A gift to her husband with her own hands: four faithfulways to surprise! Simple and original surprises – gifts to her husbanddo it yourself

Ср, 11 май 2016 Автор: Ксения Рахимова

When the holiday or memorable day comes near
thoughts of a gift to her beloved husband. For some it is very difficult.

You can choose some practical thing in the store and
hope that the addressee will be satisfied.

You can follow the path of originality and buy an unforgettable

In this case, you need to have greater confidence in the knowledge of tastes and
husband’s preferences.

An unpleasant gift can ruin everything festive

And, to avoid unpleasant consequences, the spouse is desirable
ask in advance about the subject of the gift, but unobtrusively, as if
by chance in conversation.

Самые оригинальные жены готовят сюрприз do it yourself.
Consider several options for congratulations.


Surprise # 1

In the first place, of course, favorite dishes. As a rule, they
automatically included in the holiday menu. It is recommended to surprise
husband unusual design of the usual dishes. Fruits and vegetables easy
cut in the shape of hearts, some words. Morning pancakes can
Decorate with chocolate lettering. The same scrambled eggs can
original fry in a special flower or heart shape. Such
Forms recently flooded stores. And not buy them
will work.

Surprise number 2

The most popular acquired phone cases as
gifts. This, by the way, is also a practical thing that is so appreciated
men The choice of shapes, colors, styles of mobile covers unusually
is great. In solving this problem, you will have to rely only on your
intuition. If a man often breaks the phone due to a fall
– buy a shockproof case. If he is an esthete and works in an office
with serious people – leather strict case is not a bright color. If a
the husband likes to travel, then you can think of an airbrushing case,
with a picture of the natural landscape, which shows the mountains or the sea. Case
можно также изготовить do it yourself. Popular on the Internet
special blanks. Included for sale: simple plastic
or elastic case, glue, jewelry (rhinestones, auto models, letters and

Surprise # 3

The third option is a T-shirt with the original inscription. In the shop
buy a T-shirt of the right size and “paint on fabric”.
T-shirt is desirable to wash before painting. Paint on fabric
Different companies are applied in different ways. Some, dry very quickly and
require instant application. Some, before applying need
dilute with “thinner”. If a приобрели набор из нескольких
colors, the “thinner” is already attached inside. In advance
Thought drawing and text labels. It could be something.
classic: “I love you!” or satirical.

Paint is applied with a simple brush. There are tubes of paint in
form of toothpaste. It is squeezed immediately onto the fabric. During
two or three hours drawing dries. And, if indicated on the packaging, on
drawing applied fixer. But – this is rare. T-shirt
washed in the washing machine at a certain temperature. Have
Some dyes have a temperature limit for washing up to


Surprise # 4

Haveкрашение автомобиля

First, the car of your beloved can be decorated with leaves
cute declarations of love. This is very original! Little leaves themselves
glued to the surface, because they have glue on the back side
a strip. They are easily removed from the surface. True, it is necessary
work hard and write a few hundred kind words. But how
nice to my husband!


Secondly, it is the application of temporary airbrushing on the car.
Great idea to express your emotions through drawing. Another is “squeak
season “! The applied paint dries and forms a thin film,
resistant to water and abrasion. Haveдаляется «мойкой под давлением» в
any service or simple “stripping” from the surface, as simple
stickers. There are paints that last from two months to
of the year. If desired, the drawing is deleted at any time without consequences.
for a paint and varnish covering of the car.

Application technology.

In a specialty store paints are bought. They need
dissolve with alcohol. Surface on which will be
drawing, requires degrease. Mat it is not necessary.
Brush the image. Dries the paint quickly. Some species
colors react to chemical cleaning in service and disappear with
cover. It should warn her husband.

Thirdly, you can decorate the car as a Christmas tree. Dress up
cars only garlands long from 6 meters. To the car in advance
a power filter is pulled and all the garlands originate from it.
The filter is not powered by a car, but from a 220-watt home network. Cords
garlands are attached to each other, firmly pulled, because
glue is not allowed. Glue can damage paintwork.
surface of the car. Wrapping happens so that later everything
garlands can be easily and quickly unwound back. Spectacular
just dressed car looks, of course, in the dark

Cooking a gift to her husband is a very pleasant experience. Do not only
a gift, but the whole day of the holiday – memorable. Can
use all 4 surprises at once. And, if, unfortunately, one
the gift will not like it – everyone else will overshadow the miscalculation. is he
be sure to tell your relatives about eccentricities and
friends with pride. In addition, the attentive husband will have a very
try to surprise you already in your holiday.

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