A complex of effective exercises for the sides andwaist

  • 1 Комплекс эффективных упражнений женщинам для waist и боков
    • 1.1 How to start?
    • 1.2 Program for beginners
    • 1.3 Technique of the “eight”
    • 1.4 Set of exercises with a plastic bottle
    • 1.5 Twisting exercises
    • 1.6 Training with dumbbells
    • 1.7 Using a sports disc
  • 2 How to remove the sides of men – home exercises
  • 3 Video lesson

To make your body fit, you should regularly hold
work on yourself in order to remove the “excess” from the abdomen, sides and
waist. To do this, it is not necessary to visit the fitness room, because
эффективно тренироваться вполне можно и в домашних conditions. To
to achieve what you want, you need not so much – a room in which
enough space, low weight dumbbells, a tracksuit and
a great desire to make your figure more perfect by
fast weight loss.

If you train regularly and perform specially
developed a set of exercises, then soon
will be able to form a beautiful slim waist and pump you need
muscle. Most importantly, an overwhelming desire to change and lose weight.

Комплекс эффективных упражнений женщинам для waist и боков

If a регулярно выполнять комплекс упражнений для тонкой waist и
flat stomach, the results are not long in coming. The main thing,
придерживаться основных правил тренировок:

  • Занятия для уменьшения waist рекомендуется выполнять через 2
    hours after meals;
  • Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of pure water without gas every day;
  • Программы тренировок в домашних conditions лучше совмещать с
    easy diet, or just stick to the principles of proper
  • All classes are recommended to be repeated 10-15 times, 2-3
    approach per day.

Prepare your body for special effective exercises for
уменьшения waist с помощью небольшой пятиминутной
разминки, в виде поворотов корпуса в разные
hand, foot kicks, hands, bends and running in place.

A program of effective exercises for women at home
conditions для живота и waist:

  • Twisting. Lie down with your head
    ладони и напрягите брюшные muscle. Lift your shoulders up
    lingering for 5-10 seconds. Do 10-15 repetitions of two
  • Lift the legs. Lie on your back and raise the bottom
    limbs up, tighten your abdominal muscles. Bend your knees like this
    so that they are located close to the pelvis. Stay in
    this position for 2-3 seconds, then lower;
  • Twisting with lunge. Lying on your back,
    pull the legs closer to the buttocks. Place your hands behind your head and
    spread your elbows. Taking off your shoulders from the ground, strain your belly and
    pull one knee towards the rib cage, then straighten it. Should
    repeat this method using another limb;
  • Bicycle. Lying down,
    lift your knees up so that your heels are close
    to the buttocks. Quickly lift your shoulders, alternately lifting one, then
    the other leg. Make 2-3 approaches 10-15 times;
  • Lifting the legs from the supporting position. Lie down
    belly down, then lift up and lean on your elbows.
    Lead your toes against the floor. Then raise each at the level of the thigh,
    staying in this position for 2-3 seconds. Follow 10
    repetitions for each leg.

Where to begin?

С чего начать упражнения для тонкой waist и плоского живота дома?
First of all, select the appropriate effective complex for
losing weight and set aside for him a certain period of time per day,
so that no family member can stop you.

Далее следует подобрать удобный спортивный костюм,
not chilling movements, and allowing the body to “breathe.” Optional,
purchase sports equipment. For example, a rug, a hoop,
special disc for twisting, dumbbells.

В свою тренировку для похудения и формирования стройной waist,
которая выполняется в домашних conditions, изначально нужно включить
simple exercises:

  • Tilts to the side. Upritsya hands in
    sides. Alternately lean to the left, then
    in the right side;
  • Matches Scatter a box of matches on the floor and
    bending down, lift each one up.
  • Tilts forward. Keep your back
    Smoothly. Grab the head with your upper limbs and elbows.
    get to your knees.
  • Turns. Stretch your arms wide apart
    legs and turn alternately left and right to all

Program for beginners

Какие упражнения от боков на waist эффективны в домашних
conditions? A good way to lose weight is regular cardiovascular exercise,
thanks to which muscles are heated and fat is intensely burned during
all problem areas. The most effective loads on the heart
for women are jogging, cycling, long walking
walking, brisk walking or walking on the spot. But remember that
it is necessary to begin any activity with an extension!

После кардионагрузок приступайте к эффективному
set of exercises for the sides and waist:

  • Diagonal twisting. Accept position
    лежа и поднимите ноги прямо. Smoothly
    Pull the body forward, trying to reach the elbow to
    opposite knee. Repeat 10 times each.
  • Traction to the foot. Lie down на пол и сомкните пальцы
    palms behind the head. Bend your left knee by extending your right palm.
    parallel to the floor. Lift your right leg up with all your strength
    reaching out with his left hand to the foot. Do 10 repetitions per
  • Leg abduction. Accept position лежа.
    Rest the upper limbs in the sides and bend in the elbows. Hold
    lower in a bent position and at the same time divert them to different
    parties. While exercising, cuddle
    tight to the floor.

Также для боков и waist женщинам будет актуально эффективное
exercise called “eight”, more about which we will talk

Technique of the “eight”

Упражнения для waist и боков предназначены женщинам для быстрого
weight loss. But no weight loss method is as effective as
performance of the “eight”. According to the latest data, it eliminates
hated body fat after only two weeks of training in
домашних conditions.

Exercise “eight” contributes to:

  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles;
  • Burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • Improve metabolism;
  • Формированию красивой линии waist;
  • Improve well-being.

Преимущества «восьмерки» в следующем:

  • Выполнить его сможет каждый, в домашних conditions и без
    special equipment;
  • The technique is simple and does not require special training;
  • Inventory for the exercise is not required, only
  • If you do the “eight” regularly, you can remove the sides
    forever and ever;
  • In addition to losing weight, this lesson helps stabilize
    functionality of the metabolic process in the body.

Exercise Eight – Performance Technique:

  • Twist into a tight harness with a simple terry towel. Legs
    set shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight. Stretch the towel
    For both ends and keep straight ahead, then take the top
    limbs left, up, make a semicircle and move your arms
    to the right;
  • Change the position of the hands. Make a semicircle in a shallow slope,
    then move in the opposite direction;
  • Keep your lower limbs straight without moving. Follow
    daily, 5 repetitions.

Для наибольшей результативности похудения waist, женщинам
should gradually increase the load.

Complex exercises with a plastic bottle

Весьма эффективными в домашних conditions может быть комплекс
тренировок женщинам для формирования waist и плоского живота с
ordinary plastic bottle. Data physical activities
проводятся в домашних conditions. Consider them in more detail.

Complex exercises with a plastic bottle для похудения

  • Fill the empty bottle with water and tightly tighten the cap. Then
    Lie on the floor, hold the “inventory” in your hands and pull it out before
    by myself. Lift the case and turn it to the left with all your might,
    then to the right, moving the limbs with the bottle in the same direction.
  • Stand up straight. Grasp the bottle with both limbs and
    bend your elbows. Turn the whole body alternately in both
    the sides without straightening the limbs.
  • Hold пластиковую бутылку в ладони. Lower limbs on
    shoulder width. Free hand raised up. Bend in different
    side, hand over his head. Perform 15 reps for

Twisting exercises

Упражнения для похудения waist, живота и боков требуют особого
approach, in the form of a lot of time and effort. For women
Twisting should be done with care, because, besides
losing weight, this set of exercises provokes an increase in muscles,
accordingly, the waist will visually become wider, although the fat on it will be

Самый простой вариант выполнения упражнения на
скручивание для стройной waist:

  • Lie down на пол. Bend your knees and set them aside.
    way that one was on the floor. Position your head behind the head.
    bend your left arm and place her hand on your right side;
  • As you exhale, your abdominal muscles should be tense. Twist the case,
    raising a little shoulders. Strain your neck and try to
    the chin did not touch the chest.

Упражнение для waist рекомендуется выполнять 15 раз в день, по 2

Training with dumbbells

A great result demonstrates a set of exercises for
женщин для похудения waist и живота со специальными гантелями,
выполнять которые под силу каждому, в привычных домашних conditions.
Exercises with dumbbells promote effective fat burning in
problem areas.

Эффективные упражнения с гантелями для waist и
belly do as follows:

  • Training with a roman chair. Take a seat sitting. Pinch
    in the bent limbs dumbbells, raising and lowering them from all
  • Slopes. Stand up straight. Squeeze dumbbells in your palms.
    Lean alternately left and right.

Dumbbells weighing no more than one are best for women

Use sports disc

Для более ощутимого эффекта, женщинам  рекомендуются
упражнения со специальным спортивным диском для waist. How is he
выглядит и в чем его основная суть, рассмотрим Further.

The disc itself consists of two circular plates connected by
bearing. Он предназначен для занятий в любых conditions, в том
including home and nature.

Результатами работы с данным тренажером в
домашних conditions являются следующие факторы:

  • strong spine;
  • tightened muscles of the arms, buttocks, hips and pelvis;
  • stable work of the circulatory system;
  • fast weight loss

Также, благодаря комплексной работе с диском, ежедневно
сжигается около 250 калорий
. Devote yourself to the above
нагрузкам для уменьшения waist на начальном этапе следует не более
10 minutes a day.

Прежде чем приступать к комплексу упражнений для стройной waist
и плоского живота, ознакомьтесь с тем, как правильно
use this simulator:

  • to prevent injury, install the projectile on a non-slip
  • Make sure that the muscles you need are involved;
  • when performing exercises with the disc, the joints do not hurt
  • put on you should allow the body to breathe;
  • Ventilate the room before class.

Consider the types of effective exercises for women with
диском в домашних conditions:

  • Put two chairs, turned back to you. Become on
    drive, hold your hands behind these backs and turn that in
    одну, то в другую сторону, напрягая при этом брюшные muscle.
    Do 5 repetitions.
  • While on the simulator, rest your hands on the wall,
    turning left and right. Repeat this exercise 7
  • Dissolve upper limbs and, being on training
    диске, сделайте по 10 вращений в разные parties.
  • Make 6 turns on the left and right on the disk, closing at
    this hands behind your head;
  • Put the inventory on the chair and sit on top. Upper limbs
    position so that the palms touch the knees and, pumping into
    different sides, take small steps.

Как убрать бока мужчинам — упражнения в домашних conditions

Men seeking to make their waist thinner can
выполнять в домашних conditions тот же комплекс тренировок, что и
women, only with a greater load:

  • side bends with dumbbells;
  • lifting the body up from a recumbent position;
  • bench press in a standing position;
  • slow squats in a wide rack.

The male body reacts more to strength training, which
helps to quickly bring the body into shape and gain good physical
form. To подчеркнуть мышцы пресса, рекомендуется начать «сушку»
– a special diet in which the use is limited
carbohydrates, and increasing protein intake. If a
combine the “drying” with workouts, the desired result will be
necessarily achieved.

Помимо комплекса тренировок для похудения, для уменьшения waist,
боков и живота, мужчинам следует очистить свой
кишечник от шлаков, с помощью кефира, обычной
water, as well as pears, tomato, plums, cucumbers and citrus. Turn in
your diet these foods and the body will be full of vitamins and ready
to physical exertion.

Video lesson

For the most accurate exercise for women in order
to take away your belly and hips and make your waist slimmer
домашних conditions, ознакомьтесь с видео уроком на эту тему. In him
described in detail the complex of the most effective workouts for
losing weight

If a сомневаетесь в том, нужно ли тратить столько усилий для
perfect figure, look again at the result of a woman
demonstrated in the video.

Видео: упражнения для боков и waist

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