that this method reduces the lower abdomen and eliminates extra flaws in the waist.
  6. Пластика с удалением грыж. how described above, abdominoplasty with hernia repair is called classical, that is, the abdominoplasty procedure itself implies removing hernias that are on the front abdominal wall when strongly sticks out a stomach.

Preparation and technique of the operation

Before you perform this operation, you must first pass consultation with a therapist and anesthesiologist. Then pass the required set of tests: complete blood count and urinalysis, analysis blood clotting, blood tests for immunodeficiency and hepatitis, electrocardiogram and fluorography. Need to pass inspection at a surgeon who will determine the degree of ptosis and identify if there are hernia.

Abdominoplasty abdomen - photo before and after andreviews

For 14 days of this procedure is completely stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking inflammatory, hormonal and reducing blood clotting drugs. During the preparatory period for the operation It is recommended to eat foods rich in proteins and vitamins. WITH You can not eat evenings before the operation, and not even eat it in the morning. liquid.

Abdominoplasty lasts from 4 to 5 hours. This operation performed under combined anesthesia – this is local anesthesia and endotracheal (common). WITHначала хирург делает надрез внизу belly. Then there is a detachment of fatty and skin tissue to the costal arches. and lateral sections of the abdominal cavity. Then a cut is made along navel with a cat, he instantly begins to exfoliate. In the place of “white line “eliminated hernia and muscle tissue divergence. Then eliminates excess skin with fat deposits, like one big fold. After all these actions, the skin is delayed by towards the pubic part. Now a new navel spot is determined. After all procedures all cuts neatly sewn up.

The postoperative period (rehabilitation) < / h2>

how проходит реабилитация организма после проведения коррекции живота? For the first week, a person will experience unpleasant painful sensations that will be blocked by analgesics prescribed by a doctor. For 10 days, the patient will have a fever. You can walk and sit down a day after the operation. Doctors выписывают домой через 3 – 4 дня при условии, что состояние будет стабильно нормальным. Within two weeks, it is recommended to visit a surgeon who will process the stitches and monitor the removal of hematomas. Then the same doctor will remove your stitches.

In about a month, the swelling will completely disappear. После снятия швов нужно пройти курс аппаратного массажа и физиотерапевтические procedures. WITHпециалист назначит специальную гимнастику, которая поможет развитию мышц. At this time, you need to wear compression garments, which will help keep your muscles in good shape and will save scars after abdominoplasty. After the procedure for three months you can not go to the bath, sauna, exercise and physical labor. The result is clearly noticeable after 4 months, but you still need to adhere to a healthy balanced diet and keep an eye on your figure.

WITHтоит рассказать о возможных осложнениях после абдоминопластики. They are local, aesthetic and general in nature. Local manifested in the form of gray, hematoma, inflammatory processes, necrosis and suppuration. Some complications are triggered by the development of diseases of the chest organs, since the abdominal part decreases, and the chest part decreases behind it, and therefore the organs are squeezed. Aesthetic complications are manifested in the form of postoperative scars that bother women with their ugly appearance. Но, посмотрев на фото до и после абдоминопластики, любая женщина не устоит и попытается, как можно быстрее решить проблему с коррекцией belly.