72 quick ways to lose weight part 7 (7-7)

72-bistrih-sposoba-pohudetThis is the final article in the series.
7 publications in which we collected 72 of the most optimal,
effective and fast ways to lose weight.

In order to get acquainted with the complete list of tips on losing
weights, you can use the site search.

72 quick ways to lose weight

61. Buy a pedometer

Attach the pedometer to the belt and strive at least to
additional 1000 steps per day. On average, people with a sedentary way
lives make only 2,000 to 3,000 steps daily.

Adding 2,000 steps will help you keep your current weight and
stop gaining extra kilos, adding 5.000 will give you
the ability to effectively lose weight.

More detail in the article “Walking for weight loss. 10,000

62. Get rid of “old” clothes.

Clean your closet of excess clothing. Once you have reached your
goals and desired weight, throw away or give away a piece of clothing that is
you no longer fit. The thought that you will need to re
buy yourself a wardrobe if you get your former weight
back, will serve as a powerful incentive to maintain your new

63. Replace junk food and drinks with healthy ones.

One by one, replace all unhealthy foods and
drinks in your daily diet on their “healthy” version. Start with
replacement of sweet soda with pure spring water or freshly squeezed
the juice. White bread for whole grain bread, a piece of chocolate cake
for a small portion of high quality dark chocolate.

64. Plus 10% of the daily rate.

Add 10 percent to your daily calories
�“Eat” during the day, and only then, based on this figure,
adjust your weight loss program and eating habits.

The reason for this is that according to research when calculating
calories on average are not counted on the order of 10-12%, this means
that if you got 1500 calories today, then with a big
likelihood it can be argued that in fact this figure
equals 1650-1680 calories.

More details in the article “Step 4. How to calculate the daily
норму калорий


65. Fall in love

Being in love often helps you lose weight quickly. So
way, if you’re alone at the moment, don’t wait for the moment
when you lose the last gram of excess weight.

Start making acquaintances and look for your soul mate
right now, nothing will help reduce your appetite like waiting
first date and first kiss. And when you find that
the person you really love, you will see how
less you’ll think about food and how your clothes will become more
free in just a few weeks!

66. Make love!

This is definitely a quick way to lose weight, and if you are sufficient
adult, then surely appreciate all the health benefits of
making love. It turns out during the 30-minute sex
the body burns up to 100 or more calories.

This is a great workout for many muscle groups and could you
come up with a more pleasant cardio exercise to lose
overweight? And don’t forget about the endorphins that you will
receive! This is probably from the best and fastest ways.
lose weight

67. More Blue

Bring more blue into your life. Note,
that there are practically no fast food restaurants that
decorated in blue. Believe it or not, blue
It has an appetite suppression function. So use for food
blue plates or cover the table with a blue tablecloth. And vice versa,
avoid red, yellow and orange where you are

68. Find an occupation

If you have a lot of free time, try to occupy yourself
as far as you can and preferably away from home. it
maybe something worthy or fun, such as help in
a local animal shelter or a hike with friends

Whatever you choose, in any case, it will be fine. When you
busy with something, your head and the likelihood that
you suddenly decide to walk to the refrigerator for unscheduled
snacks tend to zero. Be sure to try this quick
способ lose weight

69. Go for less fatty foods.

Discard ordinary milk in favor of 2 percent. If you
already drinking 2 percent, go down one more mark to 1% or
skimmed milk version. Every step down is reducing calories.
by about 20 percent.

70. Assistant Mirror

Hang a mirror opposite your seat at the table. One thing
research has shown that eating in front of a mirror reduces the amount of
food eaten by almost one third. Reflection in the mirror, first
queue, reminds you of why you are trying to reset

71. Order liquor correctly

For example, order wine by the glass, and not immediately a bottle. So
In this way, you will be more aware of how much alcohol you
accepted Moderate alcohol intake is good for your health,
because alcohol contains a large number of “empty” calories. BUT
since drinking turns off our internal inhibitions, then she can
drown all your best intentions about fast and efficient
losing weight

72. Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth after every meal, especially after lunch.
Then the pure, mint taste of freshness will serve as a signal.
your body and brain that you have finished eating.

From this huge list of creative and effective tips you
Be sure to choose a few inspiring and fast ones.
ways to lose weight that you can use on a daily basis
basis … which of these tips do you think will work
it is better? Or you have other healthy ways to lose weight quickly,
which can you share?

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