A simple cake recipe in a slow cooker – here!The most simple cake recipes in a slow cooker with fruit, cabbage,mushrooms

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The slow cooker is an indispensable assistant for any hostess.

Baking in a slow cooker is sometimes even better than in
the oven.

At the same time you spend a minimum of time and effort.

A simple cake recipe in a slow cooker – the basic principles

Especially tasty are obtained in a multicooker pies on a biscuit
or kefir dough. They always rise well and do not become

Successful obtained pies from puff or shortbread dough. AT
as additives use fruits, berries. Pies with fillings
cooked both sweet and with cabbage, potatoes or minced meat.
You can cook a liver pie.

It is enough to knead the dough, put it in the bowl, turn on the desired one.
mode and bake until tender. Sand and puff pastry for
Pies roll out and spread on the bottom of the tank. Put on him
the filling and cover the second layer. Quick and easy
make a cake using pita bread.

Many who first bake pies in a slow cooker are interested in
the question is: how to make it turn red on both sides? ATсе
very simple: you need to turn the cake and bake in the same mode
another 15 minutes.

Sweet cakes are powdered with powdered sugar, covered with cream or

Recipe 1. A simple cake recipe in a slow cooker with cabbage



  • sour cream – a glass;

  • baking powder – bag;

  • mayonnaise – a glass;

  • flour – 250 g;

  • three eggs.


  • fresh cabbage – 250 g;

  • salt;

  • three potatoes;

  • spices.

Способ preparations

1. Combine mayonnaise with sour cream and eggs. ATзбиваем до
homogeneity mixer.

2. Mix flour with salt and baking powder. Sift. Add
flour in small portions into the liquid mixture and knead the dough.

3. Fresh cabbage, shred as thin as possible. Potatoes clean and
cut into thin slices.

4. Oil the bottom of the tank. ATыливаем половину теста и
flatten with a spatula. ATыкладываем картофель, слегка солим и
lay out the cabbage. Salt, season with spices and pour
the dough.

5. Close the lid and activate the “baking” function for an hour. Then
check the cake readiness, take it out, cool it, cut it
chunks and serve.

Recipe 2. A simple cake recipe in a slow cooker with cottage cheese



  • baking soda;

  • margarine – 150 g;

  • flour – two glasses;

  • sugar – half a cup.


  • cottage cheese – half a kilo;

  • walnuts;

  • five eggs;

  • sugar is half a glass.

Способ preparations

1. Remove the margarine from the fridge and leave it to become
soft. ATыложите в миску и разомните вилкой. Add flour, eggs and
sugar. Pound the mixture until you get a homogeneous, crumbly
dough. Add soda and mix well.

2. Mince the cottage cheese with a sugar blender, add the nuts and
mix it up.

3. Lubricate the form with butter, spread out a few nuts,
Cover them with half of the dough. ATыложите творожную начинку,
сверху оставшееся dough.

4. ATключите функцию «выпечка» на сорок minutes Carefully, with
using a steaming container, take out the cake and slice it

Recipe 3. A simple recipe for a pie in a liver multicooker


  • half a kilo of chicken liver;

  • salt;

  • 75 g boiled rice;

  • ground pepper;

  • 50 g of semolina are large;

  • two eggs;

  • onion head;

  • carrot.

Способ preparations

1. Peel carrots, wash, and coarsely rub. Onion head
free from husks and finely crumble. Fry the onions with carrots until

2. Strip the chicken livers from all that is superfluous, wash, put
in deep dishes. Add the vegetable fry and perebeyte all to
liquid state blender.

3. Add the semolina and eggs to the liver mixture. Pepper and
salt it. Continue whisking until smooth.

4. Rinse the rice, changing the water until it becomes transparent.
Then отварите рис, придерживаясь инструкций на упаковке, до
readiness Drop it in a colander and cool.

5. ATыложите рис в печеночную смесь и mix it up.

6. Lubricate the container with oil and pour the liver mixture into it.
rice. ATключите программу «выпечка» и готовьте на протяжении hours
Leave the cake in heating mode for another ten minutes. Then выньте
and serve hot or chilled.

Recipe 4. A simple cake recipe in a pineapple multicooker


  • margarine – 200 g;

  • ring-preserved pineapples – a jar;

  • sugar – 150 g;

  • vanilla sugar – bag;

  • flour – 250 g;

  • baking powder – 10 g;

  • three eggs.

Способ preparations

1. Melt the butter in a water bath. Add eggs to it,
ванильный и тростниковый sugar. ATзбейте все до получения однородной

2. In small portions, add flour with baking powder and knead

3. Grease the container with oil, sprinkle with sugar on the bottom and place
pineapple rings. Залейте их the dough. ATыпекайте пирог на протяжении
hours Cool it without removing it from the container. Then достаньте,
притрусите сахарной пудрой и нарежьте slices.

Recipe 5. Charlotte with cherries and apples in a slow cooker


  • four apples;

  • 20 g butter;

  • 200 g cherries;

  • bag of baking powder;

  • 250 ml of 33% cream;

  • a bag of vanilla;

  • four eggs;

  • 350 g of flour;

  • 350 grams of sugar.

Способ preparations

1. Wash the apples, peel and remove the core.
Нарежьте фрукт небольшими произвольными slices. ATишню помойте,
remove the bones and put in a strainer to stack extra juice.

2. Combine the eggs with sugar and whisk with a mixer until the mass is
will increase in volume twice. Add to the mixture vanilla and
keep beating. ATлейте сливки и взбивайте еще пару minutes

3. Sift flour with baking powder. Add it gradually
in the egg mixture and knead the dough until it is smooth and
no lumps. Add cherries and sliced ​​apples to the dough.

4. Smear the bowl. ATылейте тесто и разровняйте поверхность
wooden spatula. Run the baking program for 1 hour 10
minutes Close lid tightly. Remove the finished cake with
container-double boiler and taster sugar.

Recipe 6. A simple recipe for a pie in a carrot multicooker


  • large carrots;

  • vanillin;

  • a glass of flour;

  • baking powder;

  • a glass of sugar;

  • 110 g butter;

  • two eggs.

Способ preparations

1. Peel and wash carrots. Largely rub vegetable.

2. Beat two eggs into deep dishes, add sugar and whip
все до однородной masses. Добавьте ванилин, mix it up. Gradually
всыпайте муку с пекарским порошком и замесите однородное dough.
Добавьте тертую морковку и mix it up.

3. ATылейте тесто в смазанную маслом емкость прибора, плотно
close the lid and cook the cake in baking mode for
hours Готовую выпечку можете украсить пудрой или glaze.

Recipe 7. A simple cake recipe in a slow cooker with minced meat


  • 400 g puff pastry;

  • 20 g sesame;

  • 400 g mixed minced meat;

  • 50 ml of purified water;

  • 100 g of green onions;

  • egg;

  • 20 g of dill.

Способ preparations

1. Green onions rinsed, dried and cut into medium
feathers. Add к фаршу и перешиваем. Protein whip with salt and
spices. ATыливаем его в фарш. Pour water here. ATымешиваем до
consistency of pate.

2. Dough размораживаем, делим на три части. Every roll in
long rectangles. Distribute the entire length of the stuffing, sprinkle
finely chopped dill and pinch the edges along the entire length.

3. Lubricate the container with oil and lay out the resulting “sausages”
in the form of a spiral, connecting the open ends. Grease the cake whipped
yolk and sprinkle with sesame.

4. Activate the “Multipovar” function. Set the temperature to 130 C.
After the allotted time, turn over the cake and bake more
четверть hours Cool the finished cake, cut into portions
slices and served with drinks or light soup.

Recipe 8. A simple cheese cake in a slow cooker


  • 150 g of Adyghe cheese;

  • spice;

  • 250 grams of hard cheese;

  • bunch of greens;

  • pita;

  • 50 g sour cream;

  • egg.

Способ preparations

1. Cut the pita leaf in half and put it on top of each other.

2. Two kinds of cheeses coarsely rubbed. Green rinse,
obsushivaem and finely crumble. Mix cheeses with sour cream, egg and
green Season with spices and salt. Gently mix until

3. On the pita we lay out half the cheese filling, focusing on
bottom circumference of the multicooker. We cover it with the edges of pita. Above
lay out the second part of the filling and cover with the edges of the lower pita,
trying to do it so that there are no gaps.

4. At the bottom lay out pieces of butter. ATключаем функцию
�”Baking” and wait until it melts. Then выкладываем пирог швом
вниз, плотно закрываем крышку и выпекаем 20 minutes Ten after
minutes we turn over so that the cake evenly browned with two

A simple cake recipe in a slow cooker – tricks and tips

  • If you want the cake to brown on both sides,
    end the program, flip it over to the other side and bake
    another 15 minutes.

  • To make it easier to get the cake out of the bowl, wrap the bottom wet
    towel and leave for ten minutes.

  • Check the readiness of the cake with a wooden skewer or

  • Sugar in the dough can be replaced with natural honey.

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