8 effective exercises for the buttocks

effektivnye-uprazhneniya-dlya-yagoditsIn this article we will talk
about that part of the female body that is not deprived of its attention nor
one masculine look is about a female priest.

But the extra weight makes its vicious imprint on all female
the body, and the buttocks are no exception.

I will share with you my list of exercises that helped me.
put yourself in order.

8 of the best exercises for the buttocks:

1. Squats

Squats are one of the most effective types of exercise.
for the buttocks. For myself, I discovered the incredible benefits of squats near
walls. You lean your back against the wall and crouch down
as low as you can. Please note that than
the lower you sit down, the more you get the load on your

2. Quick squats

Quick squats, also known as Hindu, are very
популярное упражнение for the buttocks. The point is that you
crouch up and down very quickly. You can start from 20-30
repetitions in one go. And you yourself will not notice how you will do
100 repetitions in two minutes.

3. Running

Jogging is also an excellent and effective exercise.
for the buttocks. Notice how many people who would like to
lose weight, turned their attention to jogging. All you need for
running, it’s a pair of good sneakers and a great desire.

If you do not live in an area where you can safely run on
fresh air, think about investing in a purchase
good treadmill.

4. Clenching buttocks

Lying on your stomach, squeeze the buttocks together as tightly as you can.
it is possible. I recommend you do this effective exercise in
for at least five minutes every day.

5. Cycling

Bike rides are another great and quite
An effective idea for building taut buttocks. For those who do not
has a bicycle or suitable conditions for its use
you need to think about buying an exercise bike. They are very popular
and depending on the functions you are looking for, have different

6. Swimming

Many people go swimming in order to get rid of
overweight and build a beautiful body. It is very convenient if you
live somewhere near a major river, lake, pond or reservoir,
otherwise, you should consider buying a visit ticket.
the pool.

7. “Lunges”

�”Lunges” are a lot like squats, they are perfect
для тех, кто хочет построить сексуальные buttocks. Besides this
exercise will promote weight loss in the legs, which also has
great value.

8. Walking on the stairs

Climbing the stairs is a great way to tidy up your
buttocks and burn fat all over the body.

Exercise videos for beautiful buttocks

(больше видео занятий в категории Полезное видео для
, статья «Упражнения for the buttocks. Video”)

I am sure you will see significant improvements in the area of ​​the buttocks,
when you begin to regularly perform all these incredibly useful
exercises. You will definitely remove all those extra pounds and
keep your muscles toned for months of intense

Do you know other effective exercises for the buttocks, about which
we did not say? Please share your experience with us – good.
There are never too many tips! Good luck to you!

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