A selection of exercises for the press at homeconditions

Home conditions are perfect to pump the press up
immaculate condition. Neither dumbbells, nor special ones are needed.
simulators. It is only necessary to work with its own weight and study
the best abdominal exercises to achieve amazing results
at the same time having worked all parts of the press to the state of cubes or

A selection of exercises for the press at home conditions


  • The best home abdominal exercise
  • Torso lift for upper press
  • Torso lift for upper and lower press
  • Lift the legs for the lower press
  • Raising the pelvis for the lower press
  • Video: the best abdominal exercises at home

The best home abdominal exercise

This task is easy to perform without leaving your room, because
that nothing is needed for him except a fitness mat. To
occupation really brought you the maximum effect you need
strain only your own belly, not helping yourself sharp
arm or leg movements:

  1. You need to lie down so that you look at the ceiling with your face. Arms
    put yourself on the back of your head, but don’t hold your head, only
    lock in this position;
  2. Keep your legs bent at the knees and parallel to the floor;
  3. Tear off only the upper back and touch alternately
    elbows opposite knees. That leg, whose elbow is not
    regards, in the process of exercise, straightens up on weight;
  4. Without returning to the floor in the original position of the body, change
    elbow and knee, stretching the opposite;
  5. Do the task 15 times;
  6. Return to the original position and rest for half a minute.
  7. Go back to the exercise and make 3 more approaches.

Качать пресс

In this task you have involved the muscles of the lower and upper
press, and even side. Constantly being in tension, press
It swings very quickly.

This exercise can be included in the exercise or put at the end

Torso lift for upper press

This set of tasks is intended mainly for the upper
press, but lateral muscles and lower press are also involved – only

The most important thing in doing the workout is to follow the breath,
concentrate on the work of the abdominal muscles and constantly increase

Exercise 1: rise to 20 degrees

  • To complete this task, you need a regular fitness mat.
    Lie on your back, bend your legs at an angle;
  • Pull the arms up in front of you, do not lower them and do not

Упражнение 1 - подъем на 20 градусов

  • Now tear the shoulder blades off the floor, leaving your back on the mat,
    this way you lift the torso only 20

Упражнение для пресса

  • Hold in the air for a second and return to the original
  • Repeat the task 25 times.

It is very important when doing not help yourself with your hands and
concentrate only on the press.

Exercise 2: lifting at an angle

  1. Lying on the rug, bend your knees;
  2. Arms вытяните перед собой, но держите их не перпендикулярно
    floor, and a little at an angle;
  3. Rise above the floor, tearing off the entire back, even the lower back. Arms
    keep it at the same angle;
  4. Return to the starting point;
  5. Repeat 25 times.

If it’s hard for you to climb, ask for help
from close you held the foot during the climb.

Exercise 3: raising at an angle with alternating arms

  1. The initial posture, as in the previous task – lying with bent
    feet and hands in front of you;
  2. Rising up, pull not two hands at once, but only one,
    to work lateral abdominal muscles;
  3. Dip in the original position;
  4. Repeat the exercise for the second side;
  5. The total number of repetitions is 30 times.

Упражнение 3 - подъем под углом

Exercise 4: Classic Press

  1. Lie on your back, bend your knees, hold your hands in front
    by yourself;
  2. Raise the torso, breastfeeding to the knees, with his hands at the same time
    do not help;
  3. Return to the original position;
  4. Repeat 25 times.

Качаем пресс This task can be done in a variety of
combinations. The easiest option for beginners – strengthened
feet. For those who download the press is not new, the foot should be
free, and keep your hands behind your head. Additionally, you can
hang weights, it will complicate the implementation.

Weights can be the most ordinary bottles of water.

Torso lift for upper and lower press

In this cycle, the quest program will help pump up how your muscles
upper press and lower. Part of the load involves and
lateral muscles.

Exercise 5: Clamshell

  1. Lie on the floor, straighten your legs, you can bend a little
  2. Arms вытяните за головой;
  3. Pull up both arms and feet at the same time, trying to get
    toes to fingers. This should be done at the point perpendicular
    his belt, not behind his head or to the side of his knees. In this way,
    you will feel the muscles of the entire abdomen tighten;
  4. Hold for a moment and return to your original position, while
    the return must be as intense as the climb. So
    your muscles will work fully;
  5. Repeat the clamshell 20 times.

Упражнение - раскладушка

After it becomes easier to perform the exercise, in addition
You can not only increase the number of repetitions, but also hang on
wrists and ankles weighting.

Exercise 6: One-hand clamshell

This task is very similar to the classic clamshell, but in
active part of the rise involved the opposite hand and

  1. Lie on back and stretch your legs;
  2. Take one hand exactly behind the head, put the other in
  3. On the rise, the side set aside rises simultaneously with
    opposite foot;
  4. Hold for a second and return to the original;
  5. Repeat the exercise 15 times;
  6. Change your hand, one by placing exactly the head, the other – in
  7. Do the job with the second hand and its opposite leg.
    15 more times.

Упражнение - раскладушка с одной рукой

Exercise 7: Clamshell with a bent leg

The principle of this task is the same as in the previous two, but already with
bent legs:

  1. Lie on спину и сгибайте в коленках ноги;
  2. Arms держите прямо перед by yourself;
  3. At the same time, lift the torso with your hands and one of the feet. Back
    keep slightly rounded and lift the foot so that it
    straightened during the climb, but not immediately;
  4. Hold and go back to the starting position;
  5. Repeat for each leg 15 times.

Упражнение - раскладушка с согнутой ногой

Lift the legs for the lower press

In this series of tasks for the muscles of the lower press.

Exercise 8: Classic Leg Raising

The most difficult task for those who are just starting, but it
the most effective.

  1. Lie straight, put your arms along the body, legs lightly
  2. Raise the feet so that they become perpendicular
    the floor;
  3. At the same speed, lower your legs. If you will do
    the task is very fast, the effect will be less. Need to try
    keep one rhythm.
  4. Feet can not be lowered directly to the floor, and leave them on
    5 cm above the floor;
  5. Repeat the exercise 30 times.

Exercise 9: lifting one leg

  1. In this task, the initial position – legs bent at the knee, and
    arms along spread out;
  2. Relying on the arms and one leg, lift the other, and
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with
  4. The total number of repetitions is 30 times.

Упражнение - подъем одной ноги

Raising the pelvis for the lower press

In the cycle of tasks that involve the muscles of the entire abdomen, but
the muscles of the lower abdomen are tense as much as possible.

Exercise 10: Classic Pelvic Lift

  1. Lie on спину, руки вытяните вдоль тела, можно немного их
    dilute for support;
  2. Raise your feet, and bend your knees at the same time so that they
    стали параллельно the floor;
  3. Throw your knees to the chin to lift the pelvis off the floor;
  4. Return to the starting position;
  5. Repeat the task 20 times.

Качаем пресс: подъем таза

Exercise 11: raising the pelvis with a bent leg

This task is more difficult. If you are a beginner and not yet
You can perform the previous exercise, this task can be
to exclude.

  1. Lying on your back, put your hands along the body, some of them
    spread out;
  2. Bend your legs at the knees, put one of the heels on
    opposite leg;
  3. In this position, try to raise your knees to your chest,
    simultaneously lifting the pelvis from the floor;
  4. Return to the original position and repeat 15 times;
  5. Then swap your legs and repeat the same amount.

Качаем пресс: подъем таза с согнутой ногой

Exercise 12: Lift the pelvis in movement

Another difficult exercise on the lower press, which can
overpower only after training.

  1. Lying on your back, hold your hands along your body;
  2. Feet lift up above the floor, your knees can be slightly
  3. Lift the pelvis in that position, leaning on your arms and, when
    you will lower the pelvis back, try to move it to the side;
  4. Raise the pelvis back up and now lower it into another
    the side.

Качаем пресс: подъем таза в перемещении Soое упражнение
Good for working out the lower press and lateral muscles.

Video: the best abdominal exercises at home

We present a set of exercises for the abdominal muscles:

If you suffer from a drooping stomach, then
эту статью, в ней найдёте массу полезных
recommendations how to solve your problem.

This set of classes is ideal for
help simulators pump up the press. Enough exercise mat
fitness and half an hour and in a couple of months the stomach will become
fit and elastic. Proper breathing, flawless technique and
will power for everyday workouts will provide you with beautiful

If you can go to the gym, then study
exercises for the press in the gym. 

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