A set of exercises to increase the pectoral musclesat home

  • 1 Exercises for beginners on the pectoral muscles at home

    • 1.1 Effective basic exercises
    • 1.2 Program for men
    • 1.3 Training with an expander
    • 1.4 Training with dumbbells
    • 1.5 A set of exercises with weights
    • 1.6 What advise women?
    • 1.7 Program for tightening chest sagging
    • 1.8 Permitted exercise after childbirth

An increase in the pectoral muscles is a very popular target for those
proceeded to bodily transformation. For мужчин это обязательный
item in the program to increase muscle mass of the whole body, for
women – a way of visual correction of the figure. They have different specifics
due to physiological features, but this does not prevent to give
предпочтение тренировкам at home.

Building muscle home workouts is real, you only need
right build a workout and take care of the right
regularity. Since building muscles, including the pectoral,
complex process, it is worth thinking not only about physical
loads, but also about proper nutrition.

Exercises for beginners on the pectoral muscles at home

Home workouts are perfect for those who want to.
to build a toned body, but does not seek to compete with
professional athletes. This does not mean that by
training outside the gym can not achieve anything, but the effect
�“Iron Arnie” will not be achieved. So you can still
сделать для укрепления и увеличения груди at home?
Let’s figure it out.

With what to swing? Increase breast
muscle requires a serious load due to large volumes. it
means that you have to work with weighting. Can use
free weights – weights, dumbbells, barbell, if any
there is no sports equipment at home, it is best to work with your weight
and with artificial weights that are at hand. With
временем потребуется постоянно увеличивать рабочий
As soon as the pectoral muscles adapt to the strength
loads, they will cease to grow and become stronger.

Как подготовиться для домашней прокачки chest?
Ideal for starting chest augmentation exercises.
клетки дома — соорудить собственный спортивный уголок в conditions
apartments. it не обязательно должен быть мини-спортзал, можно
just choose the optimal space where there is a carpet, a sofa,
a chair and enough space on the floor. Instead of a sports bench, you can
use household furniture and other improvised means.
Push ups are made from a large pile of books, load on
backs perched with the help of a backpack, as a free weight
plastic bottles filled with water or sand are used.

What is the difference between male and female complex
на увеличение грудных мышц? The main differences
заключаются в интенсивности и повторах exercise. Men can
perform 12 to 20 repetitions of one exercise, the amount
There can be up to four visits.

Women need to be careful with training on
увеличение грудных muscle
Too intensive classes can
to play a cruel joke, and as a result of “chopping” you can burn too much
много жировой прослойки, дающей объем chest Therefore the amount
repetitions of one exercise for a woman should be 8-12
time. Important: the weight of the weighting should not be light, it is also
will save from unwanted loss of volumes.

How often can you train to increase muscle
The muscle fibers in the process of training receive
a certain degree of injuries, sprains, micro-tears. therefore
after each workout it is important to give the affected fibers time to
recovery, providing complete peace of mind. Full recovery
muscle comes after seven days, however if pain is not felt,
exercises to increase the pectoral muscles can be performed twice in
a week Most athletes who are engaged in the system
a three-day split, devoting only one workout to the chest muscles in
week, thus they retain the possibility of full recovery
muscle fibers.

Effective basic exercises

Basic effective exercises for breast augmentation is necessary
be designed in such a way that both the top and the
нижняя часть мышц, формирующих объем chest

Самые простые упражнения, входящие в базовый
комплекс для груди at home:

  • bench press;
  • push-ups from the floor to the limit.

The above are exercises on the upper part.
грудных muscle To perform exercises on the lower chest
muscle, you need a bench with a backward slope or elevation,
like a pile of books. it хорошо подойдет новичкам для первых
weeks of training for general muscle strengthening and preparing for more
difficult exercises.

What exercises are best suited for pumping
груди at home:

  • bench press from the chest;
  • lifting dumbbells for biceps to the chest;
  • pushups;
  • divorce hands with dumbbells;
  • hand jerks up with dumbbells;
  • push-ups from elevation;
  • tightening and twisting in the vis;
  • push-ups on the bars.

These exercises can be gradually included in the novice complex.
after the first weeks of strengthening chest

Program for men

To properly pump up the chest, you need to figure out what
will have to work. The chest is formed from three muscles:

  • large pectoral – anterior surface;
  • small chest – the upper section under the big
  • передняя зубчатая — передний отдел стенки chest

Exercises on the pectoral muscles for men involve many
other muscle groups of the body, so they benefit the general
strengthen the body, increase stamina. In addition, pumping
Breast takes a lot of energy, which means it consumes a lot of calories.
Therefore, you should know that such training will help get rid of
accumulations of excess fat.

The main exercises for men for the pectoral muscles
look like this:

  • Pushups. On average, recommended
    perform about 15-30 repetitions in one go. Total approaches
    should be 4-5. Then you can increase the load, putting on his back
    projectile for weighting. The program is run twice a week with
    a long break between classes to avoid the syndrome
  • Breeding and pushing hands with dumbbells. For
    the task, you can use the furniture without backs,
    for example, stools. Several stools put together
    allow during the lessons to feel yourself on the sport bench
    normal fitness club. In the supine position of the brush must be brought down
    head together, rest your feet on the floor surface. Movements
    perform smooth, build dumbbells in his hands as deeply as possible.
    The amplitude of the elbows should be pulled down, and then
    return to the starting position;
  • Dumbbell pushes up. Hands should
    be positioned as if they were holding the bar in the straight
    position The elbows are slightly lower than the joints.
    shoulders, palms are turned away from the face and directed towards the wall. Need to
    sharply lift up both shells at the same time;
    control the degree of extension of the elbow joint to eliminate
    possibility of injury. After the dumbbells are raised
    up, you need to fix them in this position and start smoothly
    pull back, deeply attracted to the floor with his forearm;
  • Push up from high ground. This view
    training can be replaced by almost any training on the inclined and
    horizontal benches in the professional hall. You can push-up from
    the edges of the furniture – a sofa, chair or armchair. For выполнения нужно занять
    положение между, например, диваном и поставленным перед ним
    stool. A stool is placed in front of the sofa, so that the body can
    fit from the ankle to the shoulder. Feet need to lean on the sofa, and
    palm placed on stools. Body position must be ready
    to perform pushups. It is recommended to perform 20 repetitions of 4
    approach, gradually increasing the load;
  • Отжимания на брусьях. This view is required for
    прокачки нижнего и верхнего отделов chest Elbow bends need
    dilute wide to the sides, with shallow lowering – this is necessary
    in order to emphasize the load on the chest, and not on
    trapezius muscle.

To achieve optimal pumping of the pectoral muscles, you need
perform all the above exercises. On average, recommended
perform 15 repetitions of one species in three sets. Load
need to increase constantly increasing the number of repetitions
within the approach and the approaches themselves. In any case, the optimal
the number of repetitions must correspond to the actual physical
conditioner involved.

Training with an expander

Exercises with a chest expander – excellent hardening for muscles.
chest, arms, back and even abs. This is the simplest sports equipment,
consisting of two handles connected by elastic cables, fine
replacing exercise equipment traction unit. It is designed to strengthen

The expander is easy to use with two hands, but it can also be
fasten on foot, attach to the horizontal bar or wall.
The main thing is to make sure that it is fixed.
Injuries “in production” are not needed by anyone.

Examples of basic chest exercises
Chest Expander:

  • In the standing position, take the expander with both hands, pull out in front of
    yourself and stretch it. Can vary
    упражнение выпадом и боковым поворотом корпуса;
  • Stand foot on the handle of the expander, the second hold in your hand and
    begin the process of flexing the biceps;
  • Fix the expander in two hands. Extend one hand, another
    прижать к chest The bent arm in the elbow needs to be bent and then
    return to the starting position.

Training with dumbbells

The program of exercises on the chest with dumbbells at home
can be extremely effective if you pick the right exercises and
master the technique of execution.

В этом вопросе крайне важно соблюдать правильную технику
. Elbows when breeding and mixing should be
slightly bent, shoulders should be lowered, and the chest to bend forward,
so that the emphasis was on the pectoral muscles, not the arms and back. Each
движение должно сопровождаться ощущением сокращения muscle Everything
movements should be smooth.

Effective exercises with dumbbells on the pectoral muscles
at home include:

  • Bench press. From lying on a bench
    It is necessary to raise the dumbbells at an average pace above you. Weight should
    be such that the athlete has the opportunity to repeat the movement
    8-12 times. The exercise is performed in three approaches. Can complicate
    exercise, performing it on an incline;
  • Laying down Need to взять в руки гантели и
    lie down on a bench, or stools gathered together. Elbows slightly
    bent and palms facing each other. Dumbbell should be diluted
    so that they meet the ends of the vultures at the top.
    You will need to perform three sets of 12-15 times.

A set of exercises with weights

A set of exercises on the pectoral muscles with weight is suitable for
следующего уровня занятий, так как он требует высокой
степени выносливости и закалки
. It can be included in
training program on the development of the breast after getting used to the loads
with dumbbells. It is very important to observe this condition so as not to harm
to myself. Также для техники работы с гирями не должно быть
no contraindications. 

Initial load – 16 kilograms, and the next level – 20
kilograms. It will be possible to pass to it only in a few
months of regular classes.

Basic training program with a weight to increase
chest muscles include the following exercises:

  • Разминка с гантелями — 10 минут;
  • Push the dumbbell with one hand alternately. 10-15
    repetitions of three approaches;
  • Weightshift alternately above the head from the position
    . 10-15 repetitions of three approaches;
  • Lifting the weight from the head up from the position
    . 10-15 repetitions of three approaches.
  • Жим двух гирь лежа на спине. 10-15
    repetitions of three approaches;

What advise women?

Сразу проясним: увеличить размер груди за счет
упражнений для грудных мышц невозможно
. In women, in
Unlike men, breast volume is not equal to the size and volume of fibers.
muscle, because most of the breasts of women consists of adipose tissue.
That is why athletes are not recommended too often and
work intensively with the muscles of the chest, because it will lead to burning
fat in this area, and inevitable reduction in size.

Why then do the complex for women?
This is necessary in order to maintain the bust in good shape,
lift your chest, strengthen your muscles, and thereby insure yourself against
age changes. Plus exercises for the chest for women
is that when working visually increases the chest
cell and back volume. This helps to make the shape traced behind.
account smoother waist bends. Therefore, working at home,
girls can also make significant progress in this area.

How to perform exercises for the pectoral muscles in the home
conditions for women?
First of all, you need to decide on
weights you want to work with. They should not be light,
but too heavy too. Maximum number of repetitions
exercises for breast development is 12 times. Large quantity
may lead to a decrease in the volume of female forms. For этих
workouts need to choose exercises that can use all
parts of the chest, both upper and lower.

You can perform the following simple exercises for
girls who want to strengthen their chest muscles:

  • Противовес. Need to свести направленные друг в
    other palms at chest level and crush with maximum strength;
  • Everything виды отжиманий от пола, в том числе и
    sloping. Over time, you need to reach a level when the blades at
    push-ups will not hang around, as this is a sign of weakness of the chest
  • Упражнения с гантелями для груди девушки.
    You can take a position lying on a bench, floor or folded together.
    stools. From this position, projectiles are raised, fixed in
    top point and smoothly descend to their original positions. Do not forget,
    that the elbow joints when diluted to the sides should be slightly

Program for tightening chest sagging

A breast lift exercise program for women can help
if you follow the basic rules of employment. Attend
pectoral muscles are better once a week – this will help to tone this
body parts, increase overall endurance and pump up muscles,
supporting the main part of the breast – mammary glands and fat
interlayer. Remember, when working with the pectoral muscles
overdo it, and the results are not long in coming.

Effective exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles for
women include:

  • Lifting dumbbells from behind the head. You must lie on the horizontal
    the surface of the back, the floor for these purposes is excluded. Projectile
    it is fixed in the hands and gently winds up over the head. In the elbow, with
    This should be a small bend. After the hands were
    omitted, you need to return them to their original state. Try hard
    feel every stretching of the chest muscles;
  • Сведение рук with dumbbells. The starting position will be exactly
    same Chest slightly arching forward. Hands with shells divorced in
    стороны, а ладони направлены вверх, напрягаем muscles;
  • Dumbbell press by yourself. Movement is like dumbbell breeding,
    but here the arms must be bent in elbows with each repetition.

Permitted exercise after childbirth

В период кормления для женщин нужно предусматривать
sparing physical activity.
 However, over time,
после получения одобрения врача, молодые мамы
may begin to perform simple exercises for slimming after
childbirth during breastfeeding.

Performing exercises for the breast during the feeding period, you need
adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Исключить работу с отягощением. Heavy
    exercise leads to the formation of lactic acid and deterioration
    taste of breast milk;
  • Исключить степ, классическую аэробику, бег и
    other similar complexes. An abundant loss of fluid is harmful.
    the body of a nursing mother;
  • Eliminate training with potential risk
    повреждение груди
  • Fitness — не раньше, чем через шесть недель
    after childbirth;
  • Использовать спортивный бюстгальтер,
    chest support.

Exercises for moms can choose from the practice of yoga for
newbies In addition, after childbirth exercises are well suited
on the sports ball – fitball. It will be appropriate and dilution with
using a chest expander is a good workout to maintain
тонусе грудных muscle

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