8 effective ways to “restart”brain

Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Sometimes we start, as they say, “slow down”: we forget the necessary
words, we can not concentrate on the seemingly simple
things. And then the question arises before us: how to focus? how
update the thought process? It’s no secret that for full
работы brainа необходимо много кислорода. But we can not
constantly walk when full of work, and at home – worries! Is there any more
ways to “reboot” the head and with new forces take up
a business?


Ученые убеждают: brain нуждается в «кормлении». However in
feeding dosed, only able to provide it
necessary energy.

Eat a little, but often – 4-6 times a day. Hunger can
cause inattention and dizziness (this is especially dangerous for
those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel). Eat on schedule.
Keep a small bar of chocolate or a bag of nuts with you. They
– magic wand, especially in cases where a snack is not
succeeds, but it is necessary.


Vegetables and chicken breast – a classic food for those who follow
their health. Однако brain их как еду не воспринимает, ему нужна
carbohydrate supplied glucose. And where are they kept? Of course in
bread and sweets. A person who is engaged in intellectual
work, in any case, does not fit a carbohydrate-free diet. Therefore,
if you can not indifferently go past the fragrant baking, then
знайте — ее требует brain. �”Feed” him, because it is very

Diversify your diet

Fats are important no less than carbohydrates. Iodine balance is needed by the body
because without it comes the weakening of mental activity, memory
and attention. If you can not eat a lot of fish, consume vitamins. AND
do not deprive yourself of something new, diversify your


Lack of water leads to loss of physical strength. Но и для brainа
she is simply necessary. ANDменно обезвоживание часто становится
cause drowsiness, fatigue, fainting. But remember: you need to drink
water Do not soda, coffee or juice. Namely water and not less
liter and a half per day.


Вы знаете, что без кислорода brain может прожить не более 10
minutes? In winter, when central heating “roasts” at full power,
the air gets dry, bacteria multiply and … Well, you understand.
Therefore, walk, walk and walk! Can’t afford it?
Then ventilate the room more often.

In motion – life

Active sports improve blood circulation. Blood
двигается энергичнее, обогащая и насыщая brain кислородом. Therefore,
когда вы бежите, «радуется» не только тело, но brain, который
one day, in gratitude, will give you a couple of brilliant ideas.

Can not afford to run and ski? Then do a little
warm-up: bends, squats, climbs and descents on the stairs.

Do not neglect the massage

Manual therapists claim: there are several on our body
точек, массаж которых может активизировать работу brainа. It:
back of the hand, earlobes, nose tip. Besides,
experts recommend periodically yawning to “throw up”
brainу новую порцию кислорода.


The brain is a muscle. AND поэтому он нуждается в нагрузке. Otherwise
case, he relaxes and ceases to fully function.
Тренируйте свой brain, решайте головоломки, разгадывайте кроссворды,
learn languages, acquire skills. «Шевелите brainами»! AND тогда
they will never let you down.

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