9 extreme ways to lose weight. Part 1

ushivanie-zheludkaI know that
photos to this article shocking you, but this is something some
ready to go, if only to finally get rid of these “hated

More and more people losing their fight over
weight with the help of various diets and exercise complexes,
appeal to various extreme and dangerous ways
lose weight

But is it really worth the risk? In front of you
9 most dangerous ways to lose weight, which I found and their real
chances of success.

1. Closure of the stomach

Примерное время: 1 – 2 дня Уровень
Высокий Шансы на успех:

This is what you see in the photo above. Closure of the stomach
is that it is surgically limited to
size, as a result, there is only enough space for one ounce of food (this
about 30gr.). Accordingly, a fixed-small amount of food and
leads to immediate weight loss. However, the operation is shown
only people with obesity III – IV degree (mass index
body, bmi, over 35), because it is very, very risky.

Gastric infections, after operating bleeding and possible
further development of intestinal obstruction do this operation
поистине очень экстремальным способом lose weight Much safer
initially try other less decisive methods of dealing with


2. Insulin Abuse

Примерное время: 4 дня Уровень опасности:
Высокий Шансы на успех: Высокие

Another popular way to lose weight in people suffering from sugar
diabetes is to inject yourself a smaller dose of insulin than this
required. This means that a person gets insulin exactly
so much to stay alive, but not enough to lower them
blood sugar levels. And since carbohydrates are heavier
digestible, then as the main source of energy in the first
queue is used accumulated fat. Weight loss happens very
quickly. However, insulin abuse leads to scary
consequences and can significantly reduce the life of a person
causing internal damage to the kidneys, bladder and liver. By
justice is a terrible idea, as it is necessary in full
поддерживать здоровый blood sugar levels. Byжалуйста, НИКОГДА
do not do this.


3. Liposuction

Примерное время: Немедленно, но 3 – 4 недели на
Уровень опасности: Средний
Шансы на успех: Average

Liposuction is currently an easily accessible correction procedure.
weight, but not many know what it actually is.
Through tiny incisions a narrow tube is inserted which is pulled
up and down to destroy the fat layer. Then using the tube this
fat is sucked out and the process starts in another part of the body. In
liposuction procedure the body loses a large amount
fluids and bruises and bruises remain on the body, which
begin to fade after 3 to 4 weeks.

Liposuction is a very serious operation to which
must be taken very seriously. Go to the consultation to
an experienced dietician, listen to his suggestions for combating
overweight. If you decide to do liposuction,
make sure you choose a reputable surgeon and a good

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4. Tablets, appetite suppressants

Примерное время: 1 – 3 недели Уровень
Средний Шансы на успех:

Some diet pills really work, but they
must be prescribed by a doctor. Most drugs from
directly accessible to consumers constitute a simple
a mixture of herbs and stimulants that will cause your body to become

This addiction leads to high blood pressure, dryness.
mouth, chest pain and palpitations, whose treatment
will cost you dearly. If you want pills capable
help your weight loss consult for advice
a qualified doctor and do not risk your own life.

A more benign option in the article: “8 ways to reduce
appetite. “

The ending is in the next part of the article: “9 extreme
способов lose weight Part 2″.

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