A set of exercises with dumbbells forof girls

kompleks-uprazhneniy-s-gantelyamiHow often can you hear from
of girls миф про «фигуру Шварценеггера»: упражнения с гантелями –
this is a direct path to pumped male biceps and that to keep clear
This type of load is needed at all costs.

But there are only 5 secrets included in the basic complex.
упражнений с гантелями для of girls, чтобы разрушить это

Are beautiful feminine hands with soft relief strong and
strong muscles can spoil the chiseled figure? Not even speaking about,
that weight training with free weights helps to burn
calories in the most effective way!

Council first. One of the main secrets of dumbbell use
it’s in the fact that people are accustomed to considering them as adaptations only
for pumping arm muscles.

But this is a total misconception! Although, undoubtedly, raising
free weights will bring the arm muscles in order, but, in addition,
dumbbells help strengthen the muscles of the back and legs. It looks like a nonsense? But
it works!

What other “chips” should newcomers know?

When choosing dumbbells for training, give preference to those
which will not overly strain your muscles.

If you have never used weighting for good
work out the muscles, do not try to take a five-kilogram
dumbbells to increase the effectiveness of training – this can lead
to injuries – stretching and even rupture of muscles, which will cause hellish

Council of the second. We take light dumbbells, and then we will increase
load gradually, as addictive. Exercises with dumbbells for
Beginners are best performed with weights of no more than 1-1.5 kg. Picking up
hand this sports equipment, you should not feel
emaciated. Only in this case, your exercises will be
effective, and training can bring you pleasure.

It is best to buy adjustable dumbbells to start with.
less weight, and then, as you go, increase the load.
Such shells are more expensive, but they take up less space and do not
to acquire more and more new dumbbells in stages – you immediately get
full case.


Эффективный комплекс упражнений с гантелями для of girls

Council of the third. We train hands! Any exercise that
provide for lifting weights – the ideal study of the muscles of the hands.
There are many exercises for hands with dumbbells, but the most
common ones are:

  • Biceps exercises;
  • Triceps exercises.

Biceps training is a set of exercises with dumbbells, in
which you raise them by bending your elbows. But при этом не
you need to wave your hands – from the shoulders to the elbows, they should be straight.
No matter standing or sitting, you will do it.

If you have a partner, then try to hold
biceps anti-training: he will lift a dumbbell, as in a regular exercise,
and you will slowly lower his arm with the shell down. Meaning
the exercises are to lower the dumbbell as slowly as possible,
as much as possible so you can feel the real weight

Ready for triceps training? Stand up straight, put your
right foot in front of the left and hold the back of the chair with your left hand.
Bend forward slightly, holding the 1 kg dumbbell in the right
arm. Raise her back as high as possible without bending your arm and
without tilting the case forward. Repeat the exercise mirror, raising
left hand Council of the fourth. Basic exercises with dumbbells for
backs are any kind of exercise that involves lifting hands with
shells above the shoulders. So is the pumping of the muscles of the body, while
You can combine these exercises with straight and bent.
by hands.

Raise straight arms with 1 kg dumbbells in front of you
or on the side, gradually placing them above your head, or at least above

Направьте руки в стороны, согнув локти, на высоту shoulders.
Raise them until they straighten horizontally. Go back to
starting position and repeat the exercise at least 10 times,
убедившись, что руки не опускаются ниже shoulders.

В большинстве своем упражнения с гантелями для of girls,
back training is also good for the shoulder area and area
blades. To work the middle of the back, stand up straight, straightening
руки перед собой ниже уровня shoulders. Hold 1 kg dumbbell in your hands.
Pull your arms back, making half of each circle and trying to
connect them behind you. Repeat 15 times. Council of the fifth. Exercises
for legs is a myth or a reality? How dumbbells in the hands can
affect the muscles of the lower limbs? Very simple! By
extra load is training the muscles of the legs. But при этом
dumbbells will be needed a little harder than usual. Have to take
2-2.5 kg shells, not more.

Extra weight in the hands will cause the need to increase
load on the body. When working out your legs when you hold dumbbells
in hand, it takes more strength to properly perform
exercise. You can do squats, holding dumbbells in your hands: straight
or “plie”. Taking the shells, bend your elbows and start
crouch or lunges.

Light exercises that are included in the launch complex will help
to tone up your body and also improve your habitual

Exercises с гантелями: видео training

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