A tooth ache: how to relieve pain at home?The most effective toothache remedies: how to help at home

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Toothache is quite an insidious thing.

She can overtake a person no matter where he is.
is – at work, at school, on vacation.

Quite often there are situations when you go to the doctor in
This moment does not work, and the pain is so strong that you can endure
she has no strength.

What to do in this case?

Tooth hurts

Perhaps the most embarrassing feeling
To endure people is a toothache. Often the pain
reach an unusually large force. As a result of this it is impossible
eat fully, and also sleep and rest. The main cause of pain –
irritation of sensitive receptors that are located in
the pulp of the tooth.

Depending on the type of tissue involved, toothache can
develop due to the destruction of dentite or developing pulpitis.
And the pain can be felt in those parts of the oral cavity, where
absolutely healthy teeth. A tooth always hurts in different ways, pain can
gradually increase, be nagging or stupid. But regardless
of this, for a man she is always terrible and it is difficult to endure it.

The main causes of pain

Starting to find out the cause of pain is worth a visit to the dentist. But
conditionally they can be divided into two types – non-dental and
dental A dentist can help you determine the causes.
pain even if they have nothing to do with your teeth and
oral cavity.

Dental reasons include

1. The presence of injuries in the tooth, it can be cracks, bruises.

2. Teeth affected by caries.

3. Your teeth have a heightened sensitivity.

4. Gingvit.

5. Pulpitis.

6. Periodontitis.

And now it is worth giving a description of each reason.

Кариозные поражения – это проблема имеет
genetic character. Many believe that the whole thing in excessive
eating sweet, yes, it also affects, but is only
secondary factor. Toothache is not felt because
there is a crack, but because it gets cold or hot
liquid. Therefore, it will be more accurate to say that it is not the tooth that hurts, but

Пульпит – происходит воспаление мягких тканей
tooth. In the acute phase of the disease, severe pain may occur.
resembling an attack.

Периодонтит – воспаляется ткань окружающая
корень tooth. During chewing, there is pressure on the tooth, pain
felt much stronger. Temperature may rise. With every
in the afternoon the pain will get stronger. Those painkillers that
you take to eliminate the pain, stop being

Чувствительность зубов. Sore feeling
may occur in every tooth after you have drunk or eaten
too hot (cold food. Often appears due to
thinning of tooth enamel.

The treatment of each of these causes must always be addressed.

Causes of non-related toothache

1. The presence of a migraine, resulting in severe pain and
given to the teeth.

2. Heart diseases, otitis.

3. Sinusitis or ethmoiditis.

4. Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve.

Tooth hurts: relieve pain at home – medication

If you have a toothache – you can relieve pain at home with
using painkillers. The selection of such medicinal
drugs wide enough. Almost all of them are based on
Nimesulide (nise, aponil, nemesulide), ibuprofen (abalgin, nurofen,
faspyk), metamizole sodium (baralgin and analgin), ketorolac (adolor,
ketanov, ketorol).

Aspirin, known to all, can help, although as doctors say, this
not the best choice. In no case can not be applied
pill to gum, mucous can be burned. Take aspirin
can only be inside.

Unfortunately, these drugs are not always with us.
Or you can not take painkillers as
health, because they have a large list of contraindications and
the occurrence of side effects. The most common
diseases that are an obstacle to their admission are –
high blood pressure, pregnancy, ulcers, impaired kidney function and
the liver.

Therefore, before you are going to accept this or that
medicine, it is necessary to consult with a specialist,
if this is not possible, study the instructions attached to
drug. It is better to use pain pills in order
to relieve a toothache for a while, before a visit to the dentist. With
long-term use of the drug, it will cease to act, and with
each time you have to take an increasing dose, and this is fraught
affect even a healthy body.

Tooth hurts: to relieve pain at home – folk

Surely every adult has experienced a toothache. AND
the first thing everyone does is looking in the first-aid kit in order to
take anesthetic drug. But что делать, если их нет, а боль
continues to grow?

AND, наверное, самое интересное в этом случае то, что мы даже
I do not know the recipes of traditional medicine, as we are accustomed to immediately go to
pharmacy. But there is a lot of really
effective means which can relieve a toothache at home
conditions. Naturally, many ingredients may not be
at hand, so for the future you need to secure yourself and
purchase them in advance.

1. The simplest remedy to relieve toothache and
remove it for a while – it’s a garlic clove. Take one
slice and cut in half. After this one half attach
cut to the wrist, in the place where the pulse is probed so that it does not
I slept, you can fix it with a plaster. But есть один нюанс,
should choose the hand opposite side, which hurts
tooth. Many still cannot understand how it all works, but
the result really becomes noticeable after 10-20 minutes,
gradually the pain subsides.

2. Another old way to soothe a toothache –
This is a massing of the earlobe on the side where the pain is felt.
Just grab the lobe or the tip with two fingers and start
rub, stretch in different directions. Enough to do this
10 minutes and the pain will go away.

3. The third method – rinsing the mouth with a solution
potassium permanganate. But концентрацию ее разведения нельзя посоветовать
exactly, since it all depends on the degree of destruction. Need to rinse
constantly, until the pain goes away altogether. Withчем бытует мнение, что
марганцовка способная убить nerve. The main thing is not to swallow it inside,
otherwise, problems with the esophagus you just can not be avoided.

How else can you relieve a toothache at home

1. Available to all means is a mouth rinse.
раствором из каменной или морской соли. To start
try to dilute one tablespoon in a glass of warm water
facilities. If after 5-10 minutes the pain does not subside, then add another
some salt. Для того чтобы усилить эффективность facilities,
It is recommended to add a few drops of iodine to the glass.

2. If you have such a healing plant as
каланхоэ, то вам просто повезло. Tear one
leaf and finely chop, then wrap in a bandage and
приложите к десне, где болит tooth. After some time, inflammation
will be removed, and the pain will pass.

3. The following method may seem a bit strange, but
despite this, it is effective – attach it to your cheek
магнит. No one has yet been able to explain his principle.
action, but it is proved that after 30 minutes the pain will not remain and

4. Soothe toothache can be seasoning –
гвоздикой. Take a few twigs, alright
измельчите, а засыпьте в дупло больного tooth.

5. If the toothache is not strong and only begins to appear, then
можно снять ее на этом же этапе, возьмите кусочек сырой
и пожуйте. Also, it will remove a small
inflammation of the gums. Naturally, one time
not enough, you need to repeat the procedure several times a day.
Withчем если в это время еще и проглатывать сок от картофеля, то
You can eliminate many problems in the stomach.

6. If the cause of the pain is a dropped seal, you can put it in
это место небольшой кусочек прополиса. He possesses
хорошими дезинфицирующими facilitiesми.

7. Помогает мумие. Take one таблетку и
dilute in warm water. After this, moisten a liquid bandage or
Fleece, put on a sore spot and hold for 15 minutes. After that
how do you remove it, for 30 minutes do not take anything in your mouth, nor
water, no food.

8. Take one столовую ложку шалфея и
brew boiling water. Wait for the tincture to cool to warm.
condition, strain and start rinsing your mouth, do it more often.

A tooth ache – pain can be relieved at home
virtually any medicinal plant. After all, almost every
of them has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
The main thing is to prepare the correct medicinal tincture.

Tooth hurts: relieve pain at home – warm or

Many, after the first symptoms of toothache,
they are in a hurry to put warmth to the sore spot, but few know
what to do it in no case be impossible. Just a few hours
it will greatly increase in size, and you will have to go to the doctor with
distorted face. It is impossible to apply a heating pad to the face, not
tie up warm scarves, it is better to rinse your mouth with a warm solution.
Withчем чем чаще вы будете это делать, тем лучше для вас.

If you do not have any tinctures at hand, you can use the usual
warm water or warm tea.

After that, как проблема будет решена и зуб перестанет болеть,
Do not forget about it. Visit your dentist as soon as possible.

As for the cold, it is impossible to answer unequivocally the question.
So how exactly can it provoke pain after it hits
на tooth. But если приложить что-то холодное ко лбу или мочке уха, то
от боли не останется и trace.

A tooth ache – pain can be relieved at home,
but only for a while. It will arise and bother you until
as long as you do not visit the dentist and get rid of
Problems. Therefore, do not delay the time and go to your
to the attending physician.

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